• London
  • A Postcard From London

    I know I made it quite clear that London means a lot to me a long time ago in this post, but since I’ve managed to take a few more snaps recently I thought it may be nice to share them with you 🙂 According to Wikipedia, London is the capital and most populous city […]

  • food
  • The Most Outstanding Cafes In Central Warsaw

    Hi Guys! Hope you’re doing alright. Being a complete coffee junkie, I finally decided to give you a little tour around the places where I get my favourite drink from. First of all, I genuinely think they all serve really great coffee. Secondly, due to their central location, they are quite easy to reach from […]

  • travel
  • Chillin` In The Zoo -What Animals Do In The Summer

    Last week, between all the crazy meetings, appointments and deadlines I managed to make it to the zoo! I have to say, it was super enjoyable! Although my feet were killing me in Hunter boots while it was about 30 C degrees (you never know with the weather these days!), it was lots of fun, […]

  • travel
  • In Infinity By Yayoi Kusama

    During my latest trip to Sweden I visited Moderna Museet in Stockholm. I was looking forward to that for a few reasons: 1) I love modern art so anything which displays Warhol or Dali gets me easily transfixed 2) Moderna Museet is directly connected with Arkitektur och designcentrum (The Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design) […]

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  • Uppsala Botanical Garden

    Hej från Sverige! We don’t meet in here that often these days, do we. Life is, as always, super busy but good busy if you know what I mean. I’m doing pretty well regarding my 12 goals– I’ve already dyed my hair pink, I have a new job and now I’m in Sweden for the […]