• fashion
  • Sunflower Power At V Festival With Debenhams

    This post was created as a part of my collaboration with Debenhams <3 Most pics are by Hadas and Ana– thank you gals! Hi there you beautiful bunch, how’s it going? Some of you probably know from my Insta stories that just over a week ago I moved this hefty butt of mine all the […]

  • blogging
  • All about paid online surveys- tips, tricks and free points!

    Market research websites which pay you for answering online surveys have been around for years and surely managed to gain as many supporters as opponents. The first ones usually say it’s easy money to get, while the other group claim it isn’t worth the time. Who is actually right? I decided to investigate a bit […]

  • food
  • Best Carrot Soup Ever- Simple Recipe

    ‘What the heck was she thinking?!’- I can almost hear you saying. Sharing the warm soup recipe in August sounds rather crazy indeed but hey, here in the UK the weather doesn’t really spoil us so it never hurts to be prepared for a cold, rainy day, huh? And if carrot soup sounds completely bland […]