Korean Beauty Routine Part 1: Cleansing


Hi guys! Today we’re going to talk about Korean (or, more accurately, Korean beauty inspired) skincare routine and I am oh-so excited to have prepared this little series!

I’ve always been fascinated by Korean approach to skincare and their amazing beauty products being always a few year ahead of western brands, often more gentle and of better quality within the same price range. Having said that though I need to make it clear that Korean beauty is not necessarily all about Korean products, it’s the way you do things what counts.

Korean beauty-inspired skincare routine in this series is the one that I follow and truly swear by. It is maybe slightly more complex that my former face wash- serum- cream combo at the same time it’s still quite simple and based on common sense so why not to try it? Combined with drinking plenty of water and cutting down on diary it really makes such a difference to one’s skin leaving it fresh and glowing.

In this series I’m going to cover the following subjects:

  • Cleansing (3 steps of preparing your skin for all the goodies)
  • Day Skincare (+my favourite Korean products)
  • Night Skincare (a few more products)
  • Weekly pampering sessions (+tricks to bring your tired skin back to gorgeous in half an hour)

Let’s start with the first one in this post:


We all know that cleansing is super important, going to sleep without removing your makeup is a crime and Bioderma solves all world’s problems, right? Well… what do we know! With our busy lives we spend hundreds of quids for new creams and expensive facials expecting them to do all the job for us. And how about starting with cleansing? Proper, double cleansing like those amazing Korean babes. It takes only 3 simple steps:

1. Remove your eye makeup


If you’re not wearing any (after waking up perhaps?) go directly to step 2. I always remove my eye makeup with a cotton pad and a generous amount of Bioderma -cliche as it sounds, it is the best makeup remover on the market. It does the job quickly and effectively without causing any irritation so even if your eyes are sensitive it’s perfectly safe to use it. Why to bother removing eye makeup before the actual cleansing? Well, your skin around the eyes is super delicate so you don’t want to straighten by fighting with the face wash. Plus having foam in your eyes doesn’t sound like a lot of fun!

2. Use cleansing oil

Cleansing oils! Probably one of the most epic skincare invention which removes sebum (bye bye oily skin!) and all oil-based product that you used. There are different formulas for different skin types but you usually use oil on dry skin and rinse it with lukewarm water, which turns the oil into white milky liquid- magic!- so your skin feels fresh afterwards. There are a lot a lot of fantastic Korean brands on the market but if you don’t want to spend a lot of money (oils from Korea tend to be pricey) or wait for the shipping (which may take up to 3 weeks!), go to the local pharmacy and buy the one by Simple. I’m using my second bottle now and I can’t say a bad word about this product. It’s very effective and gentle, long lasting, affordable and easy to apply, as for the product used twice a day it really does a heck of a job!

3. Use face wash

Now when your face is still wet after rinsing the oil, it’s time for a face wash. My usual choice here would be some nice foam cleanser as I find them more gentle than gel cleansers. I don’t have a favourite product in here I just keep trying different things both high end and high street and so far they all seem pretty similar. The one I’m currently using is by Boots’ No7 and it’s quite nice.

In the summer if it’s super hot (perhaps on holiday) I also use Seaweed gel cleanser by BodyShop once every couple of days. It’s a great product however it was designed for oily skin and since mine is not really that oily anymore (thank you cleansing oil!) I find it far too strong and drying to be used daily.

So yep, that would be about it about skin cleansing. Do you have favourite cleansers? Let me know in the comments and stay tuned for the next part about day skincare!

  • Tiffany Bailey

    I adore an oil cleanser but I still haven’t tried the bioderma! Have heard so many good things about it, I really must pull my finger out and give it to go! Really enjoyed your post.

  • Nailil Ivaldi

    This is so interesting! I have heard of Korean beauty routines but have not given it a try!

  • I love Bioderma!! ❤️

  • I haven’t tried oil cleansers yet, may have to look into it/ I love Korean style products and the way they do things. Awesome post x


  • You know I’ve started using a cleansing oil, and I actually love it more than a traditional cleanser. I dont get that right feeling after I clean my face.

    • I know what you mean! Double cleansing makes such a difference, doesn’t it! Oil removes all the sebum perfectly so that the traditional foam/gel cleanser can just clean off the rest 🙂