A Perfect Day In Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens

Hi everyone! Since we’ve been enjoying proper summer weather here in London I thought I’d share with you a few snaps from one of the coolest places to spend a sunny day in- Kew Gardens!

Kew Gardens

Oh boy where do I start? The location of Kew Gardens is the end of the world indeed but before you get scared of spending 45 minutes on the tube let me tell you one thing- it is oh so worth it!

Kew Gardens

Even if the entrance fee is not the lowest, it’s the money well spent- I promise!

Kew Gardens

And if you’re like me, completely obsessed with cactuses and palm trees, a merry trip to where zone 3 meets zone 4 is simply a must!

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens can boast the world’s largest collection of living plants, which is very cool indeed.

Kew Gardens

Although I’m not quite able to name a few plants I have at home (some still alive, yay!) let alone those in botanic gardens, even for such a hopeless nature ignorant I tend to be, walking around those 300 acres of land was so much fun!

Kew Gardens

Before the trip I had also stopped at Grounded to get some of their lush pastries as the botanic gardens are just perfect for a picnic and you know how much I like my food ;3 Don’t get me wrong, there are a few cafes all around the gardens so you’re not going to starve yourself to death but the food is exactly what you’d expect in such a touristy place- not of the greatest quality and rather pricy for what you get.

Kew Gardens

Another thing worth mentioning is, the royal gardens have one of the coolest gift shops ever with tons of cute things like beautiful plant graphics, great selection of tea and biscuits, authentic honey or chocolate in the most amazing, plant-infused flavours. I couldn’t resist buying these cuties for my cousin as they are not really my style, yet far too pretty to be left in the shop!

Kew Gardens lavender mugs

Anyway, what makes Kew Gardens truly wonderful are the plants. My favourite part of all has to be the Princess of Wales Conservatory, opened in 1987.

Kew Gardens

It’s a huge glasshouse with 10 different climate zones under one roof which simply means hundreds of cactuses, ferns and orchids- what’s not to love? There are also some fish and turtles in aquariums as well as a super cool agama occupying the rocks. So sick!

Kew Gardens

Another cool glasshouse was the famous Palm House where you can find species from tropical rainforests.

Kew Gardens

I was quite happy to spot banana trees, cocoa, coffee, pepper or African oil palm. If it could only get a bit colder!

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens

The hottest (and the smallest) of the glasshouses in Kew Gardens though is the Waterlily House, where it is simly impossible to spend more than a few minutes before you start feeling dizzy and out of breath. Seeing a pond full of giant waterlilies and some lotus flowers around is still worth giving it a go though!

Kew Gardens

There are also Mediterranean Gardens with olive trees, cypresses and lavender, where you could simply sit on a bench with a book and relax for a bit, as well as Japanese Gardens and the lake with Sackler Crossing- probably the wildest part of the gardens.

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens

Oh, and how could I not mention the Treetop Walkaway?! It’s a 200m long construction which gives you a rare chance to admire the wood from 18 metres above the ground. I have to confess though, when you’re glued to your laptop rain or no rain, climbing all those stairs out of a sudden is a bit of a challenge! 

Kew Gardens

For those of you who consider visiting Kew Gardens- it’s best to arrive in the morning and spend the entire day there, there’s just so much to do and see and those 2-3 hours you have in mind are definitely not enough.

Kew Gardens

Get some nice food to go, pack a blanket and don’t forget to charge your mobile as you’ll want to photograph everything (I took over a thousand of pictures myself!).

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens

Most of all though- have fun! X

  • These are beautiful pictures. It looks stunning there, I bet it is a wonderful place to visit. It really isn’t far from us and we keep meaning to go – this has encouraged me to make sure we do!

  • Ohbeehave

    Wow, this looks like a beautiful place to visit, I’ve never seen anything like it before! I love those mugs too, so pretty.

  • Sona Sethi

    The cacti are so beautiful and of so many different varieties. I have seen lots of them in desserts in my hometown and kind of miss them in Singapore.

    • Cacti in your hometown?! Now THAT is super cool, I can barely keep those in my pots alive! Xx

  • Kim Gammage

    Such beautiful photos! I’ve never been to Kew Gardens but the other half has family who live nearby so he talks about it a lot, I can’t wait to go on our next – eventual – visit to the UK.

  • This and the Chelsea Flower Show loom large on my bucket list I need no more convincing.

  • Beautifully said! ❤️

  • Helen Clark

    Kew gardens sounds amazing, your photos of everything are gorgeous! I love that you can take your own picnic and make a day of it too.

  • Prateek Goel

    Beauty is here. Lovely photography. Cactus is the most beautiful part according to me. This Kew garden is looking so good! I wish to visit it once.

  • Rose Sahetapy

    Nature is absolutely beautiful! I agree with you to charge our phones because visiting garden like Key Gardens is a guarantee of beautiful view everywhere.

  • I have always wanted to visit the Kew Gardens but every time I was in London I was busy with other things and didn’t make it. I love the viewing platform. The views from up there must be amazing. And a glasshouse with 10 different climate zones? Wow!

  • Now anyone who goes to your house can see that you are obsessed with cacti haha. But I digress I love Kew Gardens, it reminds me of Botanical Gardens in Madeira and it is so tranquil. So glad that you had a good time. Can’t wait to see you x

    • Haha, well, we should definitely go there together one day! Looking forward to see you too! Xx

  • David E

    These gardens are amazing. They remind me of Kensington Gardens when I stayed in England. Just very beautiful and plant life that is unique from all over the world.

  • Nida Sohail

    Its the best range of cactus i have have seen so far !! love this mother nature !! Its a definite go place, unfortunately we don’t have any in Ireland

    • No botanic gardens at all? Well, I guess the entire country is so green and beautiful that you don’t need additional green space created by humans 😉 Xx

  • Thank you! 🙂

  • Tiffany Bailey

    Fabulous pictures! Love all the cactus but the Waterlily house looks amazing…. I would love to sit in that humidity for a while, would probably the closest I’m going to get to the heat of Asia for a while!!

  • Teacaketravels

    Wow, this is one exotic garden! Looks like more plants are really interesting in those pics. Thanks!

  • Elena Stevkovska

    This place is simply amazing and worth the visit. These mugs look good as well, a great souvenir.

  • Melanie Edjourian

    Oh wow your pictures are stunning. Having seen those you have inspired me to pay them a visit I do love plants 😉

  • hal

    i took a few pics on my insta a few weeks ago from there.. – i agree the food kinda sucks there

  • I am currently taking my daughter to Kew Gardens this coming Sunda. I havent been since I was a kid and always thought it magical and no dynig to go after seeing your amazing shots.

  • Milton Coyne

    wow.. this is really a great place.. i have been to a botanical garden before but I haven’t seen such an overwhelming amount of cactus with varying size and shapes.. i love those round cactus and I guess they could fit well in our landscape…this must be an awesome experience and thanks for giving us a quick tour with your wonderful photos

  • Beauty is HERE. I mean, all pictures are just perfection. Stunning photography! Thanks for inspiring us <3

  • While not quite the same, my husband and I absolutely love visiting arboretums. We could literally spend a day just wandering around looking at plants. I’d so love to be able to visit Kew Gardens, if only to see the water lilies and the tree with the little octopus looking legs!

  • Thank you 🙂

  • Well I was doing my best but seeing things in flesh is always a different experience, isn’t it.

  • Kristine Nicole Alessandra VA

    Oh wow. Kew Gardens IS a beautiful place! You are so right that 2-3 hours is not enough to appreciate all that beauty!

  • Constantin PAtru

    Looks awesome! Will definitely check it out when I go to London!

  • Heather Stanley Cates

    Gorgeous pictures and would love to see these in person!

  • Miguel Gee Abas Jr

    Kew Garden is soooo cool..bring me here!

  • Alexxa Walker

    I was in London a year ago and had never heard of this! Looks awesome, so calming and peaceful. Would love to check it out when I go back!

  • Jaime

    Oh I loved the Kew Gardens

  • Europe Diaries

    So cool!! I came across Kew Gardens a few months ago and spent so much time reading up on they website..they seem to be doing a lot of interesting work!

  • Tasha Haley

    It really does look like a beautiful day. The gardens are stunning and worth a visit it seems.

  • Denice Joyce Diaz

    What a beautiful place! I love succulents and cacti. I will definitely fall in love with this place!

  • Adding Kew Gardens to our London list in October. How’s the wheelchair access? Thanks for the virtual tour. Love those mugs, too. Butterflies are my thing.

    • From what I noticed most places are accessible for wheelchair users, perhaps not all terraces in glasshouses have lifts but they aren’t much different from what you can see downstairs, just twice as hot so yeah, I would definitely recommend it! Have a wonderful trip! Xx

  • Yanika Muscat

    I have been to London but never heard of this garden. Loved the photos. When I come back there would visit. It seems nice 🙂

  • EG Green

    After living in the desert for 3 years I definitely have an affinity for cacti and “the world’s largest collection of living plants” housed in Kew looks like the perfect place for an alternative day trip next time I’m in London.

  • Christine Powers

    Hi there! I love your blog and nominated you for the blogger recognition award! <3 http://thelifeyouhaveimagined.com/blogger-recognition-award/
    Congrats! <3

    • Hi Christine, thank you so much for your kind words and the nomination, I genuinely appreciate it <3

  • I sadly missed out on a school trip here many years ago and it’s a place I’ve always wanted to visit, glad you had a lovely time and beautiful photos 🙂

  • Teresa Carnegie

    Great pictures! I’ve never been before but I’m going to have to check it out on my next visit to London.

  • Court Hill 🐠 ☀️

    Love all your photos of the plants! My sister would love this place!

  • Leah

    Absolutely lovely photos. The plants remind me of southern California more than England.

    • Thank you! Never been to California but I bet the plants over there are even more spectacular <3