How I Practise Mindfulness- Simple Exercise


If you’re participating in our health and fitness challenge, you know that I keep saying that healthy mind is just as important as healthy body. But how to get that peace of mind these days, when we’re uber stressed, making more and more decisions, working too much, not sleeping enough, being app-dependent… how to be mindful when we’re constantly in rush and the last person we think of is ourselves?!

Actually, it’s not that difficult and although everyone is different, I’d like to share my tips with you so that maybe they’ll inspire you at least a bit.

When I think of mindfulness, the very first thing coming to my mind is meditation. I know that meditation helps lots of people so if that works for you it’s great, however it’s definitely not my cup of tea so you won’t find much about it in this post I’m afraid.

What I like to do instead, depends on how stressful my day actually is.If I have a really, really bad day and I’m feeling down, I like to take a break and:

  • cook a healthy meal
  • create DIY (YT is an amazing source of that)
  • read a book
  • watch TV series
  • watch my favourite channels on Youtube
  • go for a walk with my headphones
  • book a massage
  • do my nails
  • create a folder with pictures to print


So, basically, instead of sitting in my pjs, being completely miserable or frustrated I want to do something useful which will take my mind off things bothering me at that moment. Usually my mood improves a lot after these, I am also able to see things from a new perspective, which is always good when we need a solution or simply want to overcome the creative block.

Luckily, those really bad days don’t happen often in my life. Most of may days are just ‘regular days’- usually busy, with a healthy amount of stress, sometimes exciting, sometimes boring as hell with dozens of tiny, repetitive tasks waiting to be done. So, even if I’m not in a bad mood I still feel the need to take care of my mind to stay sane!

What I do everyday is something that Carrie Green inspired me to do in her book She Means Business -by the way, it’s a brilliant book and I highly recommend getting it (there are audiobooks on Amazon) if you haven’t yet!

The thing is, I’m a dreamer. I’m a goal-setter, plan-maker, believer. Dreams and goals play crucial part in my life, they are the reason I wake up each morning, they influence my choices, put me out of my comfort zone and make me a happy person. Nothing in life I achieved was by happenstance, from studying music to studying fashion, from living in London to having my own creative business, from seeing Frank Turner at Lost Evenings to owning that leopard print Scotch & Soda suit…it all was once a dream.

Anyway, to do the mindfulness exercise I do each day, you’ll need: 2 pretty containers (e.g. tea cans, decorative jars, DIY cardboard boxes), a few dozens of small pieces of paper (you can cut them yourself) & a pen.

What you want to do is to think of your goals, dreams and all the things you’d like to achieve, get, experience. Give it some time, you don’t need to do everything in one sitting, just make sure that you don’t miss anything. Write each of them on a separate piece of paper and put them all to one of the containers. Once your goal is achieved, it will be moved to the other one. Make sure to keep the containers in some visible place, for example, at your bed stand. What you want to do each day (e.g. right after you wake up) would be to take one piece of paper and contemplate your dream. If it’s the one to achieve, put all your thoughts in visualising it, imagine how you feel when you achieve it, how you look, where you are, what the smells, colours and emotions around you are. Have this happy moment to yourself, enjoy it to the fullest- with such a positive mindset and your conscious choice to visualise your goal it will be easier to get closer to it, maybe even on that particular day. If it’s, however the dream that actually came true, what you can do instead is to take a few minutes and just be thankful for what was once a dream- it’s a great reminder to appreciate what we’ve got in life.


Right, these are my two cents on mindfulness, what about yours? How do you practise it?