10 London Markets You Should Visit If You Get A Chance

London Markets

One of the things which, in my opinion, make London really special is its amazing markets- no matter which area you’re in, there will always be one nearby. Although food markets are highly popular in here, you will always find plenty of other stalls offering gifts, vinyl records, vintage fashion and antique pieces, it’s just so much fun to browse through whatever they have! To visit every single market in the city would probably take a lifetime (plus, let’s be honest, some are much more worth it than others) but 10 is probably a decent amount to enjoy. Let me spoil you with some yummy pictures and a few suggestions of the best London markets to visit:

  1. Greenwich Market

London Markets

There’s so much charm about the entire area and I feel the market had its significant contribution in that. You’ll find tonnes of totally different things there from clothes to music to antique tea cups but if you ask me, go for food- especially home-made cakes are hard to resist. Oh, and they have great coffee too!

  1. Brick Lane Markets

London Markets

Now I’m saying ‘markets’ as there are quite a few on Brick Lane which are absolutely amazing. You can go to the BackYard Market for a lot of lovely hand-made gifts, the Vintage Market offers great clothing and music whereas different food stalls are best for international cuisine and sweet treats.

London Markets
London Markets
London Markets

  1. Columbia Rd Flower Market

London Markets

If you love plants, this place is not to be missed- you’ll be spoilt for choice! Expect wild crowds (unless you come super early) and prices to make you wonder whether it’s still London you’re in- some real bargains going on there!

  1. Camden Market

London Markets

It’s not my favourite place in the world (perhaps because I used to live in the area and have a lot of bitter-sweet memories from that time) but if you’re a tourist, Camden Town is a must! All the markets around Camden are great for clothes, gifts and food from all over the world but obviously the most famous one is The Stable with beautiful sculptures of horses all over the place. If you’re around, make sure to visit Dr Martens flagstore (their collection of music memorabilia is out of this word!), find the Amy Winehouse sculpture and get a cardamon bun from The Flower Station Bakery!

  1. Maltby Street Market

London Markets

This market is basically just one street so not worth the trip if you’re far away, but if in the area you should definitely give it a go. It’s mainly food of all sorts in quite a bubbly, quirky environment which is never a bad thing is it. Oh, and they have the St John bakery too so don’t forget to grab your sourdough loaf before they’re gone!

  1. Borough Market

I don’t think I need to introduce this one, the most popular food market in London. What to expect?- Great, fresh products from local farmers, high quality world food and hearty meals to get during your lunch break- simply amazing! It’s time to stock up on cakes, bread and fruit juices too as the choice is oh-so insanely endless! Plus there’s a wine shop nearby with pretty amazing takeaway Prosecco deals, how about that!

London Markets

  1. Covent Garden Market

Once my favourite market, these days Covent garden is full of posh boutiques, pricey restaurants and cheesy stalls with tourist crap. It’s still worth visiting to listen to live music, watch street performers and take a few pictures. Especially during Christmas time is one of the prettiest areas in the city.

London Markets

  1. Broadway Market

London Markets

Another one-street place with lots of food, vintage fashion, jewellery, arts and crafts. The neighbourhood of London Fields makes it even more attractive on a warm, sunny day. When you’re around, don’t forget to grab your takeaway flat white from Climpson & Son’s and pop in the Bach to enjoy their toasted banana bread- it’s epic!

  1. Spitalfields Market

London Markets

With hipster boutiques and concept stores all around, it’s one of my favourite markets to shop for gifts. What you can find there is mainly clothing but also vintage bits and pieces, posters and vinyls. Street food stalls and a wine bar nearby are quite useful, too!

  1. Brixton Village Market

It’s definitely a great place to buy fresh fruit and vegetables, crispy bread and and exotic spices. There are a few concept nice stores and affordable restaurants around, too. For me, also a cup of coffee and banana bread from Federation is a must!

What are your favourite London markets?

  • Oh babe, when you came to London a huge market tour will be unquestionable! And spending your 18th birthday in Camden?! Lucky you, back then it was still such a wonderful place full of colourful people! Now I’m properly envious! Xx

  • Love it! Borough Market was on my list for my last trip to London but unfortunately we weren’t able to get there with all of the other things we had planned. Hoping to visit on our next trip back!

  • It’s been a while since I’ve been to London Town, but I LOVE me some Camden market!

  • Right I was spending maybe 5 minutes decided , which one should be potentially my favourite and I just couldn’t make my mind! They all look epic and I visited a few before but I literally want to big tour now of these markets! xx


    • We’ll get you a proper tour one day babe, don’t worry! 🙂 xx

  • My Style 5

    I can’t tell you how much I loved your article! I love exploring the local markets wherever I go, and Covent Garden was one of my weekly hangouts while living in London.

    • I can’t tell you how much this comment made me smile 🙂 Thanks so much for all the kind words! And I love visiting markets wherever I go too, it’s so much fun, isn’t it!

  • Tracy Fazzio

    This post is amazing!! The photos are beautiful and it’s very informative! I live in the USA and won’t visit there but after seeing this, I’d like to!!!

  • A lot of interesting places! I’d like to see the vingate shop 🙂

  • Amanda Powell

    There are so many wonderful markets in London. My fondest memory was visiting them on the weekends with my friends and discovering new things to try and buy. I have to say I love Borough Market the most!

  • Shannon Stuntebeck

    Great pics and info! Thanks!

  • Taylor Boehme

    This is awesome! I’ll be saving this to refer to later this year as we have a trip planned to the UK! Thanks!

  • This was really helpful! They all look like great must-visit market places in London. I can not wait to go! Thank you for sharing <3

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    Hmm awesome very informative article thanks for sharing

  • Maya Maceka

    Those waffles from Brick Lane look amazing! 😉 I’m going to London for the first time in December and I definitely want to check out a few of these! Just bookmarked your post so I can read it again before I go. Thanks Mal 🙂

    • Oh how fun! With all the Christmas decoration it will be even more beautiful 🙂 Have an amazing trip! x

  • Flavour Seeker

    Thanks for sharing. I visited Borough Market recently for the first time in ages, the doughnuts from Bread Ahead were incredible. Love your photography.

  • Mia Lupo

    I’ve heard of Spitalfield’s before and been longing to go! Thank goodness I don’t have a flower and plant market by me like Columbia Road, my boyfriend would kill me with all of the plants I’d bring home!

  • Jill

    This is brilliant. So useful and love the pics. I hope to get down to London early next year (from Scotland) and will defo visit some of your recommendations. Thanks

  • I have not been to London in SO long but I can’t wait to get back. I really LOVE markets and will be bookmarking for future reference!

  • Laine Būmeistere

    All of those look amazing! I can’t wait to visit London one day. 🙂

  • Chanel Marie

    Love spitalfields, although not been in ages. Always hidden gems to be found in brixton too. Xo

  • I’ve been to five on your list– Borough, Camden, Brick Lane, Spitalfields, and Covent Garden. I don’t think any market anywhere could top Borough Market for me, but I love how all the markets in London have their own unique vibe. I’d really like to go to Greenwich market if I ever make it back to London. Nice post! 🙂

  • Ooh, I want to go to them all, but I’ve only been to the Camden Market so far. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Love your accompanying pictures! I don’t often go to London but I’ll be sure to check these out next time I do x

  • I live near Brick Lane market and its one of my favourite

  • These markets look like great places to visit! London is on my list of places to visit in Europe. My husband has been for work but I haven’t had a chance to go yet. Sierra

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    How have I never paid attention to these?!?!?!
    Your pictures make them look absolutely amazing!
    I need to go back to London right now 🙁

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    Always wanted to go to London, two of my sisters went as a school field trip. Looks amazing!

  • Take me to Greenwich Market! I love visiting markets when I go travelling. I just pinned this. By the way, the macarons looks so yummy it’s making me crave for some now.

  • Erika Ravnsborg

    OMG! I am getting on a plane right now and going right to Greenwich Village and getting those cakes!

  • Kim Love

    what a great post and these are all great markets that i would love to try out if given the chance to visit London. Thanks for sharing!

    Kimberly Love
    Author of You Taste Like Whiskey and Sunshine

  • This is one of the main reasons why I’d love to visit London. I think that markets display a city’s society in such a fine way. There is a lot one can learn about a place visiting a market. Especially food markets!

  • Who doesn’t love a good market! I would love to visit all the London markets! All those food stalls! And they even have Dutch mini Pancakes ( we call them Poffertjes ) at the Bricklane Markets?! And then all those vintage stalls and the cafe’s… I will put it on the London bucket list. We might as well move there for a while, the more you show us of London, the longer the bucket list. X Jo

    • Yaaaaaaaassss! Totally move here!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 Not as warm as Australia right now, but there are still a few other cool things about the city! Plus, you should give those Peffertjes (how do you even say that?!) your verdict :] X

      • Hahaha, Sounds great! And I kinda love the cool days as well.. Snuggling up with a blanky, drinking hot chocolate with loads of whipped cream.. Miss the 4 seasons! Haha the Poffertjes.. we say it exactly how you write it. I know, Dutch language can me interesting 😉 Have a great week! xx

        • You too lovely! *adding ‘chocolate’ and ‘whipped cream’ to the shopping list* Xxx

  • Kimi

    Omg, what beautiful photos! They look like everything I imagined a London market would look like. I will definitely be doing this when I get the chance to visit.

  • jade

    Love this post. Definitely my favs are covent garden, Greenwich, old spitafield, brick lane. Ooh what the heck . the list is endless. love visiting with friends to eat or have drinks. cool atmosphere for sure

  • I love this post <3 The thing I miss about London the most are all the markets 🙂 ok I admit, especially food markets (btw those Dutch Pancakes look amazing). I personally love Spitalfields Market. Also Camden market, but it gets overcrowded sometimes. Really lovely presentation of London’s markets 🙂 xx

    • Oh babe, you need to come back over here and we’ll get you everywhere and stuff ourselves with all the goodies! Xxx

  • Meaghan McCann Dawson

    Great pics! We’re actually planning a london trip for our anniversary trip so I am saving this post!

  • I still regret the fact that I lived in London for 3 years while I was at Uni and never actually made it up to a market!! I know, it’s nuts! I meant to go to Portobello Road, Notting Hill an Borough Market so many times but never did manage it. When I’m back there for a visit though next time they’re going to be the first places I check out!

    • Oh Ellie, you definitely need to, they’re so much fun! I think that very often it’s easier to discover great things when you’re on holiday as if you live in a particular place you sort of always think that you ‘have time’ and can ‘do it later’ and somehow life happens and you never actually manage to go where you planned to… Anyway, fingers crossed for your next London trip!

  • linee

    Love this post! I have been to Camden Market before and fell in love with it! Def. gonna check out the other ones next time as well! 🙂
    xo Laura

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    Everything looks wonderful. I will sit at one of the coffee shops the whole day.

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    I love markets and anything with food is a winner for me haha. We haven’t really been to many places but I’m hoping that will change and we couldn’t head over and visit some London markets

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