Haussmannian Houses And Other Treasures Of Paris

Last week I happened to spend 3 short days in Paris and today I thought I’d tell you a bit about my trip and show you some pictures I managed to take (despite the most awful weather!)

First of all, let me tell you, I’d never really thought Paris would be my kind of place. I’d been to Marseille once before, I didn’t enjoy it and somehow assumed France in general is not my cup of tea. On the other hand, the tickets to Glen Hansard’s show in Paris, unlike in London, weren’t sold out and since he’s one of my favourite musicians ever, going there was out of the question.

My goodness, what a fool I was! Paris… Paris was nothing I imagined, it turned out to be a charming city full of surprises and I loved every minute of discovering it. I’m going to make a video on things I learned about Paris and Parisians very soon so not talking about those now, however, in this post I’d like to show you a few pictures and tell you about few things which I experienced during this short stay in the city.


Whenever I go to a new place, my favourite thing to do is simply walking around, watching people, discovering hidden gems, breathing through the lungs of the city. I feel like it’s the easiest way to experience the vibe of your surroundings and walking around Paris, admiring its Haussmannian buildings was such a pleasure indeed!

Coffee shops

Paris has absolutely wonderful coffee shops which for some reason came as a surprise to me. I had so many on my list, only managed to get make it to 3 of them though (just one more reason to go back to the city I guess?!). So, if you like your flat white super strong, try Matamata at Rue d’Argout. They have lovely avo toast, too! If you’re after lots of natural light and generous working space, you’ll probably prefer Coutume at Rue de Babylone- judging the coffee only, that would be my number one. My favourite place of all (although each of them was excellent) was Loustic at Rue Chapon, I fell in love with literally everything about that place, from it’s perfect coffee to super cute cups to smiley staff and the general vibe that leaves you warm inside. Oh, how could I forget banana bread?!


I imagine Paris has some of the best museums in the world but since I was staying there for only 3 days and had a gig planned already, I thought visiting one museum will be just enough. To be honest with you I was torn between the one ran by Fondation Louis Vuitton (as they happened to have a great exhibition- Being modern: MoMa in Paris- there) and Musée d’Orsay. After a long battle my feelings for impressionism won and although I’m still a bit gutted about the MoMa thingy, I don’t regret my choice. Musée d’Orsay was basically all my childhood dreams come true, it was spectacular! Impressionism rooms at London’s National Gallery are so pale in the comparison to what Parisians can boast… Just imagine all those paintings you know so well, all the world-famous classics in one place! I nearly passed out. So much Monet and Renoir and Pissarro… so Much Degas and Gaugin and my beloved van Gogh. Goodness, what can I say? Just bloody go there if you get a chance!

Eiffel Tower

Now this was the biggest disappointment, perhaps because of my expectations. When it comes to the Eiffel Tower, I had this particular picture in my mind: the Tower at the sunrise, beautiful, pastel skies, myself eating a crispy baguette with apricot jam…. Reality check: 7:30, dark skies, me nearly freezing to death and nearly dying out of hanger, helplessly waiting for what felt like infinity for the daylight. Not fun! And when the day finally arrived, the top half of the Tower decided to play tricks on me and completely disappeared in grey clouds. Not impressed!


Here wasn’t much better. I somehow imagined the street to be a shopping paradise where you can spend the entire day and finish it admiring the famous Arc de Triomphe. Well… it can be fun as long as you fancy paying 30 euro for a soggy, cold veggie burger on the street full of noisy tourists, thank you very much! As for the Arc… it would be quite pretty… if it wasn’t in the middle of a giant roundabout filled with furious drivers! No. Just no.

Rue Crémeux

Perhaps the cutest street I’ve seen in my entire life, no wonder it’s so popular with bloggers and Instagrammers. To say it’s insanely beautiful is an understatement and I have no better words to describe what I mean so I’ll simply show you the pictures instead- here we go!

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Have you ever been to Paris? What are your favourite spots there?