Foodie Friday: Mildreds, Ethos, Pret-A-Manger

Hi Guys, hope you’re all good out there! A couple of weeks ago in my Veganuary post I promised you reviews of cafes and restaurants around London where you can eat delicious plant-based meals. It turned out there are actually far too many places to put them all in one post so I decided to come up with what one of you’d suggested to me a long time ago- a regular series on London food spots! Not only vegan and vegetarian things but I’ll always make sure such options are available in a particular place. I posted 2 pieces about London restaurants before but I think it’s nice to keep things updated and sort of organised so I’m going to write about the places I had already mentioned too, hope you don’t mind! The idea is: from now on each first First Friday of the month is going to be a Foodie Friday when I’ll do my best to give you some ideas of a few restaurants, pubs, cafes of food markets to try out. I hope you enjoy it!

Here are my choices for today:


Location: Soho (W1F 9AN), Camden (NW1 7BW) & Kings Cross (N1 9JP)

Average price: £70/ lunch for 2

Type of menu: International, both healthy & comfort food, plenty of vegan and gf options

Interior: Simple and cosy with wooden tables, art pieces on the walls and a fairly good light (Soho)

Recommendations: Get gyoza dumplings, Sri Lankan curry and sweet potato fries with basil major for a vegan feast. There’s a great selection of puddings, too!

What I love about the place: Everything! It’s very relaxed, stuff are super friendly and efficient, nothing of that snob-ish, hipster-ish thing that usually comes to my mind when I hear ‘vegetarian’. The food is really delicious, presentation is lovely and despite wild crowds around, it doesn’t take long to be served either.

Downsides: It’s always super busy so, especially if you come around lunchtime, prepare to wait around 45minutes for a table. It’s totally bearable though- you can order snacks and drinks at the bar and socialise with other humans in the same position!



Location: Fitzrovia (W1W 8DX)

Average price: £40/ lunch for 2

Type of menu: Buffet, international, healthy

Interior: Modern and minimalist with beautiful birch trees all around, giving you that ‘raw’ and ‘clean’ Scandinavian feel.

Recommendations: Get a bit of everything, especially warm meals- salads don’t always taste as great as they look.

What I love about the place: The huge selection of both warm and cold dishes which encourages you to try new things. Even if you’re watching your weight you won’t struggle to find something that suits you.

Downsides: Coffee with plant-based milk sadly doesn’t live up to the expectations.



Location: All over the show

Average price: £30/ lunch for 2

Type of menu: Cafe, healthy, organic

Interior: Typical chain cafe

Recommendations: Mexican avo bowl, falafel mezze, mushroom sushi and coconut bircher-all vegan! Oh, and green juice is also a must!

What I love about the place: I know it’s quite controversial to list a chain coffee shop in here but I honestly think Pret’s food is amazing, it’s light, healthy and creative, no matter what your diet restrictions are.

Downsides: Ironically, as much as I love Pret’s food, I find their coffee exceptionally horrible, but maybe it’s just me? Luckily the juice selection makes it up for the bitterly sour flat white!


Have you ever been to any of these three? What’s your experience?

  • Tiffany Bailey

    What great photos, you’ve made me very hungry! 😉 the place in Soho sounds great and I’m with you on the coffee from Pret – last time I bought anything from them was actually when I was in London shopping – I got a hot chocolate because their coffee is not great and it was hideously sweet!

    • Oh, feeling much better now, thought it’s just me being picky! x

  • I want to go to all those places! Next week I am going to Soho and eat the gyoza dumplings, and sweet potato fries, sounds delicious 😀

    • Hi Diana, I can’t recommend them enough! Have a lovely visit and let me know how it goes! ? ??

  • Meg

    I love the birch trees! All these places look amazing – hopefully I have a chance to check some of them out next time I am in London! 🙂

    • Thank you Meg, the birch tree interiors do look wicked indeed! I’m sure you’ll have a chance to visit some amazing food spots- plenty of those in here! x

  • You’re making me wish I was in London right now. That brownie…great photo.

  • Internationalcaty

    I have some friends who will be in London in May that are vegetarians and this will help. Thank you

    • That’s great to hear! I’ll publish post about vegetarian places every first Friday of the month so I hope they’ll find something to their taste 🙂 x

  • all of that looks amazing!

  • I wish I lived closer to this place because all this food looks delicious. I want that brownie!

  • Ivonne Jaketic-Tarantino

    Great! You’ve made me hungry! Great photos and Mildred’s looks like a place that I would really enjoy!

  • Sassy

    OMG, these made me hungry! I would love to try that pomegranate dessert! <#

  • The decor at this second place, Ethos, looks really unique and fun. Your pictures are making me hungry!


  • Jessica Lynn Martin

    Great pictures of the food. Of course now I’m hungry! All three restaurants sound lovely!

  • Your pics are amazing! I wish we had smellavision I am so hungry right now!

  • Whitney Speight-Bell

    Great post on review the restaurant in London. The food looks delicious and the you took great photos

  • OMGoodness. That first rice dish stole my heart!

  • Aireona93

    I just love these pictures! It really makes your review so perfect. I don’t live anywhere near there, but if I ever end up in the area, I will remember this, for sure.

  • I have never tried the Mildreds in Soho – I definitely have to check it out now 🙂

  • Wow, all the food looks so delicious and looking very nice. Definitely good food from great restaurants!

  • Katja Knox

    I am LOVING the Ethos photos – I love me a good buffet, would go to town on this one. Next time I’m that neck of the woods I’ll hop over there 🙂
    Katja xxx