5 Instagram Trends I am Sick Of

Hi you lovely bunch! This time I’d like to share a few things, that, out of many Instagram trends, I’m particularly tired of seeing on the app- just for fun, really. Just because I’m human and I have my opinions. And before the all hatred starts, I want to say it is by no means to offend anyone, nor to suggest I’m better- I’m sure I’m guilty of plenty of habits that annoy other people on a regular basis, too- it’s ok, we are all different here and luckily, there’s no need to try and ‘fit in’, there’s really plenty of room for everyone in this wonderful online world. I just feel that these days when so many things need to be ‘politically correct’ which often is just another name for ‘sugar-coated and safe’, I’d present my views as they are. Feel free to disagree (I’m sure a lot of you will), at the end of the day it’s what makes the discussion more interesting. I wonder however, whether there’s a single person out there who’s opinions are not that different from mine? Anyway, here we go:

Shoes On Bed

Long, long time ago Diana Vreeland said that the purpose of a magazine was to ‘create a dream’ and give the readers something ‘they can’t get at home’. And, although these days the distance between what we can and cannot get has shortened dramatically, the role of editorial media is still pretty much aspirational with Instagram being no different here. I get it. I understand the aesthetically pleasing feeds we eagerly create online rarely have much to do with reflecting real life and it’s fine. I understand we wake up in full makeup in a cute spaghetti stripe top when it’s 5 degrees outside and have a 3-course breakfast in bed, like every morning. That’s alright. But shoes on your crisp, white bed sheets alongside fashion magazines and coffee cups, after seeing them so many times still make me shiver, it’s not something I’m quite ready to digest. I mean, why would anyone do that? Why?!

Instagram trends


I believe the whole Body Positivity movement started with a hope to prevent (mainly young) healthy girls from starving themselves just to meet someone else’s ridiculous expectations. It was sending a message like: ‘hey, you’re beautiful being who you are, you don’t need to change a thing just because some agency’s bastards (or, pretty much, any other bastards) tell you to’. And it’s by all means wonderful and needed and I’m all about it.

Having said that, I can’t resist the impression that these days the #BodyPositivity became a lame excuse to justify laziness and promote obesity. Like, some time ago a company who supposedly prides themselves in ‘celebrating curves’ asked me for a collaboration. I did my research only to find out that all the ladies related to the movement were… big. No, not Ashley-Graham ‘big’, more of I’m-Amused-I’m-Still-Able-To-Walk big. It did shock me and it made me run away for miles because that’s not the values I believe in and not the features I think should be celebrated. Don’t get me wrong, if someone is significantly obese and doesn’t seek for help that’s their right and their choice which I fully respect but please, don’t tell everyone that it’s a new health and beauty cannon to follow! Only because more and more people in both America and the UK look that way? I’m not a part of it. Believe it or not, there’s an awful lot of people for whom those unwanted layers of fat are actually an issue and I deeply believe what would have more positive impact is promoting healthier food choices, any form of physical exercise and general support on that matter, as taking care of your health (#SelfLove anyone?) is in my view, a more valid reason to celebrate.

Oh, and a little note to all those ‘body positive’ companies:

Yes, exactly like millions other women, I do have cellulite and I do have stretch marks, yet you’ll never see my half- naked butt online. First of all, because I’m highly certain there are many far more interesting and aesthetically pleasing objects to see and I wouldn’t like to force anyone’s eyes to land on my arse while scrolling through their feed. Secondly, because one of the reasons I have my Instagram account is to keep a visual diary of different places, moments, events, to celebrate those memories. And since both my cellulite and stretch marks are with me every day, as far as I embrace it, I surely don’t need additional reminders of their existence in front of thousands of other people, thank you very much!

Award Winning Blogger

Like what award and from whom exactly? If I received some significant recognition for my hard work, I probably wouldn’t feel the need to advertise it everywhere as people who are interested in working with me already know my value. Then, if I didn’t, those few words added to my Insta bio wouldn’t suddenly make all the reputable brands come to get me best deals if they had no other reason to, don’t you think? It’s a bit like on Brick Lane here in London- there are over 50 Indian (Bengali/Pakistani) restaurants and each and every one of them is a multiple ‘award winning’ one. Yet, for some reason all the folks apart from tourists go to Dishoom, located a few streets away. You know what I mean?

Instagram trends

Sexy And I Know It

Probably one of the oldest, yet most annoying and worrying Instagram trends… Can someone please tell those 15 year-olds that duck faces, pushed-up boobs and butt selfies don’t add any value to who you are as a person? That you don’t need to be half-naked to get attention if that’s what you’re after? And, that a bit of self-respect isn’t going to harm anyone? I do get that sex sells, but then, why would you like to get sold? It makes me fell quite uncomfortable to look at and I’m telling you, it’s not this positive discomfort. It’s more of a fear and anger towards rather questionable role models and values we celebrate these days. Why?!

Holiday All Year Long

Just another one of my ‘favourite’ types of accounts, where #TBT happens 3 times a day whether it’s 20 nearly identical photos of the same outfit or the same place. Like… You went on holiday. You bought a pink flamingo float, had your pedicure done, watched sunsets by the seaside and drank fancy cocktails, how cool. I got it. Yeah, really. And mind you, I don’t need those daily reminders for the next five months!

Instagram trends

Alright guys, that would be it. Perhaps this post turned out a bit more serious than I originally planned it to be but I’m still very curious if there’s anybody out there who agrees with my views or if I’m clearly far behind the world of today. Let me know what you think and what Instagram trends make you sick!