Hastings Photo Diary + Some Dining Suggestions

There are people who love the fast-paced life of a big city, the noise of busy streets and constant sense of adventure. There are the ones, who, on the other hand, appreciate the pure beauty of nature and quieter days. Not too difficult to guess having this blog’s name in mind, I dare identify myself with the first group. It may be because I get easily bored and need my brain to be constantly stimulated by everything that the city has to offer- from fashion shows to exhibitions to meeting fascinating people in coffee shops. I need to be busy, I need to be creatively fulfilled, otherwise I just get all grumpy and miserable, I need that constant overdose of stimuli and the city is what does the job for me.

That being said, I have a confession to make- I’m obsessed with the sea, with water, with beautiful rocky shorelines that break the waves before one’s very eyes. Moreover, as much as I like my cities to be crowded, I like my coastlines to be quiet. Peaceful. Raw. Unspoiled. The seaside is like my little place to escape to for a moment and hear my own thoughts.

With all that in mind, a couple of weeks ago I decided to hop on the train and go all the way to Hastings- the city I’ve never been to before. Spoiler alert: it was lovely!

I’m not really best at history, fun facts and all that jazz so I’ll save us both from suffering and share some pictures instead so that you get the idea of what it is like over there.

What I loved about Hastings was the beautiful seaside with gorgeous beaches, breathtaking cliffs, lots of nature and charming little streets of the city. It felt very, very British. Very relaxed. And people seemed so much more friendly and laid-back than in London.

Also, every other person in Hastings had a dog and I definitely regret not buying dog’s snacks for all the furry beings that requested to be stroked, sooooo bloody adorable!

Oh, and the food situation there was absolutely fantastic indeed! I was shocked with how many great places are in, what initially appeared to be a relatively small city. Also, what surprised me a lot, you could get plant-based options literally everywhere, including vegan Sunday roast in pubs! And they were yum! I’m by no means a vegan but I try to eat mainly plant-based so that was rather cool.

I thought I’d give you some cafe/restaurant suggestions as the places I loved the most weren’t really the ones featured in every other blog post or ‘mini guide’ about Hastings (I tried those too, they were mostly meeeeh). Anyway, here is my humble list:


If you love good curry, that’s your place to go. Only ignore it being labelled as ‘fine dining’, it’s just a regular Indian restaurant. Prices may be a bit higher but when it comes to food and ambience, as great as it is, there’s nothing ‘fine dining’-ish about it, worry not! It is still hearty, super yummy comfort food, served by friendly guys in a room full of tipsy Brits, just the way you like it.

Cake Room

Oh. My. Goodness. Why isn’t this cafe featured anywhere?! Why doesn’t one have to queue for the table there?! Why isn’t it all over Instagram?! Why?! Whyyyyyyyy?! They have excellent coffee (oat and almond milk alternatives available), heavenly cakes (try the caramel pecan pie! ) and the place itself is simply a dream, with lots of light, amazing raw bricks, palm leaf wallpapers, industrial furniture and cute plants all over. Did I mention old jazz playing in the background?! I simply loved everything about it, don’t waste your time looking for other coffee spots, this is the one to go!

The Stag Inn

A charming, family-run pub with home made food, beautiful rooms, friendly service and a large garden outside. If you’re after proper skin on chips (perhaps the best I had) and in general, simple British food with a twist you can’t go wrong with The Stag, everything I had was absolutely lush, my only regret is not having more time (and more room!) for the pudding- next time! Also, it’s worth to mention that they host regular live music and pub quiz nights so you’ll most likely experience one or another which is only a bonus to that already flipping lovely place.

Ok, so these are my thoughts on Hastings, if you’re looking for a nice weekend away, look no further and tell me all about your trip afterwards!