Uber cool workout outfits to make you move that bottom

workout outfits
Hi guys! Since our health and fitness challenge starts today (if you haven’t joined us yet it’s not too late to do so!) I thought I’d share with you my favourite workout outfits available online. I really believe nothing can motivate you to start moving like these new, super pretty workout clothes. Sure, you can still exercise in that slouchy t-shirt you wore to your P.E. classes a decade ago (like I used to) but don’t you really want ta little treat to celebrate the beginning of your new, healthy life? I do! That’s why I picked up some super playful, fun and colourful tops and bottoms to kickstart our fitness adventure! Was trying to share different options to suit every budget but honestly, these days even high street giants produce activewear of decent quality so don’t be discouraged to check there too! And let me know about your choice! 🙂

Oh, also- I couldn’t find any shoes I liked (weird, I know!) so if you have any recommendations, please put them in the comments below & let’s go shopping together!

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