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  • Bottomless Brunch* in Shoreditch


    If you’ve been hanging around for a while you probably know that there’s no other place in the world I am as passionately devoted to as East London with Shoreditch being the beating heart of the area. The area that’s very young and lively with hipster cafes, cute fashion boutiques, pop up stores, fancy hotels, […]

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  • My Favourite Healthy Food Cafes In London

    One could assume that in a place like London finding a cafe or restaurant that serves amazing healthy food shouldn’t be a challenge- after all, eating healthily is finally trendy and more and more places in the British capital do their best to embrace it. If you do some googling, the options are basically endless, […]

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  • Protein World Challenge- Are You Ready To Start? Giveaway Alert!

    Today I am supper happy to announce my collaboration with Protein World aimed to help you guys become fitter, healthier, stronger. After all, whatever we want to do in life, it all starts with a healthy body and positive mindset, don’t you think? I strongly believe that in order to rock that amazing world outside, […]

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  • Lush Vegan Burgers Packed With Good Stuff

    Who doesn’t love a good burger? The thing with these naughty boys is, they usually make us feel heavy and sleepy and sometimes even guilty of putting so much crap into our bodies. Well, at least this is how I used to feel. That’s why I decided to come up with this recipe – it […]

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  • Simple And Mild Indian Style Curry Recipe

    If I had to eat one meal only for the rest of my life, it would be curry- nice and spicy, fresh, flavoursome and fragrant, just like it’s meant to be. And I bet I wouldn’t be alone in this choice- after all curry is an official national dish in the UK! Therefore, I’m happy […]