My Favourite Healthy Food Cafes In London

Healthy Food

One could assume that in a place like London finding a cafe or restaurant that serves amazing healthy food shouldn’t be a challenge- after all, eating healthily is finally trendy and more and more places in the British capital do their best to embrace it. If you do some googling, the options are basically endless, which is nice, right? Well, the thing is, in lots of these cafes labelled as ‘healthy’ you’ll get options healthier than your the one served in popular fast food chains which, however, unfortunately, doesn’t make them healthy, just slightly better. And probably vegan, as, to the popular belief whatever’s vegan must be super healthy and low in calories (chips, anyone?). If you are a bit luckier and find a restaurant with the food that’s actually healthy, there’s quite a huge chance it will be completely tasteless and oh-so overpriced. Therefore I thought I’ll share a few of my favourite places where you can get a delicious, healthy meal in a beautiful environment with laid-back, friendly service who make you feel welcome.

White Mulberries

Healthy Food

This one is in my beloved St Katherine Docks and I love absolutely everything about it. Busy at the weekends, it’s pretty relaxed during the week so you can get your caffeine fix lazily watching the boats outside which Is what I often do. The menu here changes seasonally but you can always be sure to find some healthy food on there, including delicious salad bowls and superfood smoothies. And the staff, no matter how busy they are, will always welcome you with a smile and nobody makes you feel rushed. It’s perfect for healthy lunch or coffee with your bestie.

Nama Foods

Healthy Food

This is absolutely the best raw food restaurant you can find yourself at in London. And the presentation of dishes is just unbelievable, it makes you want to take one snap after another, soo pretty! Let me do a little disclaimer, I’m not usually a fan of fancy vegan diners (I somehow find most of them pretentious) but Nama is a beautiful place with great ambience, knowledgable, friendly staff and delicious food- each time I eat there, I always look forward to coming back.

Palm Vaults

This little cafe is hugely popular mainly due to its Miami vibes and quirky interiors. Although it does have a great selection of absolutely amazing cakes and all the rainbow lattes of your dreams, smoothie bowls are what you want to go for if you’re after some healthy food choices. Well, don’t get me wrong, the coffee itself is really good too! If possible, try to avoid going on a Saturday or Sunday- you will either spend ages waiting for a table or have to face all those impatient, envious looks of hangry Londoners. Still worth it though!


Healthy Food

It’s more of a proper restaurant then a cafe (which is also reflected in prices) but after all, if you want quite a big selection of tasty meals, it’s worth the shot. To start with, try the Camden branch as it doesn’t tend to be as busy as the one in Soho (which is still lovely but perhaps not worth waiting 45 minutes for your table). They have lots of healthy (and not so healthy) options, with gyoza and Thai Curry being absolutely amazing. If that’s too heavy for you, there are some salads, too!


Healthy Food

This place did something that none of other restaurants had ever done before- they made me like kale! Having discovered they’d ran out of vegan burgers I once order a ‘probiotic bowl’ in an act of desperation. It was expensive I thought, after seeing a massive bowl of kale and kimchi with some sort of light dressing arriving at my table. To my horror and surprise, I did actually enjoy it (like, seriously!) and it became my favourite healthy food choice ever since. If you don’t want ‘healthy’, order the cheesecake… just saying!

What are your favourite London cafes that serve healthy food?