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Market research websites which pay you for answering online surveys have been around for years and surely managed to gain as many supporters as opponents. The first ones usually say it’s easy money to get, while the other group claim it isn’t worth the time. Who is actually right? I decided to investigate a bit and share my tips and observations to save your time and frustration if you decide to go for it yourself. I’ll also give you my referral link with some extra points going to both of us if that’s something you’re into.

But first of all, the most important question: can you actually make a living completing online surveys only? Hell, no. But if anything between 50 and 200 quid of extra income a month sounds appealing to you then, definitely, it’s something worth checking out. After a couple of months you’ll have enough money to go for a city break or a shopping spree, which is never a bad thing, is it!

Before we carry on, let me make something clear- most survey portals are shit. They make you waste tonnes of time, giving you hardly anything in return. Initially, I joined over a dozen of different survey websites… after 6 weeks, I decided to stick to five. And these are the ones I’d like to talk you through in details.

Please note that the information I provide will be useful for those of you who live in the UK/US, the rules may be different for other countries. Thanks!

5. Opinion Outpost

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That’s the least favourite of my top 5 survey sites and I use it mainly as a last resort when running out of surveys on other portals. You can make some pennies in here but it’s rather boring. The portal is extremely simple and very straightforward (which, perhaps, some of you may consider an advantage?), the only way to earn your points is by answering the surveys. Each 100 points is equal to £5 and the threshold is only 50 pt which is relatively easy to get. My advice- don’t fill in all the fields in the registration form as it takes absolutely ages and isn’t really useful (although you’d be encouraged to update your profile on a regular basis- just ignore it).

4. Crowdology

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I really like this site as it is relatively well-paid in comparison to the other sites. Again, the only way to get money here is through online surveys but these are better than the ones from Opinion Outpost. The only reason I put Crowdology in position 4 is because the online surveys here are not available everyday, you’ll be able to get them once-twice a week if lucky. The minimum amount you can withdraw here is £4 so not that bad either.

3. OnePoll

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Oh how much I love this site! The threshold on OnePoll is insane £40 which takes forever to get to, however… instead of full length surveys, all you’re asked to do in here are short 2-3 minute polls so you don’t even notice it during the day. After those few months it basically feels like finding 40 quid in your jeans’ pocket which is never a bad thing, is it!

2. MintVine

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MintVine is a really decent portal which allows you to make money relatively quickly. It offers nice, usually short online surveys and even if you don’t qualify to complete them they offer disqualification points all the time which is nice. Also, there’s a daily poll there so make sure to complete it and earn extra points! Plus if you answer it 10 days in a row, they reward you with additional bonus points which is very sweet indeed! The threshold amount in here is 10 USD and it usually takes a couple of days to get to that point.

If you register using this link, I will get a small amount of points after your registration which would mean a lot and make me super happy. Thank you so much in advance!

If you don’t want to support me for whatever reason, simply go to the main page and register from there.

1. Swagbucks

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This is the most popular, most complex and definitely most interesting portal which helps you to make quite a lot of money and redeem your points even a few times a week. Each 800 points is equal to £5 which is also your threshold. Let me talk you through all the ways to get points in here:

  • Use my referral link– if you get to 300 points this month (which is basically doable in a day!) we will both receive additional 300 pt bonus! It can’t get easier, can it!
  • Answer gold (main) surveys- this is self explanatory I think? Surveys are usually quite long which may put you off a bit but luckily, there are tonnes of other options to get your SB.
  • Answer Peanut Lab surveys- these are usually shorter, I heard this option is not available in the US, sorry guys!
  • Install Swag Button- it’s a Chrome extension which will notify you whenever a new Swag Code is available on Facebook. You copy and paste it, free points arrive!
  • Activate your daily goal- when you reach it (totally doable!) free points will come as a bonus!
  • Watch videos- it’s quite irritating as they keep freezing but luckily you can keep them open in another tab and keep doing whatever you’re up to. Make sure to watch at least one set each day for your To Do List.
  • N-crave- these are short videos or website displays which allow you to get extra points very quickly just for clicking links.
  • Answer Daily Poll- another task from your To Do List
  • Answer your Profile Question- every 10 days you’ll get points for that too.
  • Play Swagosaurus- after clicking the Play tab, you’ll see 3 simple games. You can chose whichever you like but I find Swagosaurus to be the most efficient and least time consuming. Keep playing until you get 10 SB.
  • Do some shopping- shopping online? Check whether your regular store is on Swaybacks (as there are plenty!), you may get extra point and some cash back too!
  • Daily Search- simply keep searching for different words and phrases in SB engine which may earn you points. You may also want to set it up as your main search engine but you’ll probably regret it the minute you actually need to find some information, nothing beats Google!
  • Do your Daily Discover- there are different tasks there, you want to look for whatever’s free. It will usually require you to register or play some FB games which is nice if you have kids or young siblings to give you a hand, otherwise rather boring, unless you enjoy silly games anyway.
  • Swago- it’s a great game available every now and then which allows you to get a lot of points very quickly with a minimal effort.
  • Lucky Spins- available with Swago, your free ‘lottery tickets’. Each spin gives you a chance for extra points and bonuses.
  • Participating in competitions- as there are quite a few along the year. Facebook is the best place to keep an eye on them.

General knowledge

  • Before you join any survey platform, make sure to create a separate email account- you’ll get tonnes of spam!
  • Online surveys are not available all the time so if your account is empty, log back later!
  • Most surveys appear on Monday- Friday so if you have nothing to complete at the weekend, don’t worry, it’s normal!
  • Once you see the survey- take it! It may not be there in a minute if someone else is faster than you!
  • Don’t give up if at the beginning everything seem very time consuming. 2 weeks in and you will notice some patterns there, able to ask the first questions almost automatically!
  • Very occasionally, in addition to online surveys, there may be opportunities to complete surveys on location- those are rare, but usually well paid!

Hope you find this post useful, if you want to save it for later don’t forget to pin it:

If you have any questions I’m here to help, just let me know in the comments! Happy earning!

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    I have joined a bunch of paid online surveys before but time comes that I am too bored to answer very long surveys so at the end I didn’t have the chance to earn that much. I love short surveys only and not too complicated questions

  • Star Harford

    That is really interesting, thanks! I have tried survey sites in the past and got nowhere but I might try again with a couple of these.

    • Hi, I know what you mean, most of them are pain in the bottom! Hope you’ll manage to find the ones you like, for me personally, once you know how to do it it’s not that bad at all! Good luck! x

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  • Back in highschool, when i was trying to earn an extra quid for my pocket money I used to fill in surveys. However, they never seem to have paid out. Since then I always thought it i snot worth the hassle. Thanks for doing the research to find out which ones are good and actually pay out.

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    • Good luck Laura! If you need any questions whatsoever, let me know! x

  • Thank you for sharing this informative post I have heard that there are so many survey companies around so the fact that you have made top five recommendations is great. Whilst doing all these surveys do you not get bombarded with junk mail??? Do you have to share your personal data to participate like your address and phone no?? I would be too worried to do this.

    • Oh, that’s an important thing you’re talking about, you will receive absolutely tonnes of spam so I highly recommend creating a separate account for surveys only. Some of the portals do require your address but they don’t pass it on to the survey companies, you are never required to put your personal information on the surveys, they only ask you for general stuff like age, sex, what city you’re from etc. I can assure you I’ve never had any problems with any of those sites regarding data security, I would hate to receive anything unwanted to my home address or mobile number so no worries 🙂 x

  • Joline

    I agree, not all online survey portals are created equal! I used to devote time to answering online surveys but haven’t really reaped rewards so I stopped. I think I will try Swagbucks!

  • Aw thank you lovely, that’s really nice of you! I know they can be time consuming sometimes but if you need an extra income relatively quickly that’s worth a shot 🙂 x

  • There are plenty of scam sites and quite a lot of those who require you to spend half a day to earn 10p so I’m not surprise you are sceptical. The sites I mentioned here are in my opinion the best, I use all of them myself. Of course you are not going to earn much but on the other hand it’s an easy money from the comfort of your home so if you have a spare while during the day you may as well want to make a few pennies. And no, no bank details required, you redeem PayPal vouchers and all the money goes directly to your PayPal account, I’d never pass on my bank details either! x

  • Glad you enjoyed that!

  • Happy to hear you found this post useful! Good luck and if you have any questions along the way let me know! x

    • Tyra Skinner

      Def, will do!

  • I know what you mean, it’s easy to give up at the beginning, especially when you don’t have much guidance, the surveys take ages and everything feels boring! x

  • Not sure how it is in the US but here in the UK you are able to make quite a few pennies each month 😉 x

  • Oh I’ve never done Google surveys! But I guess they pay you in vouchers only so perhaps that’s why- I’m not an android user either! x

  • Stephanie Lane

    I don’t mind the on-line surveys, its all the other stuff that comes along with it. You have to enter all your personal information every time for every survey, then answer a bunch of questions only to find out that your not what their looking for.

    • Yes I know how frustrating it is, that’s why I created this post with tips and recommendations of portals when this happens very rarely.

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    • Yes, they are super short at OnePoll so you won’t even notice doing one or two each day. But then, they usually give you between 10p and 50p each so it does take ages to actually reach the threshold. The effort is minimal though, that’s why I like it 🙂

  • Thank you! And I understand, it does take a bit of time! 🙂

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    • So have I. Number 1 on the list is most efficient in my opinion.

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