Last Day Of The Challenge + Best Online Workouts For Beginners

Since it’s the last day of our health and fitness challenge, I’d like to thank everyone for joining, I hope you had fun and that it helped you form some healthy habits. The lucky winner will be contacted on behalf of Protein World who made it all possible for us (thank you guys!).

With those of you who’d like to continue their fitness journey I’d like to share my favourite online workouts I discovered (mainly) this week. They are all great for beginners so if you’re after something that won’t discourage you after 2 minutes, try these ones:

    1. 1. 15 minute full body workout

2. Abs workout that doesn’t involve sit ups

3. Thigh workout

4. Total body workout

5. Arms workout

6. Legs and butt

Or, if those workouts aren’t really right up your street, try one of online gyms (like this one: ), they have tonnes of different workouts available. There’s a monthly fee however, most of them offer at least a 2 week trial period for free, so may be worth checking as many as possible and chose the one you liked the most (although to be fair, with so many options you should be good to go for a year without spending a penny!).

Right you lovely bunch, the health and fitness series on the blog is over, hope you’ve enjoyed it and now we’re going back to more everyday, lifestyle stuff so expect to see more fashion and more going on on YouTube 🙂 See you soon!