5 Incredible Fashion Films That Everyone Should See

No, I don’t mean ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ which I’m perhaps too much of a moron to appreciate, struggling to find any other value than uncomplicated entertainment in- something you’d perhaps watch as a background between dishwashing and calling up your bestie… and of course, there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just… I really, really don’t like it.

At the same time I understand that “Paris is burning”, as brilliant, enchanting and groundbreaking as it was when I first saw it, may not be everyone’s cup of tea. So here, in this short post I’d like to share with you my favourite fashion films of all time, which I believe, present enough of universal values for everyone to enjoy, staying rather extraordinary at the same time. Here they are:

  1. Iris

Iris Apfel is someone who doesn’t need to be introduced and the documentary about her life and career is simply a treat to watch. It’s wise, it’s touching, it’s incredibly witty and obviously, full of spectacular outfits. If you’re looking for inspiration or simply want to meet someone with this extraordinary passion and hunger of life, watch it and your perspective will be changed forever.

  1. Dries

As much as I didn’t really like ‘Dior and I’ (does anyone else think that Simons in the film comes across as arrogant?), the documentary about the other Belgian designer is an entirely different story. ‘Dries’ is a wonderful film that gives the audience an insight into the magical world of van Noten’s creations as well as his beautiful home and private life that aren’t really separated from his career. The film takes us on an exciting journey of discovering the utterly fascinating person that van Noten is, showing him as humble, honest, hard working and absolutely genius. Plus hey, he has a dog, meaning he must be a great guy!

  1. Petra Collins Imagines A Hungarian Dream for Gucci Eyewear

Petra Collins is surely one of the most talented superwomen of our generation but the film she created for Gucci eyewear is my ultimate favourite. It’s just so beautiful and sublime, it takes you to that fantasy world of childhood memories and makes you dream. It’s simply exquisite.

  1. McQueen

The new documentary about Lee McQueen is the film I can’t recommend enough. It tells the story of what the genius designer was all about- emotional intensity he wanted the audience to experience, finding unique, transcendent beauty in least obvious places, disturbing, powerful, brilliant creations and constantly challenging aesthetic judgements of us, ordinary humans. To tell the truth, some of the parts were cut of other documentaries so it’s not like it’s all entirely new, if you’re a fan you’ve probably seen some of these before. Still, it did make me cry badly for a million different reasons, bringing McQueen back to this world for an hour of two with such a raw authenticity was truly beautifully done it this one.

  1. The Eye Has To Travel

Diana Vreeland was, in my eyes, the most influential, the most visionary and revolutionary woman in fashion magazine history. She understood very well the the times when the only dilemma that’s acceptable for a woman to experience is what to cook for her loving husband are long gone. She splurged tonnes of money to create the Vogue that we know today- editorial and aspirational, understanding that women want to dream, to feel free, to realise that the sky’s the limit… finally, that the reason they buy the magazine isn’t just another pie recipe, it’s the dream world created by the most talented editors, it’s ‘something they can’t get at home’. ‘The eye has to travel’ is the documentary like no other and it doesn’t really matter if you’re into fashion or not it’s just as fascinating, the kind of film that you just never want to end.

I hope you enjoyed my little list- is there anything that should be added up there? x