Foodie Friday Coffee Edition: Kahaila, Grounded, Farm Girl

coffee shop

Hi guys! It’s March already, can you believe it?! I’m soo, soo looking forward to the proper Spring weather and beautiful long days full of sunshine!

Anyway, this time Foodie Friday is all about cafes- you know how much I love my coffee and since the last couple of weeks have been rather hectic instead of trying new places I kept coming back to my well-known favourites to be on the safe site with at least one area of my life. Oh dear, that sounded quite dramatic! What I meant though is, when you don’t sleep much, have a lot to do and stress about deadlines, it’s not the time to risk a bad cup of coffee, right? Here are a few pieces of my coffee paradise:


Kahaila coffee shop

Location: Shoreditch, Brick Lane (E1 6SB)

Average price: below £20/ coffee with either cake or light lunch for 2

Type of menu: cafe menu with great sandwiches and cakes

Interior: Simple urban decor, lots of light and that artistic yet unpretentious feel with mismatched chairs and wooden tables.

Coffee shop

Recommendations: Flat white! Their coffee is from Climpson & Sons so it just has to be excellent, right?! If you’re feeling naughty get one of their giant sarnies or a piece of cake. Or both!

Coffee shop

Coffee shop

What I love about the place: It’s a charity-ran cafe! With the profit made Kahaila support local people in need promoting education and equality which I think is super cool! It’s also a really nice, relaxed place and the staff is usually quite friendly too. But most of all- coffee!

Downsides: At the weekend it’s really hard to get a table so come early or enjoy your coffee to go!


Coffee shop

Location: Spitalfields, near Whitechapel Gallery (E1 1DU), be careful- it’s easy to miss it!

Average price: £24/ breakfast for 2

Type of menu: cafe menu with simple yet great breakfast options

Interior: urban paradise of wood and metal combined with pretty green tiles and real bricks! If you get a table by the window the light is pretty good, too.

Coffee shop

Recommendations: Coffee and something sweet! I like their banana bread, almond croissants, carrot cake and berry crumble the most but a friend said that brownie is to die for too! On the other hand I can still remember that giant bowl of beautiful fruits with yoghurt I ordered from the breakfast menu and it was oh-so epic! Just get what you feel like eating and take pastries with you to enjoy them later, how about that!

Coffee shop

What I love about the place: I love their sweet treats… the only reason I’m not overweight (yet) is that I’m a ridiculously picky eater… (un)fortunately, at Grounded they have more than 3 kinds of pastry I like which just doesn’t happen! You know what I mean?! That’s my heaven on earth (goodbye, skinny jeans). Of course their coffee is great, that goes without a question. And the stuff is friendly too. I can honestly say that if I was to choose just one cafe to go to for the rest of my life, that would be Grounded.

Coffee shop

Downsides: I can’t see any but I’m probably terribly biased as it’s my local cafe and I love it to bits!

Farm Girl

Coffee shop

Location: Notting Hill (W11 3DB)

Average price: £30 breakfast for 2

Type of menu: healthy and delicious with great vegetarian & vegan options

Coffee shop

Interior: It’s cool and cosy but quite dark so if you want to take some pics of your food (and trust me- you do!), take one of the lovely little tables outside. Even in winter the area is really well-heated so you’ll be perfectly fine without a coat.

Recommendations: Whatever you order your taste buds will go insane. But… may I just suggest you trying the berry pancakes?! And tonnes of coffee. Although the rose water latte everyone on Instagram seem to be drinking looks sick it tastes quite horrible so go for the regular one- it’s great!

coffee shop

Coffee shop

What I love about the place: Presentation!!! OMG, the food is almost too pretty to eat! They easily turn you into that monster who packs their mobile in the plate to get the pics but how can you not in this case?! The good thing is the food is super tasty too and you have plenty of fancy extras to chose from (coconut bacon anyone?!).

Coffee shop

Downsides: It closes early so no chance to enjoy it after work.

Have you ever been to any of these places? 🙂

  • Tiffany Bailey

    Oooh the food from Farm Girl looks amazing…. I am now massively craving cake!

  • I’d love it here! All this food looks delicious. I don’t like coffee, but I’d order a different drink and get a treat!

  • Katriza Luna

    I’m not much of a coffee drinker but I do like to have myself the occasional coffee every now and then! This place would definitely be something I’d like to check out! The atmosphere is right up my alley and I love how appetizing everything looks!

  • Shelby Bromley

    A charity ran cafe is incredible. The almond croissant looks absolutely delicious!

  • Chei Pangan

    Oh i love coffee! Im sure gonna enjoy all of this food! Yumyum!

  • Krysti Jaims

    Wow this looks like a great find! The food and coffee look delicious and I love all your handy tips too.

    • Thank you Krysti for always being so supportive! Hope you’re having a great day xx

  • Ivonne Jaketic-Tarantino

    I am a coffee lover and a great cappuccino with that almond croissant I would kill for right now – so yummy!

  • Girl @

    Looks like you’ve found some fail-safes to head to. It’s comforting to know where one can go to that is both familiar and has good drinks & food for a treat or pick-me-up 🙂 If I ever were in your area I would give these places a go too.

  • woody world packer

    Unfortunately never been there! but it looks so inviting! I am a coffee freak as well, and love to discover new, funky, well designed cafe’s 🙂 Great photography! X Enjoy your weekend

    • Oh Jo, if you’re a coffee freak you’d really like it there! Next time you’re around feel invited! Have a great weekend too, wherever in the world you are now- hope you’re all doing well 🙂 xxx

  • Whitney

    My goodness! The cafes is delightful and cozy.

  • Ken Hanaya

    I don’t have much of a sweet but those desserts are making me crazy. I won’t lie but after seeing this article I’ve literally forgotten of how bad day I was having. Thank you and good job on this article.