Sunflower Power At V Festival With Debenhams


This post was created as a part of my collaboration with Debenhams <3 Most pics are by Hadas and Ana– thank you gals!

Hi there you beautiful bunch, how’s it going? Some of you probably know from my Insta stories that just over a week ago I moved this hefty butt of mine all the way to Chelmsford where V Fest took place and today I am oh-so excited to tell you all about it.


Going to music festivals has been one of my favourite ways to celebrate summer since a very young age when, not old enough to go alone, I had to have dad with me. I mean… music has just always been a super important part of my life and what’s a better place to hear all those amazing tunes than a festival? There’s just something so incredibly liberating in dancing in the sunshine (or rain if you live in the UK) and singing along while watching your favourite band play, these are those precious little moments you look forward to for the entire year. Well, at least I do.


Needless to say, when Debenhams kindly invited me to V Fest I was on cloud nine. I mean, how cool is that?! Collaborating with the brand which stands for over 200 years of British fashion history itself is a great privilege (and I am oh-so thankful for the opportunity!), let alone going to the festival with them! I was one hell of a lucky girl indeed!


The fun part started even before the festival as I was allowed to pick up any dress from this huuuuge causal range to make the super special occasion even more special. Even though I was invited to represent the brand, I wanted to make sure that my outfit reflected my style and personality (as always) and scrolling through dozens of pages I was getting more and more nervous- all the dresses were beautiful but they just didn’t feel like me? And then I spotted this beauty and… oh boy, it made me believe in love at first sight! It’s just flipping gooooorgeous, romantic yet edgy and very very feminine (what else could you expect from Warehouse?), super flattering, with that tomboyish Alexa Chung vibe… you know what I mean?? It’s also super versatile and oh my goodness, it fits like a dream! Seriously, I can’t remember being so in love with a dress. And the price tag doesn’t look bad either so if you like it go and grab one yourself before they are gone!


Having matched the dream dress with my old biker boots (comfiest ever!), a little chain bag and that not-so-little sunflower crown (which took me bloody a-ges to make!) I was ready to rock and roll!

The festival itself was oh so amazing! Me and the other girls were invited to this very very beautiful VIP area which was perhaps the dreamiest corner of the entire festival. All in white, pink, gold and silver it just couldn’t get more instagrammable, could it! We were obsessed! Even myself, who absolutely hates being photographed, happily agreed for the entire session on those pink sofas! I mean, how could I resist?!


As a part of the upgrade we could also enjoy complimentary food and drinks delivered to our tables- yes, someone was being spoiled AF, no complaints though!


Soon after arriving to the festival, we met the lovely Ellen from Debenhams who took care of every tiny detail to make all of us feel welcome. She was just super duper sweet, smiling non-stop, encouraging everyone to have a good time. And we certainly did!

Of course, the biggest highlight of the festival was music and the lineup for Saturday looked rather impressive indeed! Among the favourites of the day there were such artists as Madness, Sean Paul, Anne Marie, Rudimental or Pink- not too shabby, huh?I mean, how could we possibly not have a bloody great time?!


I came back home absolutely knackered, smiling like an idiot at drunk strangers on the Saturday night train. I might have been tired but I was flipping ecstatic too- thank you, Debenhams for this fabulous adventure!


  • Tiffany Bailey

    Oh wow what a lovely day you had! You look so pretty! I adore the dress you chose, it suits you so well…I love dark florals and I haven’t bought anything from warehouse for ages so I must get online and have a look at their new autumn winter pieces. It sounds as if Debenhams looked after you really well, what an amazing VIP tent – I absolutely love the photos of you on that pink Sofa, beautiful 💜

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you, you lovely lady! 💜 And yes, Debenhams was an amazing brand to work with, going out of their way to make it fun for us Xx

  • Oh wow you look absolutely stunning and beautiful!!! Also, the dress and shoes – goals!! Very glad to hear you had a good time and when I will be walking pass Debenhams I will think about you looking this good ! xx

    • Awwww thank you my lovely for all the sweet words, it means a lot! Xxx

  • Fiona Hogan

    Great post and pics Mal, love a good festival. My Glasto pics were a little rougher around the edges and not half as glam. Love the head dress 😄😆

    • Thank you so much lovely and no worries, although V Fest was quite a fancy thing indeed, I’ve been to two other festivals this summer and they were everything but glam, more of a ‘longing for a shower’ kinda vibe, haha 😉 Super envious of Glasto, you lucky lady 💜 How could I miss the post though?! Let me check it out! Xx

  • You lucky duck, that sounds and looks like an awesome day! And that Vip area is absolutely the perfect set for a photo shoot. By the way: I love your dress AND new hair colour, this is the first time I see it after you said on Insta you changed it. Enjoy your weekend! X Jo

    • I know, I felt very lucky indeed! Thanks for all the kindness love, I know, I didn’t put it online straight after dying (no wonder, initially it turned out GREEN!!! nah, no mermaid green, ugly brown-ish green!) but to be honest my biggest dream is to feature more of my (perhaps questionable haha) fashion choices on this blog so I guess that means more pictures of myself! 😉 Xx

  • Wow it looked like you had so much fun! And your sunflower crown looks amazing (tutorial on how to please 😉 ).
    Btw you chose a dress that looks like a dream on you! xx

  • Project Domestikate

    You have given me a great idea on my teenage daughter’s birthday! Nothing fancy though but some fun things to do with her friends. I love sunflower idea because it’s unique.

    • Happy to hear it! I’m sure she’ll have a fabulous birthday! x

  • Berin Soylu

    I love Debenhams💕 You are very lucky indeed 🙂

  • Jessice Holmgren

    Oh how envious I am now, haha! Cool blog. What a dream come true. Congrats!

  • Tea Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

    What an amazing amazing day you had! Looks like you made some amazing memories 💖 I’ve never bought anything from wearhouse but I think I might have to have a look because your dress is amazing 💖 your pictures are beautiful 💖

  • Kat

    Looks like awesome fun! Gorgeous dress 🙂

  • Larysa Shevchuk

    Great pics, especially these Moroccan poofs!

  • Victoria Henderson

    Love the Docs and love the fashion! Would have loved to see more of the festival… 🙁 Thanks for sharing!

  • The dress you chose is gorgeous! Looks like you had a great time!

  • Wow! This looks incredible – you must have had an amazing time! Your dress is completely gorgeous too!
    Debenhams have taken over! I love it 😀


  • Looks like a great event. Love your outfit! 🙂

  • Esperanza

    Your photos are so pretty! I love music festivals, I’m sure I would love Debenhams! So cool that you and your friends got to be VIP members 🙂

  • Teaspoon of Nose

    Sounds like SUCH an amazing day! And gorgeous dress – I love the play of girlie and edgy, it’s so perfect!

  • Cait Taylor

    Oh that headpiece is so stunning on you! And how amazing does that VIP room look!!! Gorgeous x

  • Ash Neverson

    Looks like you had a ton of fun! I love your big sunflower headband. It’s so much fun to see you in they dress too. I have never been to a music festival and I’d really love to go to one. So glad you had a great time!


  • Eleanor Holmes

    The photos in this are just stunning! You look amazing. I love the dress so muc xxx

  • Looks like you had such a wonderful day! Music festivals are so much fun! I love your dress and your friends dresses too! I love how you mixed the biker boots with a feminine floral dress. It was such a great combo!

  • Enanny Link

    I saw you pics on Instagram this was a fun event I love the tent space very nice 💛

  • Michelle Barrow DeGomez

    Sounds like you had a great day. Love the dress.

  • Taylor Smith

    THAT DRESS AND SUNFLOWER CROWN IS STUNNING. I love all of it. What a fun festival!

  • Eda Semana

    You girls looks absolutely gorgeous! This festival looked as fun <3
    xo, Eda

  • I love everything about this post. The setup is so beautiful, your dress is so pretty, love the flowers in your hair. Sounds like an amazing and fun event, thank you for sharing the pictures and details.

  • Omg! Totally awesome! Can see you made some awesome memories and had so much fun with your girls! Beautiful setting and beautiful people!!!

  • Ari Augustine

    Lovely day and dresses. I especially like the crown of sunflowers 😀

  • Sheena Deepnarain

    I love the way you put your look together and looks like you had tons of fun!

  • Oh that little VIP area looks so cosy, and definitely sunflower power with that headband I love it!

    The Quirky Queer

  • Tillie – Tea, Cake and Make

    Looks like you had loads of fun, and love the outfit you chose!