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  • Life Won’t Wait / A Note To My Blogging Girls

    Hello there beautiful humans, Since after my last post so many of you have given me love and support (you guys are beyond incredible!) I just wanted to say thanks and let you know I’m doing alright. As you remember, I was seriously considering ceasing the blog but then I realised that Into The City is […]

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  • Don’t Be Like Me

    Hello everyone, how have you been? If you are following my social channels you’ve probably noticed that it’s been rather quiet out there and if I post something at last it’s quite crappy. Well, that’s pretty much the reflection of my emotional state at the moment so I thought, instead of trying hard to deliver […]

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  • Foodie Friday: The Bach, Raw Press, Palm Vaults

    Hello everyone! Here we are with the brand new Foodie Friday where I’m going to tell you about three most amazing places for breakfast, lunch or naughty cake I’ve had a great pleasure to visit lately. Hope you enjoy!!! The Bach Location: Broadway Market, E8 4QJ Average price: £35/ lunch for 2 Type of menu: […]

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  • Korean Beauty Routine Part 1: Cleansing

    Hi guys! Today we’re going to talk about Korean (or, more accurately, Korean beauty inspired) skincare routine and I am oh-so excited to have prepared this little series! I’ve always been fascinated by Korean approach to skincare and their amazing beauty products being always a few year ahead of western brands, often more gentle and […]