Neon Paradise At God’s Own Junkyard

neon museum

Although Vegas is quite far from here and the Hollywood nights in Soho are long gone, there is one place in this darling city which makes you think of both- ladies and gentlemen, welcome to God’s Own Junkyard!


Ok, some dodgy-sounding industrial estate in Walthamstow is not necessarily your go-to weekend destination, right? Oh boy, If you knew what you’re missing!!! I know it’s far from everything but if you make some effort it will be oh so worth it! Just imagine the most wonderful, magical quirky kingdom of all things surreal-that’s what to expect.


I’m such a sucker for neon signs and all crap of that kind and the minute I entered God’s Own Junkyard, it took my breath away. ‘Is this for real? Am I being delusional? Have I just died and gone to rock’n’roll paradise?’ – I kept asking myself for a jolly good moment after stepping into the Junkyard. The most amazing Junkyard I’ve ever seen, let me add.


We’re talking hundreds, perhaps thousands of neons- cute, quirky, fun, controversial, kitsch, iconic- they are all there! On the walls and ceiling, on the floor between pieces of furniture- simply everywhere! It’s also possible to buy or rent each of the pieces.


The person behind this wonderland was Chris Bracey, a neon artist who once described the place as what the inside of his brain looked like (can anyone relate?!). Today the largest neon collection in Europe (cool, right?) is run by Chris’s family and you can visit it every weekend (during the week the space is available for rent… private parties, wedding receptions, Vogue photoshoots, you know). Oh, and also, there’s the Rolling Scones cafe there- it may not be the best place to get your perfect flat white but if you fancy a pint of cider in psychedelic surroundings, hesitate no more!


God’s Own Junkyard is just so much fun and I highly recommend checking it out when you get the chance- have a bloody good time!

Huge, huge thanks to Nika who suggested me visiting GOJ- keep on rocking babe! x

  • This look unbelievably cool place, love love love all those neons! That’s why I love London, it is full of those secret awesome places, somewhere hidden that takes your breath away!xx

    • London will wait for you lovely, I figured from your Insta story you were planning to move here… even if now may not be the best time for you, couple of months in and you’ll make it! My beginnings were absolutely terrible and now everything’s alright so you’ll see, we’ll make it to that bloody museum together! And if you ever think I may be able to help with anything (like anything at all) just DM me and I’ll always be more than happy to do so, would absolutely love to have you here! Xxx

  • Tiffany Bailey

    This place looks so damn cool! I love neon signs and this is making me want to turn my lounge into something resembling a strip joint haha!

  • Tracy Culbert

    This looks fascinating!

  • Ashlee

    This place looks so amazing!! I want to go, like, yesterday! So fun!!

  • Brandi Guercia Cortez

    I wish I could have this as my happy place💛

  • Emily Hosea

    What an amazing place!

  • Very freakin’ cool neon signs all over the place. Gotta love the uniqueness.

  • Erika Ravnsborg

    That is awesome! I want the make believe sign

  • Annie Grace

    I LOVE THIS PLACE! So cool to see it in a blog 🙂

  • Cool place, of its sort, but I would probably become blind from the amount of pink that I saw!

  • Roger Keyserling

    I love those signs

  • Love neons!! Very cool article!

  • Hahah that entrance sign!! Hilarious! Absolutely amazing found. The only thing I would be worried about, if I owned this place, would be the massive billion pound power bill!

  • Thank YOU for finding this place and letting me know! It’s not my usual location so I’d never come across it and I had such a good time! Xx

  • Thank you 🙂 And I totally get your point with the energy waste!