Designing Christmas Cards With Basic Invite #Ad

Christmas cards

One of my favourite things about the festive season is sending and receiving Christmas cards. Each year I take some time to make sure all of my friends and family receive a little envelope full of genuine wishes and nothing makes me quite as happy as receiving one (or two) myself. Sadly, these days we all start getting used to receiving text messages instead, which, don’t get me wrong, is still quite nice but it’s just not the same. I think there’s something truly special to having the real thing, a beautifully decorated piece of paper filled with someone’s handwriting that you can put up on the mantelpiece as a kind reminder that there are people who actually care for you. I don’t know, the whole idea just always makes me incredibly happy and warm inside… therefore, when Basic Invite asked me whether I’d like to design my own Christmas cards with them, I got very excited indeed. Having my own, personalised Christmas cards… I mean, isn’t that cool? I had so much fun designing the cards that I decided to share the final result with you and tell all about it- maybe you’d like to give it a go yourself. And if you do, remember to use the promo code holi30 to get 30% off.

Christmas Cards

Anyway, let me explain how it works. There are over 250 designs of Christmas and holiday cards on the Basic Invite website- just select the ones you like and we can take it from there. Once you’ve chosen the design, you’re able to customise it and make it truly special. One of my favourite options is changing colours of each element of the card and there are over 180 different colour options out there! Yes, that’s correct, a hundred flipping eighty!!! Feel free to be as picky as you like, they really have it all! You can also change fonts and messages and add your own pictures which usually, changes the card completely. Let me show you what was the ‘original’ design of my Christmas cards before I personalised them- click here, or here, and here and here 🙂

Christmas cards

I told you!

There are also foil Christmas cards available there if you’re feeling fancy- the options to chose from are gold, silver and rose gold, flat or raise- what’s more to ask for?

Another cool thing about Basic Invite is that they actually allow you to order printed samples of your design so that you can see all the colours in real life, feel the paper’s texture and make sure that everything is exactly like you want it before placing your order.

Although having a possibility to design your own cards is the main advantage of using Basic Invite, it doesn’t stop there- you can also choose from over 40 different colours of envelopes (which are all peel and seal, meaning: no licking!) and having the address printed at no costs while ordering Christmas cards. There’s also the address capturing service out there which allows you to share an address request link on social media so that you can collect all the addresses needed. They would then be stored in your Basic Invite account and ready to be selected whenever needed- rather convenient, isn’t it!

Christmas cards

I hope I managed to persuade you to have some fun designing your own Christmas cards this year! And speaking of that, there’s actually something else I need your help with.

The thing is, although we all love to receive cards and little surprise gifts, there are people out there who’d probably need such an ‘I care for you’ package more than others… People whose Christmas may not be all that happy and Christmasy at all and I believe that should never be the case…

Have you heard the story of the 9-year-old boy with terminal cancer who asked for Christmas cards so that he can celebrate his last Christmas before Christmas, having no time left to wait for the actual thing? It totally broke me down and left me in pieces. It also me realise how many people around desperately need those little acts of kindness, how much of a difference we can make with such a little effort, even if it is a couple of simple, genuine, words on a Christmas card to make someone smile and brighten up their day.

Christmas cards

I’m sure there are hospitals, hospices or homeless shelters full of people waiting for your happy card and kind wishes, please, offer whatever you can. There’s also this fantastic site, which allows you to send cards or gifts to very ill children, so I’d love to encourage you all to check it out. I mean, all it costs it’s the postage and about 5 minutes of your time and all the joy and beautiful memories you bring to someone’s life will stay with them forever Xx