Bottomless Brunch* at Ballie Ballerson, Shoreditch



If you’ve been hanging around for a while you probably know that there’s no other place in the world I am as passionately devoted to as East London with Shoreditch being the beating heart of the area. The area that’s very young and lively with hipster cafes, cute fashion boutiques, pop up stores, fancy hotels, bars and clubs- what more could we possibly ask for? One of the bars, Ballie Ballerson (which you may remember from my birthday post) boasts a well-deserved place among the top quirky venues in the capital. The quote from their website says:

Ballie Ballerson is a ball pit cocktail bar with one million balls, retro sweetie cocktails and damn sexy food – Ballie Ballerson is the ultimate adult playground to get loose. The Shoreditch venue provides masses of space and nostalgic hedonism with unparalleled photo opportunities.

Not too shabby, huh? Therefore, it is only natural that being offered an invitation to their famous bottomless brunch the only thing I could possibly reply was: YES, PLEASE!


What exactly do they mean by bottomless brunch though? 2 hours of unlimited pizza and Prossecco with the following options available to chose from:

  • Ham, sweet corn, jalapeno poppers, coriander
  • Chicken, bacon, barbecue, red onions, mozzarella
  • Artichokes, creamed spinach, garlic mushrooms, black olives (V)
  • Margherita (V)

If you decide to get your tickets (which, by the way, are between 30 and 45 quid each), prepare to eat until you can’t move and get really, really… cheerful 😉 I highly recommend booking the first (morning) slot as: 1) that’s the one that guarantees seats 2) Prosseco for breakfast is what everyone should try at least once in their lifetime 3) even if you go somewhere else afterwards, there’s quite a realistic chance you’ll be sober(-ish) before the night comes which means waking up fresh, with no headache next morning- what’s there not to like?!

Also, if you’re planning to actually get into the ball pit… do it as soon as you get to the venue- floating around the plastic balls after indecent amounts of junk food and booze is rather risky indeed!

As you may know, I try to eat healthily for the most of the week, however, I also have this theory that on Saturdays calories don’t count.** 

If you believe the same… well, see you in Shoreditch sometime! 😉


*This post was created in a collaboration with Tickets to the event were gifted to me.

**There’s no scientific proof behind this claim, the research involving 1 female volunteer is at its testing phase. Current results are not satisfactory. Please conduct your own research or test it at your own responsibility. 😉