Autumn On The High Street- My Transitional Wish List

Autumn wishlist

I can’t believe that the first week of September has already gone! I mean, when did that happen?! The days are still rather warm and pleasant but you can feel this transitional period in the air with early sunsets, chilly evenings and oh so incredibly transformed shop windows! Shall we elaborate a bit on the last one?

Although I love summer, I am absolutely, utterly excited for the new season to come and one of the reasons behind it is that autumn makes a perfect excuse for a little wardrobe update, doesn’t it! Having been sick for a few days now I had plenty of time to browse the websites of my favourite high street retailers and pick out some clothing treasures to share with you- hopefully it will give you some outfit inspiration- here we go!


Who doesn’t love a nice pair of shoes?! I feel this year high street brands absolutely spoil us with oh so many great choices. I totally love these boots from Zara and Asos but if they feel a bit too edgy for your taste, check out more the simple version by Faith. Also, those lilac heels!!! I know they are sandals but you can totally rock them with some thick, colourful socks or thighs if you’re with me on the quirky side! Speaking of which… Can someone send me those furry loafers please?!!!! Oh my goodness they are everything I want and more! Sooo, soo pretty, super classy with a twist. Adore! Then we have the metallic platform brogues which are super versatile and can compliment pretty much any look! And those cute Mary Janes for more of a child-like style! Then, Scotch & Soda with their mules to fall in love with! If I could take only one pair to come home with me, I’d look like the saddest flipping pup in the pet shop!



Autumn coats
I’m such a sucker for coats although it doesn’t make any sense. I have far too many of them and I am very well aware of that (which didn’t stop me from already buying two this season, whoopsey). If I ever buy another one, it will be some of these. Just look at these amazing colours! And those vintage vibes (that oversized biker jacket is everything!!!)! I’m simply lost for words, I want them all! Oh, and if you by any chance come across a nice leopard print faux fur being slightly more affordable that the one I featured here, please, please let me know! I’ve been looking for one since 2014!



autumn dresses
I love me a good floral print dress and ‘good’ for me means bold, quirky, colour clash-y yet rather girly at the same time? In my opinion this autumn Zara absolutely nailed it (surprise surprise). I mean, aren’t those gorgeous?!!! If you’re after more basic pieces, a cute, simple pinafore dress is a must this season, I like the ones from Topshop the most. For more of a boho or romantic vibe you may want to invest in one of those cute mesh dresses with floral prints, embroidery or puff sleeves. Aren’t they all amazing?!



autumn jumpers
In case you didn’t realise, I am totally obsessed with yellow right now so forgive me if the knit section looks a bit repetitive but I couldn’t resist! Those amazing pieces from Zara, H&M and Monki are to die for! I love pretty much any bold colour therefore I have a feeling that those violet and burgundy cuties may find the way to me wardrobe somehow, too? And since animal prints have always been my guilty pleasures (so was anything cherry!) I can only hope my bank statements will be willing to cooperate!



autumn trousers
After introducing you to all those amazing knits, let me show you what I’d wear them with! Of course, denim is my my absolutely beloved fabric but this autumn I feel like getting a bit more adventurous than that! I love every single pair of these trousers but the vision of leopard print ones with the purple jumper and the pink ones with the zebra one is causing me sleepless nights. I so need those in my life!!!



autumn skirts
If skirts are more of your cup of tea, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! These delicate pieces will look absolutely sensational with thick, colourful knits! Yassss!



autumn accessories
If you don’t feel like investing in a super bold outwear you can always spice things up a bit with good accessories! Long story short- I’m getting that cute retro purse and embroidered bag! How about you?!


Guys, I can’t honestly say how totally ecstatic I am to be getting some of these pieces! Can’t wait to show you my looks when they arrive *yay*! I hope you found this little autumn shopping guide at least a tiny bit useful and if you like or dislike any of my picks, let me know in the comments, I’m always super excited to find out what you think! Happy shopping babes!

  • I love all the Fall colours. I can’t get enough of green and deep red this year.

  • KC

    That red peacoat with the black lace dress is fire! Love!

  • Darcee || TheBLPBlog

    Autumn is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE – how can it not be? Just look at the clothes! I am saving for reference. Beautiful colors, fabrics and styles. Obsessed – but my fav? The green pleated skirt. Sign me up.

  • Leanne

    Some really nice autumn fashions! I’m loving the dress with the pink and yellow flowers.

  • Im loving all the fall colors! That orange and red yellow coats might have to be my next purchase! Along with that amazing chunky knitted cardigan!


  • Beautiful selection. I love the yellow & black floral tea dress. I so do love Autumn fashion. xx

  • Louise Curtis

    I can’t wait to wear my long coats and knee high boots again! I love the colours in autumn! X

  • Dieter Hovorka

    This is quite a collection, anazing and well done, looking forward to see you in action

  • Candy Kage

    Fall and winter my favorite fashion time. Love all the colors and so hard to choose from. Sweaters, great looking coats and jackets and the boots and shoes, oh I forgot the handbags. Yet love it all.

  • Kaitie Lawlor

    wow – what a great round up of fantastic fall finds for this year! I love how beautiful the dresses are for fall (with the floral patterns!!). Great suggestions for fall!!

  • Crystal handbags&more

    I love the fall season. I can’t get enough of cute sweaters and jackets. I need to go do some shopping.

  • Sydney Pollock

    I love all of this. Especially all the yellow

  • I adore autumn clothes the colours are so rich

  • Lacy Blanchard Ngo

    This makes me ready for fall.

  • Gorgeous picks! I just did a post on fall trends on my blog! Right now I am super into velvet and metallics! I am loving the skirts and trousers that you have listed here!

    • Oh, thank you Tracy, I’ll make sure to check out your post! x

      …I just wanted to do so but it said: ‘this site cannot provide a secure connection’ and I couldn’t reach your blog 🙁

      • Aw man! I don’t know why happened! Someone else was having trouble commenting. I’ll have to figure it out. Thanks for letting me know!

  • Veronika Lipar

    I like your skirt selection.
    xx Veronika

  • maliblue mymind

    nice selection! i love burgundy and it’s the best option for autumn! 🙂


  • Sylwia

    Those animal-printed pants are killing me 😛 I feel like I wouldn’t be able to rock a good look with them, I’d just look tacky. But glad I can wear my thrift store floral printed dresses and flick off my husband when he says they look like teacher dresses. So rude.

    • Hahaha, I totally agree the leo trousers themselves are super duper tacky and I’ve just ordered them 😀 With those edgy boots and a purple jumper… so right up my street 😀 So Mick Jagger 😛 And vintage florals were ah-ma-zing! …said me, the former teacher haha 🙂 With all the respect to your hubby, I know a very (very!) few people able to rock the My-Husband-Dresses-Me look so keep nailing your ‘teacher dresses’, I bet you look fantastic! Plus, not to sound like a total cow, I think a lot of people simply take fashion too seriously and it is there to play with so the only styling rule to follow should be ‘wear whatever makes you feel great’ and don’t give the tiniest one about the rest! Xx

  • Nicole DaRosa

    I love the handbags you included! I can’t wait for fall fashion 🙂

  • Kelly

    I have been SEARCHING for the perfect pleated midi skirt in navy blue, and thanks to you, I have FOUND ONE!!! Beyond ecstatic!

  • Kelly

    I have had this vision of a navy blue, pleated midi skirt in my head for weeks now but haven’t been able to find exactly what I wanted. I click on your post, and HERE IT IS. Amazing!!

  • Nikki

    These dresses and skirts, I just love them so much!

  • Now you won’t believe what happened! I’d asked mine what he thinks about ‘floral vintage dresses’ as a little experiment and his reply was: ‘what do you mean? Like those primary school teacher ones?’ 😂 😂 😂 I hope we’re not involved with the same guy haha. That’s so funny you were a teacher for a short time, so was I (which was best for both my mental health and my students 😉 And amen to the different nail colours, which options did you go for? My fingernails are burgundy at the moment and my toenails … oh well, they’re just begging for a pedicure so thanks for the reminder! Hope you have a great week rocking all those beautiful colours x

    • Sylwia

      Lol! It’s a thing, apparently, the primary school teacher look 😂😂😂 I guess they really like florals! 😉
      My toenails are baby pink, and my fingernails baby blue 😊 I guess it looks like I really like baby stuff, but this is the best way to describe these bright pastel colors. I’m taking advantage of the fact that in Texas it’s still hot summer and wearing all the summer stuff while I can. And that bright kind of blue just so happens to be close to one of the official Pantone colors of fall 2017, so I feel good.

      • Lucky you to be living in Texas, here in London it’s a wishy-washy time, looks like the summer has gone for good! And your nails must look super pretty 💜

  • Katie Deckert

    This is a fun selection 🙂 Very unique! and I’m loving that yellow backpack!!!

  • Latisha

    I LOVE a great bag!! One of my favorite things about Autumn is the colors and the fact that I can wear BOOTS!! I broke out a pair this weekend for a party I attended. So much fun!!

  • Enanny Link

    Beautiful pieces Autumn fashion is the best 🍃🍂🍁

  • Habiba Elkaihel

    I really like all that mustard yellow. Finally a yellow that suits my skin tone <3 Thank you for these great ideas!! Really appreciate it.

  • Lauren Dumonceau

    I love so many of your picks!! I typically wear black and neutrals, but I am trying to incorporate some colour into my fall wardrobe!! I am pretty sure I need that leopard print coat in my life!

  • Rebecca

    I absolutely love your style! Great fall colours

  • Ingrid Opstad

    Love your selection, autumn is my favourite season when it comes to style! Now I need to go shopping 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!


  • Sarah Gavin

    In love! The retro feel is so perfect for fall.

  • Daneisha Smith

    So many great ideas! This post has me super excited about getting dressed for fall! I love all of the mustard colors and animal prints!

  • Tiffany Twisted

    I love the slides and the tapestry purse! Perfect fall colors and can be dressed up or down. Gorgeous choices!

  • Maggie Abbonizio

    Love the prints on the dresses and the purses 😍😍

  • Lovelovelove dresses!
    Great post!

  • Thank you for all the kindness, I’m sure you could rock them too x

  • I am so ready for autumn! The colour palette for this type of season is what I live for!

    Mustards, rust, berry, burgundy, navy – I’m all over it!


  • Britt K

    I am seriously loving on that black jacket with the leopard print lining lol!

  • Candy Kage

    Love the pleated skirts, they look so rich and classy. Great shoes and boots along with some wonderful new handbags always makes an outfit put together. Love all the fall colors.

  • Absolutely love this post!! – Love all the printed dresses, the yellow coat and the blue skirt with the beautiful pattern, wow!!

  • Natasha Botkin

    I love fall for boots, fashionable hoodies, cloaks and such. Great images. Xoxo

  • Courtney Zummo

    What an awesome wish list! I love the fall and all the colors surrounding it. I’m a sucker for big sweatshirts and cute boots!

  • What a wish list!! Can I have one of everything please 🙂 Especially loving the pleated skirts xx

  • Anna

    Love the 70s vibes and the colors are so reminiscent of Autumn! Thanks for the inspo!


  • Kay

    Such great picks!! I love fall fashion, especially cozy sweaters <3

    Style Unsettled

  • Lauren Watson

    Some great choices! Absolutely love that chunky mustard cardigan and the pinafore dresses. I’ve had ideas of layered a pinafore over some jumpers this year so might need to check out the ones you’ve posted!

    • Yes, that’s a great one, I love layering and chunky jumpers and cute dresses always look cool together! 🙂

  • Oh, lucky you, having come back from European summer directly into spring 😀 I actually ordered the coat but their sizing wasn’t best so I had to send it back 🙁 And that temperature makes me so jealous, I just took out an electric heater from the storage room this morning! And yes lovely, I’m perfectly alright now, thank you 😘

  • Thanks so much for all the kindness lovely! And I know exactly what you mean with Zara, my love-hate relationship with Zara continues, they have so many great pieces and so many bad ones… like, the loafers from this post, I was literally obsessed with them! Until I saw them IRL- they were oh so poorly made! But hey, that’s high street for you 😉 Oh, and thanks for the Pello Bello recommendation, never heard of them so gotta check it out! Xx