How To Stay Sane Working From Home

working from home

working from home

I’ve always dreamed of working from home and I couldn’t be happier now that I’m able to do that. I truly appreciate the freedom and flexibility that come with it, the fact that I am my own boss and I can manage my day my own way. Working from home is rather wonderful indeed.

That said, it’s by no means easy and I am sure a lot of you fellow freelancers know very well what I mean. After all, having your own business is not 9-5, it’s a full time hassle. We work every day, we work really long hours and we work bloody hard! And sometimes it is overwhelming, sometimes we, being only humans, have enough. We feel so lost and we don’t even know what we’re doing anymore. And there’s no boss to motivate us or point us in the right direction, there’s no one to ask for advice. We’re in this on our own. And sometimes it feels lonely. Sometimes, we lose all the motivation, spending all days in our pjs with no makeup on, feeling like complete failures. We look like ones after all. Or maybe we just look tired? But then, if we take a day off, we will not get paid, somebody else will be hired to do our job, simple as that. Oh well, we would feel guilty afterwards anyway so there’s no point. Amiright? If you can relate, keep reading.

The most common working from home traps and my tips on how to deal with them:

Feeling crap about yourself

Working from the comfort of your home means you can basically stay in your pjs all day long or wear those old tracksuit bottoms and a lousy t-shirt . You can stay makeup free and if you really don’t feel like washing your hair today, it will be forgiven, too. Except, if you live like that for a couple of weeks, there’s no way in the world you could feel good about yourself. Stop it! I’m not saying you need to put your best outfit on if you’re planning to spend a day on the sofa but at least, get dressed. If the only way to feel comfortable for you is to wear athleisure, at least get a nice one, something fresh, well designed and of a good quality and get rid of those old baggy clothes once and forever. If you don’t want to wear makeup, at least make sure that your skincare is nice, you can take advantage of the opportunity and do a face mask. Same with hair, really- if you don’t want to style it nicely at least use some oils to work in your favour in the meantime. You may not look super sexy with oily hair and clay on your face but the fact that you’re taking care of yourself will make you feel better.

Feeling lonely

Most of us work from home and spend entire days by ourselves, often scarifying our social life to get the job done. No wonder it gets lonely at times! My tip is, get out, take your laptop and work from a coffee shop- being surrounded by people will instantly make you feel better! Another tip is, connect with other freelances via social media- after all, they are the people who understand exactly what you’re going through. Who knows, maybe your new best friend is waiting out there?!

working from home

Being unproductive

So you’ve got a project to do… and no clean clothes to wear, so some washing is definitely on the agenda. To be honest, your kitchen could too do with a bit of cleaning, right? And of course, you’l take the third parcel for your neighbours, while replying to your best friend who keeps texting about yesterday’s date (which, let’s admit it, was a total failure). Then, suddenly it occurs to you what time it is (where did those 4 hours disappear?!) and that you have absolutely no work done. Want to hear my piece of advice? Put your mobile on silent and leave it in your bedroom. You can check it once, during your lunch break and if it’s something important you can call back but honestly, most days it’s just the stuff that can wait. As for all the house chores, always make sure you work in the environment which is clean and if it isn’t, go to that coffee shop! Seriously, do everything in your power to eliminate those distraction, you’ll discover how much more efficient you are.

Feeling tired and overwhelmed

You feel so uninspired and the weight of the world is on your shoulders. There’s so much to do and you’re simply exhausted, you don’t believe you can make it anymore. Guess what? You need a break. Right now, when you are so sure you can’t afford it. Take a day off, get out of the house, do something you like. Go to the area you’ve never been to before. Try that new restaurant. Visit that exhibition. Get a massage. Just do something that doesn’t involve work. And if you have absolutely no time, just go jogging for half an hour or do a workout at home. It won’t change your workload but it will help you change your mindset, which is 50% of success. And of course, the best way to avoid those feelings is to stay organised, prepare as much as possible in advance and look at every opportunity to get inspired. Keep a diary, make your to-do lists and slowly, one point after another, get going! Remember to make use of digital scheduling tools, they are real time-savers, too!

Alrightie, these are my tips to hopefully help you with your daily life as a freelancer. What are your biggest worries? What do you struggle with the most? Don’t forget to comment and let’s chat!