Dr. Martens Flag Store-The Coolest Shoe Shop On This Planet


Hi guys, how’s it going? It’s been a while, right? Those of you who follow my FB page probably know that I’ve been to some amazing festival to see my all time favourite artist and although I feel a bit guilty not being online that much, I have to tell you, I had the best time ever- the whole event was out of this world, so much fun!!!


Anyway, with this brand new post of mine we won’t stay that far from music actually. I know, I know, it has the ‘shoe’ in its headline but it doesn’t mean we can’t have both, does it. Music + shoes, anyone? There’s only one brand coming to my mind- ladies and gentlemen, the one and only Dr. Martens!


I don’t have to tell you how much I adore my Docs and how much I love the brand in general for its amazing heritage, traditional values and innovative approach, most importantly though, for being a part of youth culture, for supporting music events and bringing people together, that’s what I genuinely treasure and it’s also what makes Dr. Martens unique in a way.


Having said that, Docs aren’t really the shoes you consider during your regular shopping- having a few pairs will probably be enough for a lifetime as 1) they last ages 2) let’s face it, time only works in their favour.

Therefore, when the new flag store opened in Camden last month, I wasn’t really overexcited- as much as I love my Docs, 3 pairs of heavy boots is rather enough for an adult I’m trying to be, right?


The thing is, I happened to be in the area a couple of days later so I thought I’ll pop in anyway just to browse around really. I entered the massive door and…. Oh boy… where do I start?! It was very much my Alice In Wonderland moment indeed! The coolest, most epic shop I’ve been to in my entire life (sorry M&Ms!)!

It’s just perfect in every inch, from the location in the heart of Camden Town (which is mainly associated with music and subcultures) to the building itself with its brick walls beautifully embracing the industrial heritage of the brand indeed.

One of the reason I love it so much is that the shop is truly rather huge so you’ll be spoilt for choice! Downstairs there are the most well-known models of Dr. Martens boots, sandals, platforms and bags, upstairs you’ll find mainly men’s (sport shoes included!) and t-shirts. Oh, and that cool little space where you can customise your Docs, deciding on the sole, shape, lace colour and all that jazz. I mean, how cool is that?! Wait for the best part now (and if you’re a music maniac you’re gonna go crazy exactly like I do each time I think of it!)…


What truly stole my heart is the back room downstairs which is the best flippin’ rock’n’roll museum in the city. Ever been to the Hard Rock Cafe? Think that but oh so much better! In the centre of the room there’s a real stage with genuine drum kit and amps which clearly means there are going to be some live music events in the shop !*yay*


… and the stage is surrounded by the coolest music memorabilia ever, reflecting the history of the brand and its heritage. You’ll also have a chance to learn about the production process, popular collaborations (Hello Kitty or Jimmy Choo anyone?), see the Docs which used to belong to famous people and listen to some records too!



What’s there not to love?! It really is such a fun place to be in and if you’re into music or youth tribes it’s simply a must- see you there sometime! #lovemydocs 


  • hehehehe I’ve been out of the scene for way too long. However, I’m glad to see Doc Martin’s are still trendy (or more accurately, have become trendy again).

    • Style & heritage never go out of fashion if you ask me 😉

  • Ophelia Tang

    Dr. Martens were always a brand I eyed but never made a purchase. This is pretty cool! Def wanna check it out!

    XOXO //
    SINCERELY OPHELIA | NYC Petite Fashion Blogger

  • This looks like the coolest shop! I loved seeing all of the different items and art.

  • Kim Gammage

    This has made me seriously miss my DMs who died a terrible death about 5 years ago and I haven’t got new ones since, it’s just too hot to have them in Dubai, I can’t justify spending so much on shoes I can only wear two months out of the year if I’m lucky 🙁 but when we leave they are the top of my list!

    • Oh poor little dockies! I still have a pair which is 13 years old but I keep it more for sentimental reasons really 😉 Completely understood and you are oh-so lucky with the weather! x

  • Alison Rost

    I absolutely love Dr Martens! I’ve had a pair of the red boots and worn them everywhere. It would be so much fun to visit this store .. although I’m afraid I’d want to buy everything in sight!

    • Haha, had the same problem! Bought a great book though, about the company’s history through the years- there are a lot of those small things to gift to yourself if you’re not after another pair of boots 🙂 They have rather cool socks and tote bags too 🙂 Xx

  • Lakeesha Hargis

    I don’t do Doc Martens but I must say that the artistic freedom of the customization is really cool.

  • I like the notion of Doc Martens being associated with youth subculture and merging the gap between fashion and music. Besides how cool does the store look? I love that it has some memorabilia pieces like the ‘Jimmy Choo’

  • Nayna Kanabar

    What an interesting shop very different compared to normal shoe shops.

  • Nina Ahmedow

    How cool! I love that it’s a store as well as a museum. I need to check it out next time I’m in London

  • Teaspoon of Nose

    Very cool! I love the ways that Doc Martens are so much more than a shoe – they represent so much more culturally, and their flag store really shows that!

  • Tiffany Bailey

    The shop looks so cool! Worth visiting even if you don’t want to actually wear docs! I loved my cherry pair the most ?

  • livcurti

    I so need to visit that shop next time I’m in London. I haven’t worn DMs since my teens but that Rock N Roll museum looks awesome. I wonder who they’re going to get to play there?

    • It’s not much room for a big gig so some local bands I’d assume

  • Esperanza

    I love Doc Martin’s! I own about three pairs 🙂 I didn’t know the brand supported music! That’s really cool.

  • Olivia Aragon

    I’ve always loved the look of doc Martins but it’s never been part of my style lol but I’ve always loved that style!

  • Mary Anne

    Those are really cool shoes! seems like being so comfortable I love them

  • skim82

    Awesome! I’ve always loved Doc Martins! Would love to visit this store now!

  • Cait Taylor

    Wish I could visit here! I live in my Docs!

  • Jasmine Jonas

    They’re such an iconic shoe!!! Love them so much! Great post x

  • Marceline Dementori

    Dr. Martens used to be my school shoes when I was in gradeschool and it was the only one that lasted. It’s really awesome and you won’t regret the quality too!

  • These shoes are just so very you! I love all the different colors! I hope you had an amazing time at the festival! I love going to music festivals when the weather gets warmer!

  • Oh, that’s so cool! And I thought my 13-year old Docs were something to boast haha! Forgive me being an idiot but I didn’t even think Canada had such a strong punk scene… things we learn! X

  • Helen Clark

    I love Doc Martins. I had no idea this shop existed though! It definitely seems worth a trip to London for me.