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  • What I Got For My Birthday Part 1

    what I got for my birthday

    Hi everyone, as the title of this post says, today I’d like to show you what I got for my birthday to hopefully give you some present ideas if you need any. This year I got ridiculously spoiled by my loved ones and got so many amazing presents I didn’t deserve that I decided to […]

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  • How To Get Beautiful, Healthy Skin- Useful Tips

    Healthy skin tips

    Hi there my lovely gang, today we’re going to talk about healthy skin and all the important things to remember when it comes to skincare. It’s lots of reading, but I genuinely think you’ll find all the useful tips and answers to your questions in here so if you feel your skin needs some improvement, […]

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  • Protein World Challenge- Are You Ready To Start? Giveaway Alert!

    Today I am supper happy to announce my collaboration with Protein World aimed to help you guys become fitter, healthier, stronger. After all, whatever we want to do in life, it all starts with a healthy body and positive mindset, don’t you think? I strongly believe that in order to rock that amazing world outside, […]

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  • Korean Beauty Routine Part 2: Daytime Skincare

    Hi everyone! Some of you may remember my sad little post about Korean Beauty inspired skincare, where you could read all about cleansing. Today, after a few long weeks, I’m back with the next part in which we’re going to talk a bit about daytime skincare. Ready? Here are the the steps to follow: Toning […]

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  • Korean Beauty Routine Part 1: Cleansing

    Hi guys! Today we’re going to talk about Korean (or, more accurately, Korean beauty inspired) skincare routine and I am oh-so excited to have prepared this little series! I’ve always been fascinated by Korean approach to skincare and their amazing beauty products being always a few year ahead of western brands, often more gentle and […]