My First Blogging Event- Review & Goodie Bags

blogging event

Hi there, Mermaids, Witches, Unicorns! Today I’d like to tell you about my very first blogging event (remember that post about self-confidence? That was on my to-do list!)   and reveal what the goodie bags contained (not that it’s crucial but I had always been curious what could possibly be inside so perhaps some of you are too!).

#BlogConLDN was organised last Saturday by the amazing Scarlett from Scarlett London– go check out her blog if you haven’t yet as it’s truly inspiring!  And Scarlet herself is just a supergirl- she’s the kindest, the most personable babe you could ever imagine! She genuinely cares about whatever you want to speak to her about which, when so many people asks questions not even listening to your answer, is what I  treasure.

No matter how much I admire Scarlett though- I have to be honest here- I was quite sceptical about the event. When I got the tickets in January (or was it still December?) I was super excited. Then I started reading reviews of different blogging events… and my excitement was replaced by ‘why-would-I-even-bother-going-there’ attitude. Pretty much everyone was saying that the blogging event they had attended was ‘quite ok’ but they didn’t have a chance to interact with other bloggers, that everyone comes with someone they already know and sticks to their tiny groups of blogging besties. Great, I thought to myself.

Since I had already had the tickets I thought I’d give it a go anyway though… and I am oh-so happy that I did! The event was truly lovely and knowing what I know today, I would be absolutely gutted if I didn’t make it! Being so ecstatic and all over the place I forgot to take my camera so sadly the only pics I can offer you are of goodie bags- sorry!

I came to #BlogConLDN with the stunning Ana from Faded Spring and both of us had a really good time. It was a great chance to interact with brands and other bloggers. Yes, we met a bunch of beautiful girls and they were all super sweet and friendly. It was a truly great to talk to one another, make friends and follow each other on social media. The biggest surprise to me however, was that some of those girls despite their huge (huuuuge) following on  social platforms still wouldn’t change their attitude towards you no matter if you boasted 50k followers or have only reached 50. They were just lovely and supportive, seeing an actual human in you, looking far beyond the numbers. From my experience it’s not something to be taken for granted and it made me love them even more.

Speaking of love… May I just mention Charlotte who blogs about Hair, Hauls and Health? ‘Full-time mermaid, sometimes a unicorn’ as her Instagram profile says. Oh. My. Flippin’. God. I know, right?! And you may not believe in what I’m going to say now but… in person she is just as stunning! She’s  no doubt one hell of a mermaid princess riding her unicorn to get fresh Starbucks every morning. My serious blogger crush and now probably yours, too! Because if she doesn’t do anything to you than I don’t know who does!

I seriously met oh-so many amazing girls I wouldn’t probably meet if I wasn’t at #BlogConLDN and I’m super thankful for that!

Same goes for the brands. As you can see from my goodie bags, there were quite a lot of different companies, talking to bloggers about products, giving away samples, discussing collab opportunities. It was really cool. Not to mention tons of stuff I left with! I was really surprised and extremely pleased with how thoughtful it was- I heard that at some events bloggers were given bathroom cleaning products or hotel soap samples so when I saw mojito mixer and teeth whitening kit I was super super happy- thank you Scarlett! <3 My other favourite bag was the one from Exuviance, the skincare brand I can’t wait to try out! They were really generous giving us 3 full size products and I can’t wait to try them! There was also a wonderful bag from Chi Chi with a pretty chocker and cute sweets (which I couldn’t resist eating as soon as I got home). We also received different samples from most of the brands and entered various competitions they ran, it was all done in a fun yet professional way.

The only downside to the #BlogConLDN’ brilliant organisation were masterclasses. I was looking forward to learning more about blogging-related subjects, unfortunately, since there were no mics and the masterclass area wasn’t separated anyhow from the rest of the event, with a couple of talks going on simultaneously I could hear very little. I think this part could have been handled more efficiently but when you organise an event of this scale I guess there will always be some unexpected rearrangements at the very last minute. As Scarlett herself admitted, the original idea was to keep the area sectioned but it turned out to be impossible in the end which forced her and the team to change the concept. It’s a shame but like I said, Scarlett did incredible job managing everything and the event was still a massive success. Can’t wait to be going to the next one in the future!

Have you ever been to a blogging event? Was there anything you liked/didn’t like about it? x

  • It was so nice to hang out with you and I hope we can meet up again soon! Your so lovely and glad you had a good time at the event! Thank you for taking me x x

    • Definitely! Thank YOU for joining me, without you it wouldn’t be the same! Would be great to meet up again and hang out with everyone we met at the event! xx

  • Never been to a blogging event, and never actually discovered one near my. But would love to go there one day, as I love to get inspired by like minded people, and goody bags… yes please!! 🙂

  • I have not attended one yet. I for sure hope to one day! A lot of bloggers with huge followings are still so nice and down to earth. I love that! I saw the photos on Facebook of you and Ana, and wished I could have been there too!

  • The blogging event seems to be lot of fun. I will like to read your review about the products that you got.

  • Nicole Anderson

    This was really interesting. I must be honest and say I didn’t realize there were specialized events for bloggers like this. Sounds like a great idea though and obviously beneficial for bloggers and advertisers alike. Next time, you should take your camera with you to convey how it all appeared. Thanks for the info.

    • I guess UK bloggers are quite lucky as there are lots of events in here. And yes, a camera is a must! x

  • This sounds like a great event. It’s wonderful how nice and supportive people were as human beings, regardless of internet fame and follower numbers.

    • That’s very true, makes such a different to the whole atmosphere! x

  • Sushmita Thakare Jain

    Never have been to a blogging event before seems like you must had fun.Thank for sharing

  • Emma Oxley

    I wish I’d known about this before – I’d have loved to have gone – do you know if there’s another one planned? or whether there’s anything else in London worth going to?

    • I don’t know about any other events to be honest, but checking Scarlett’s blog- events- (that’w where I found out about the #BlogConLDN) and a bit of simple googling should do the job. If I come across one soon I’ll let you know! x

  • helen vella

    Never been to a blogging event, there was one near me a few weeks ago but I had a conflict that day. It would be nice to attend one and get feedback face to face.

  • Ashlee

    So glad you had so much fun! I went to my first blogger event a few months ago too and had the best time!

  • Alicia Taylor

    I haven’t ever been to a blogging event, but I’ve always want to go! This one does sound enjoyable, but I agree – the open class format didn’t work for me in high school – and it wouldn’t have worked here. All the sound simultaneously probably would’ve caused me to have to leave if it aggravated my anxiety.

    • Hi Alicia, so sorry to hear that you’re struggling with anxiety, must be really hard 🙁 If you want to go to such event though I guess you should give it a go and it’s always a good idea to bring your bestie for some extra support (I’d feel much less comfortable without Ana!) 😉 x

  • Punica Makeup

    This sounds interesting. It seems to be so much fun. Wished I could joined you guys.

  • That’s what I heard as well… sadly, money is often the case. BlogConLDN was truly great though so I must have been lucky! Xx

  • Alison Rost

    I wish there were more blogging events closer to where I lived. This looks like it was great fun! All of the goodie bags are lovely. I was especially interested in Exuviance .. skincare has become a hot topic in my life now that I’m over 40!

    • Omg, Al, there’s no way you’re over 40! How do you do that?! Exuviance is a nice brand, I find their vitamin C powder really cool but apart from that nothing special really (in my opinion) and some packagings contain very little of the actual product (e.g. the eye cream used daily didn’t even last 2 weeks!). My favourite brands tend to be French (Avene) or Korean (Laneige), I really think products from those two countries stand for quality and effectiveness but again, everyone’s different! 🙂 Xx