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  • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


    Hi everyone! How are you doing? I came back home last night absolutely exhausted after a week away so today some chilling (in the form of cleaning, washing and unpacking 😉 ) is definitely on the agenda. And since I’m still working on the content to be ready for you in May, like I mentioned […]

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  • Last Day Of The Challenge + Best Online Workouts For Beginners

    Since it’s the last day of our health and fitness challenge, I’d like to thank everyone for joining, I hope you had fun and that it helped you form some healthy habits. The lucky winner will be contacted on behalf of Protein World who made it all possible for us (thank you guys!). With those […]

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  • How I Practise Mindfulness- Simple Exercise

    If you’re participating in our health and fitness challenge, you know that I keep saying that healthy mind is just as important as healthy body. But how to get that peace of mind these days, when we’re uber stressed, making more and more decisions, working too much, not sleeping enough, being app-dependent… how to be […]

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  • Protein World Challenge- Are You Ready To Start? Giveaway Alert!

    Today I am supper happy to announce my collaboration with Protein World aimed to help you guys become fitter, healthier, stronger. After all, whatever we want to do in life, it all starts with a healthy body and positive mindset, don’t you think? I strongly believe that in order to rock that amazing world outside, […]

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  • Quirky, Classy And All Christmassy- 15 Christmas Jumpers under £40

    Cute and classy, quirky, minimalistic or totally over the top- it’s quite safe to say we all love Christmas Jumpers! And with only 4 weeks left to Christmas Jumper Day (which, this year falls on 15th December) I thought I’d share with you my favourite festive knits found online this season. And I’m telling you, […]