Korean Beauty Routine Part 2: Daytime Skincare

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Hi everyone! Some of you may remember my sad little post about Korean Beauty inspired skincare, where you could read all about cleansing. Today, after a few long weeks, I’m back with the next part in which we’re going to talk a bit about daytime skincare. Ready? Here are the the steps to follow:

  1. Toning

As you may have already figured out, double cleansing, although definitely effective, can be a bit harsh on our skin. To bring back its natural Ph, we should use a toner after cleansing, it really is super important as it calms down our slightly irritated skin and prepares it for the next steps. The toner I am using currently is BHA Blackhead Power Liquid by Cosrx which has been super popular all over the Internet. Worth the hype? I don’t think so. It is good but not necessarily better than any high street brand up there and if you think it’s your magic wand which makes all the blackheads disappear… well, one can dream! Before this one I was using the Pore Minimising Toner by Simple and it worked equally well for a quarter of the price so you know… it’s best to have a few different options and find out what works best for your skin! Generally, if you have acne/blackhead-prone skin, try and look for the products with BHA.

Korean Beauty

  1. Serum/ Essence/ Ampoule

When your skin is still slightly damp after the toner, it’s time for using the essence, serum or ampule. The formulas are quite similar to one another and whichever you choose is a matter of personal preference. The idea is, you apply the thinnest product first so that it penetrates the skin deeply and prepares it for the thicker ones. What I also like to do is blending some vitamin C powder into my serum for an extra boost! The serum I am using now is by Innisfree and I really like it, the fresh scent of green tea makes it feel super ‘clean’ too! As for western brands, I’d definitely recommend French cosmetics, my favourite products are by Avene, but whichever you invest in, your skin will be thankful.

  1. Eye cream

When your serum gets completely absorbed, what you need to do is to tap in some eye cream. I keep mine in the fridge as it helps to reduce dark circles I usually master as well as puffiness so you may want to give it a go yourselves. As for Korean creams I find Snail Repair Eye Cream by Mizon being the best value for price although I don’t really have a favourite product. Any recommendations?

Korean beauty

  1. Face Cream

It’s good to take a note that Korean face creams are usually thicker and richer than the ones we’re used to so they are perfect for dry to normal skin, but if your skin is oily or even combination you may find them too heavy, especially in the summer. In that case, try using gels or water-based creams as they tend to be much lighter. Also, you may still want to try out Korean creams as a part of your nighttime routine, they are perfect for that. The cream I am currently using is Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Nutritive Cream With Snail Extract, which is nice, although my all time favourite product by Missha is their Geum Sul Vitalizing Day Cream. I have to say, I absolutely love the brand and how expensive it feels with all that pretty packaging (although it’s actually rather affordable to mid-range). All Missha creams also come with cute tiny spatulas which is just super duper convenient and hygienic.

Korean beauty

  1. Sun Protection

Last but perhaps most important of all skincare routine steps is the UV protection. It is absolutely essential to protect your skin from sun damage, premature ageing, darkening, let alone those nasty diseases. I religiously use SPF50 day in day out all year round, but I’m still yet to find my favourite product, do you have any suggestions? Most brands I’ve tried are good but not great so even if they are all decent as a makeup base, they make my skin a bit shiny sooner or later (and no, I don’t mean the “healthy glow” in case you wonder!).

In here you should probably expect a nice little picture of my suncream… Hell, no. The white plastic bottle of my good old Eucerin looks so damn cheap in comparison to all those Asian jars that I just can’t bring myself to putting it here lol… sorry!

Anyway, these are all the skincare steps to follow after (double) cleansing, I hope it was at least a bit interesting for you. If you’d like me to do another post on my weekly routine (sheet masks anyone??) let me know in the comments but if you reckon I should simply shut up and leave skincare to people who actually know something about it I’m happy to proceed, too! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! x