How To Get Beautiful, Healthy Skin- Useful Tips

Healthy skin tips

Healthy skin tips

Hi there my lovely gang, today we’re going to talk about healthy skin and all the important things to remember when it comes to skincare. It’s lots of reading, but I genuinely think you’ll find all the useful tips and answers to your questions in here so if you feel your skin needs some improvement, stay with me for the next few minutes.

Please note that I’m not a medical expert and what works for me may not work for you, the content of this post is based only on my own experience and research so whether you’d like to use my suggestions or not, keep that in mind. Please also note that each skin is different and your recommended skincare routine as well as the products you should use depend on several factors, including your skin type, the climate you live in as well as any specific conditions you may have. The tips I’m giving you are quite general and aim to make you aware of certain factors, for more details though, please do your own research.

Also, it’s important to remember that the crucial part in how our skin looks and feels is played by genetics so there are certain things we’re unable to influence. However, no matter what kind of skin mother nature gifted you with, you can still make sure that you do everything in your power to keep it at its best.

Using all the following tips changed my dull, acne prone, greasy skin into the skin looking and feeling healthy and smooth with no signs of acne. 

Although everyone’s skin is different, these general tips should still significantly improve your skin’s condition and general appearance so without making this intro any longer, let me share all those hints with you.


Among the things we can influence, probably the most important factor in achieving and maintaining healthy skin is the food we consume everyday. Did you notice that after a night out drinking and eating fast food your skin looks dull, dehydrated and some breakouts appear? That’s what I’m talking about. You may spend a small fortune on expensive skincare but if your eating habits aren’t good, those products alone won’t do much at all. Whatever you put in, is instantly reflected out, therefore, if you want to enjoy beautiful, healthy skin, eliminating certain groups of products will definitely help.

Foods you should ditch for flawless skin:

  • Fast food and all the greasy foods- they are packed with trans fats and free radicals that destroy cells making our skin age faster. Avoid at all cost!
  • Refined sugar- and it’s not only sweets I’m talking about. Refined sugar hides in processed foods, white bread, pasta, rice etc. What it does is damaging collagen and elastin which are responsible for soft, young-looking skin. Instead, opt for whole foods and try some healthy options- chickpea pasta or wild rice are just as delicious!
  • Dairy- as we know milk contains lactose which most of us are intolerant to. Lactose is sugar so it does damage collagen and elastin. What’s even more scary, milk contains various hormones (like e.g. growth hormone and stress hormone) and antibiotics which can lead to hormonal imbalances (resulting in hormonal acne), cause inflammation and increases oil production (hello, clogged pores). Like, seriously, doesn’t that gross you out? My favourite alternatives are almond and oat drink, if you buy the right ones they are just as tasty!
  • Peanut butter- it’s rich in trans fats (free radicals) and pesticides from the ground with very little nutritional value. Get almond butter instead (and by ‘almond butter’ I mean, the only ingredient in the jar should be almonds!)
  • Coconut oil (great to put as a hair mask, not so great as food as it’s packed with saturates and may have clogging properties). Any other oil will be better, obviously, in moderation. Best you can do is get your fat from foods like seeds or avocado.
  • Dirty dozen- these are fruits and vegetables that contain tonnes of pesticides so if you want them in your diet, make sure you buy organic ones. Alternatively, switch to clean 15 instead.


Healthy skin tips

Water not only hydrates our skin to some degree, but also does it help with detoxifying so that all the nasty stuff doesn’t clog our pores so easily and the skin can actually breathe. How much water should be drink? To get the optimal amount for your lifestyle and body weight, divide the last one by 20. Add additional glass per each cup of coffee and each 30min of workout. So, for example, if your body weight is 60kg, you drink 2 cups of coffee a day and exercise for an hour, the amount of water you should drink is 4L. Also, to stay hydrated you need to drink tiny sips of water, if you just drink the entire glass at one go, it will go directly to your bladder, without hydrating you at all. Don’t drink cold water- it may help you burn more energy but for hydration, warm water (or at least lukewarm) is best.

Diet supplements

Healthy skin tips

If your diet is healthy, well balanced and rich in superfoods, there’s a chance you don’t need to take any supplements at all. However, if you feel like additional support is needed, you may want to consider for instance vitamin D, collagen, biotin, probiotics or Omega 3 acids.

Like I said at the very beginning, for beautiful, healthy skin your diet is super duper important, that’s why I wanted to elaborate a bit more on that one.

Additionally, you may also benefit from the following tips:

  • Don’t touch your face. No matter how clean you think your hands are… just don’t!
  • Avoid makeup (foundation) when you can. Instead, you may want to use a tiny bit of concealer where needed.
  • If you have to wear makeup, make sure you clean your brushes at least weekly.
  • Remove your makeup before going to bed with at least double cleansing (e.g. cleansing oil and gentle face wash).
  • Don’t use harsh washing powders, they contain chemicals that may cause rash, inflammation and other allergic reactions.
  • Use pure clay masks at least weekly.
  • Change your pillow cover every other night or if you have acne-prone skin or if your hair tends to get greasy- even every night.
  • Drink turmeric tea, unless, like me, you struggle with hypothyroidism- then stay away from it.
  • Always dry your face with a fresh cloth or paper towel, don’t use the same towel more than once.
  • Clean your mobile screen daily.
  • Wear SPF all year long!!! No, SPF in your foundation isn’t bloody enough!
  • Use toners and essences to bring back your skin’s PH each time after cleansing.
  • Avoid heavy creams if your skin is oily or acne prone- water-based, gel formulas and serums might be better.
  • Don’t forget the eye cream! You may want to keep it in the fridge to help you get rid of puffiness and energise the skin.
  • While applying skincare products, never rub them on your face, instead, gently pat the product into the skin.
  • Exfoliate at least weekly. If you find scrub exfoliators too harsh for your skin type, switch to those with exfoliating enzymes.
  • Remember, for most skincare products (creams, serums, etc) it takes around 28 days of using to see results so don’t be discouraged!
  • Green tea, being full of antioxidants (that fight free radicals), is your friend. However, something that isn’t really talked about is that it actually colours the teeth much more intensively than black tea so if that’s any of your concerns, use it for home-made toners and masks instead.

I hope these tips will help you achieve beautiful, healthy skin. Please, keep in mind however, that during the first week of changing your habits (especially, changing the diet) you will most likely experience all the nasty breakouts in the world- don’t worry, it is absolutely normal, it’s just the sign of your skin getting rid of all the toxins so that’s exactly what we want 🙂 Good luck!