Life Won’t Wait / A Note To My Blogging Girls

Hello there beautiful humans,

Since after my last post so many of you have given me love and support (you guys are beyond incredible!) I just wanted to say thanks and let you know I’m doing alright.

As you remember, I was seriously considering ceasing the blog but then I realised that Into The City is probably the reason I’m still able to handle certain things the way I do. That I can’t quit, that I don’t actually want to quit.

All the beautiful comments, private messages and texts full of kindness made me realise how lucky and privileged I am to be a part of this wonderful community. You, the amazing blogging girls I interact with on a daily basis, are absolutely extraordinary. I am oh so thankful for the love you give me when I make myself believe that nobody loves me and for the care you surround me with when I think that nobody cares. Every flipping day you empower me and inspire me to accept all the challenges, each time I want to give up you encourage me to fight. And I know I can win with you by my side. It’s priceless. You girls are truly special and precious. Thank you from the bottom of my ‘patched-up patchwork taped-up tape-deck’ heart. ❤️

Two weeks ago I couldn’t imagine my life at all and when I thought I had used the lifetime limit of shit, it only got worse- I’m sure you’ve been there too, I’m sure you know how it is. A lot of bad things happened in the meantime and I don’t feel particularly stronger or wiser but I decided to give it a go and instead of drawing in sadness and grief, start to live my life for a change.

Our time is limited and I’m pretty certain that when we look back at our life in a few years we will be more likely to regret the things we didn’t do than the things we did. It’s by no means easy but I’m coming back on track, to my old, happy self despite everything- I finally visited the exhibitions I wanted to see for months, I bought the tickets to two music festivals I was postponing to ‘next year’ and booked some weekend trips. It’s probably not the best time for spending as I’m literally broke (long live freelance jobs!) but have you ever actually seen ‘the best time’? It never comes. I wish we could pause life for a while and wait for at least ‘better’. But we can’t. Therefore I want to cherish each moment, I want to have fun and do what makes me happy not giving the tiniest of shits about the rest. Because life won’t wait.

  • Tiffany Bailey

    I love the way you write and am so glad you aren’t going to give up on it! The thing is lovely, you are a natural fighter and too beautiful a soul not to start rising back up when you get trodden down ???

    • Thank you lovely, that’s far too kind ? You should take the ‘thank you’ part personally but I hope you know anyway how much I appreciate you and how thankful I am to have you in my life Xx

  • Please do not stop and keep going – I always believe what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, even though it is very cheese phrase. Keep going and yes enjoy the moment!!! Enjoy what is happening now, whether that is super good coffee or delicious or a shop covered in flowers. We sometimes rush way too quickly or just looking at our phones, when beautiful things are actually happening right now xxx

    • You are definitely right babe, we often underestimate all those little things and let them get lost during the journey while it’s so much to enjoy out there! Have a wonderful weekend Xxx

  • I am very glad to hear you aren’t giving up! The blogging community can be such a wonderfully positive place to be when things are getting tough. I am so sorry to hear things have not been going well lately – but you certainly have the right attitude to take on these hard times! You’re an inspiration to us all!

    • Awww Lindsey, you’re too kind! Thank you for all your support and encouragement, like you said, this sense of belonging is truly helpful. I’m happy and excited that we can share the journey together (still keep telling my friends about all the unexpected things you wrote about Argentina!) ? Have a great weekend babe Xx

  • Every trial in this life will pass. You just have to be patient and believe that there are good times ahead. Don’t close your blog, blogging is very therapeutic. Not to mention that your blog is very beautiful. Stay positive!

  • Everything you have written is so true, it has taken me a very long time to realise, but there is never a right time for anything. You have to grab everything with both hands and just go for it and live your life. Make memories and not regrets x

  • kathryn Maher

    Good on you girl. Blogging is a great way to express yourself and your feelings . It has helped me through the rough times and is a kind of “Old Friend” at this stage. So glad you decided to stick with it. x

  • I’m so happy you’re not giving up on your blog! Blogging has definitely given me an outlet that not many other things could, and I don’t regret starting mine.

  • Jessica Lynn Martin

    It is so good to hear you picking yourself up. I know people who would stay down in their sadness and grief. We can’t let the bad times leave us in a permanent state of being down. Getting back up is hard, but once we are there we will be glad we did it. Will be thinking of you!

    • Thank you Jessica, this is so kind! <3 Like you said, it's hard to get back on track. Sadly not everyone is lucky to have support they need, I wouldn't but myself together being on my own, feeling truly blessed with so many wonderful people I've met in here. Thank you for being one of them Xx

  • Simply Apostolia

    The truth is that you only live once.. Really you’re doing an awesome job here, you should keep going. We all have our ups and downs but evrything happens for a reason right? Keep doing what makes you happy!

  • Erica Crawford-Terry

    Thank you for your honesty in this article. I’ve also experienced those moments where it doesn’t seem like all the time I invest in my blog is worth it but then I remember my goals and keep moving forward. Let’s both stick with it!

    • Definitely! At the end of the day we’re fighters, aren’t we! Xx

  • Kyle Humiston (Hummy’s World)

    Love it!

  • Time doesn’t stop for anything. it only changes..:)

  • Elena Stevkovska

    At one point I wanted to quit as well, because as much as I like writing, I hate the fact that I have to promote my blog as well. it is very time consuming. I am glad you have decided not to quit, me as well 🙂

    • Oh tell me more about it! I totally hear you! Sometimes when you focus on those crazy numbers, replying to comments, ‘returning’ likes, sharing in groups and hearing that beep of a new notification every couple of seconds it feels sooo overwhelming and takes away all the joy of blogging itself. Please, don’t you never forget why you started in first place! You’re meant to keep going!!! Xx

  • Elena Stevkovska

    Keep up the good work!

  • Elena Nemets

    I wish you to enjoy the exhibitions and festivals as much as you can! Thanks for sharing a personal experience.

  • Thank you so much darling for all the love and care put in those sentences above, it left me all smiley and warm inside. You’re simply incredible!!! I don’t deserve all this kindness, yet it means the world. And when you finally make it to London you better prepare the hubby for having a fun evening with the kiddo as mummy’s gonna get spoiled with all the naughty things the city has to offer! I wish you lived closer too, we would both be (overweight, bankrupt and with alcoholic problem) half as classy and twice as fun! Xxxx

    • Hahah that sounds like music in my ears 🙂 London from a different point of view 😉 Hope you are having a good week! X Jo

  • “…stand strong, stay true, be brave- it all comes down to you…” 😉 almost forgot about that one! Listened to him a lot when I was a kid, but mainly to Black Sabbath.

  • Thank you, that’s really kind Xx

  • I love the positivity in this post. It’s great that you’re doing a lot of things that you’ve always wanted to do. We can’t wait for life to happen, we have to make it happen.

  • girlychiq

    So inspiring. Every second is precious. I am also learning about life while reading your post.

  • yatiana conteh

    This has inspired me in ways you simply cannot imagine. Life certainly wont wait and troubles are sure to come. However, as you’ve beautifully put we need to cherish each moments. Thanks for sharing this…hope you enjoy all your planned escape☺

    • That’s so nice to know! Yes, I keep enjoying the things around me I didn’t use to make time to enjoy. Sometime’s it’s important to have a little wake up call. Have a wonderful week Xx

  • Thank you hun for all the sweet words, I can definitely say the same things about you- see you soon lovely xxx