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  • Hastings Photo Diary + Some Dining Suggestions


    There are people who love the fast-paced life of a big city, the noise of busy streets and constant sense of adventure. There are the ones, who, on the other hand, appreciate the pure beauty of nature and quieter days. Not too difficult to guess having this blog’s name in mind, I dare identify myself […]

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  • Amsterdam Photo Diary + Useful Info


    As some of you know from my Instagram stories, not so long ago I spent a lovely week in Amsterdam. Therefore, it’s only natural I want to tell you all about it 🙂 The video from my trip with some cool footage is on its way, too so don’t forget to check it out on […]

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  • Haussmannian Houses And Other Treasures Of Paris

    Last week I happened to spend 3 short days in Paris and today I thought I’d tell you a bit about my trip and show you some pictures I managed to take (despite the most awful weather!) First of all, let me tell you, I’d never really thought Paris would be my kind of place. […]

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  • Tell Me Lies About Manchester

    It may be quite dirty. Quite industrial, ‘hardly Spain’. Not your typical weekend gateway, no. Green and pretty? I doubt it. At the same time when someone said they needed to go back from their Manchester trip early as the city was disgusting, I felt cheated. I felt furious, nearly personally offended. They did ‘tell […]

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  • 10 London Markets You Should Visit If You Get A Chance

    One of the things which, in my opinion, make London really special is its amazing markets- no matter which area you’re in, there will always be one nearby. Although food markets are highly popular in here, you will always find plenty of other stalls offering gifts, vinyl records, vintage fashion and antique pieces, it’s just […]