Busy Vegan: Ready-Made Treats Worth-Trying

Ready-made tapioca pudding

Hi guys! I hope your weekend has been fantastic! I’ve been out and about for the most of it to prepare some hopefully interesting content to share with you so today’s post is just a little list of ready-made vegan foods.

Of course, ideally we would be eating home-made meals every single day- they are usually much healthier, of better quality and obviously cheaper than their ready-made equivalents… But hey, let’s get realistic- does anybody have time for that? I enjoy cooking and do it quite often but when life gets busy there’s nothing quite as convenient as opening the fridge to get a meal which would be ready for you in 5 minutes, right? While participating in Veganuary I was happy to discover that there’s quite a selection of vegan meals in every supermarket too! Here are my favourite picks:


Those boxes with soups are absolutely fantastic! I’m a huge soup eater, especially in the winter as nothing warms you up like a good bowl of soup. Plus they have a very few calories which means you eat until you can’t move without worrying about gaining a few inches here and there- that sounds like me! I’m not going to recommend any brand here because I seriously like sooo many of them! Even supermarket brands turned out to be decent (but I guess I should do a separate post about it if you’d like?). My favourite ready-made soups are: tomato&basil, butternut squash, pea&mint, minestrone, Mexican beans. Just be careful and always read the label as some of them may contain cream!

Yummy Bites

I could eat falafels and similar bites all the time! They are perfect for salads, gravy or to have as a snack. The ones from Great Food rule, being packed with healthy ingredients like quinoa or spinach. Heat them up, get your favourite hummus and enjoy!


There are quite a lot of different dairy-free yogurts on the market. My favourite ones are by Koko as they don’t have this weird, artificial flavour unlike many others. Plus they don’t contain any soy which for me is important too! They’re best with fresh fruit and muesli- on this front, nut muesli by Tesco Finest range is my ultimate winner, you’ll just get all things yummy in that box: cashew and macadamia nuts, pumpkin seeds, pistachios, almonds… do I need to continue?


If you like spicy food you’ll love this lentil dal. The box is enough for 2 portions (unless you’re super hungry), contains very little fat and takes about 10 minutes to cook- what’s there not to like? If you’re into milder options, add some coconut milk or Oatly’s creamy oat fraiche (wicked!) and you’ll be just fine.


Oh, this is my favourite part-vegan desserts are proper lush! The first one I highly recommend is Salted Caramel Yoghurt with tapioca by CoYo- it’s super creamy and tastes amazing especially with sliced banana. It’s quite rich however, so if you’re trying to lose weight it’s probably best not to overdo it. Or share it with your loved one! 🙂 Significantly lighter alternative would be Tesco’s tapioca and mango pudding which is super yummy (especially if you top it with fresh raspberries!) and contains only about 100 kcal/pot!

Energy bars

If you’re an active beast you have a perfect excuse to eat carbs, don’t you! And those dried fruit & nut bars are delish! And oh so convenient! I always have one in my bag when I’m running errands and almond milk flat white is not enough to keep me going until lunch. The first brand I can genuinely recommend is Nakd, when it comes to flavours we’re spoilt for choice here- my favourites would be banana bread and cashew! Another great brand is The Primal Pantry- I fell in love with their box designer at first sight, they are sooo cute! The bars are great too, I can’t really say they are better or worse than Nakd, both brands are brilliant and the only ingredients in bars are nuts and fruit, how cool is that?!

Alrighty, that’s about it when it comes to my vegan picks. Do you have favourite ready-made vegan foods? Share them in the comments, I’d love to try something new! x

  • andreajesus10

    a LOT of warm and yummy food – appreciated by this New York City girl (it’s 16 degrees here as I write 😀 )

    • Oh dear, and I thought my 52 in London was ‘quite chilly’! Thanks so much for saying hi- stay warm! x

  • Kit Stanwood

    Ohhh I’m going to try and find the coconut by nakd! Maybe Amazon? Sometimes I email companies to bring back items I love!! (: I bet they’d do that for us if it’s discontinued. Good luck with your vegetarian January!!! (: also gonna look around for that yogurt.

    • Oh, it’s my bad!!! Just found the bar and realised it wasn’t by Nakd! Will have to update the post- thanks so much for bringing my attention to it! x

  • All these foods look not only healthy, but they looks delicious as well. I might have to try some of these.

  • This is an awesome post! We’re trying to eat more vegetarian/vegan meals in the new year and this is such a great post to help us incorporate some snacks too!

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

    • Thank you so much Clarissa, I’m super happy to hear it! x

  • Beth Landi

    Everything looks yummy! I’m looking forward to trying these. I am also a huge soup fan, especially on those chilly SoCal nights :). In fact, I just made some vegan Zucchini and Cashew soup tonight!

    • Zucchini and cashew?! Beth, that sounds delicious, will have to google the recipe, oh my… I’ve just had breakfast and you made me hungry again! x

  • these all look soooo good, i totally gotta find these in my area! xo

  • Lindsay

    Yummy!! This food looks so delicious?

  • Neha kumari

    Everything looks so yummy ?Thanks for sharing this amazing foods 🙂

  • Ance

    Everything looks yummy! I’m looking forward to trying these.

  • Alissa Carpenter

    Thank you for the awesome and easy suggestions!

  • Vortex Garage

    These look awesome! I haven’t tried many of the items on the list, and they sound real good. Going to have to hit up Amazon for a few of these and give them a try! The Primal Pantry bars look great!

    • Thanks so much! I’m happy you like the idea! Please be very careful with the bars though, they are addictive! 😀 x

  • Erin Westerman

    I haven’t seen any of these but they all look amazing!! Yay for supermarkets carrying more and more vegan options!!!

  • Great choices! We love to eat plant based so try to prepare most of our meals at home, but when traveling or busy these are some good alternative options! Thanks!

    • Thank you! I try to cook at home whenever I can but like you say it’s convenient to have alternatives when something comes up! x

  • riotworsley

    Love this so much. I’m always out and about and I these ideas are great! saving for later. 🙂

  • Kat

    I’ll try that coconut yogurt, looks nice. I agree with that some of the yogurts have got strange, artificial flavour (especially fat-free!). I prefer to buy yogurt with more fat, but natural. Does that muesli contain a lot of sugar?

    • Hi Kat, the muesli doesn’t contain any added sugar, just the natural sugars from dried fruit and oats 🙂 x

  • Kat

    LOve Oatly’s products! I spent the holidays in Finland with my fam and we veganized all the traditional Finnish Xmas foods and used Oatly on everything instead of cream and milk. Greetings from California!!!

    • Oh wow, must have been delicious! I wasn’t a huge fan of Oatly milk (the organic one) as it curdled pretty badly in my coffee 🙁 But the cream is amazing, I use it to make soups and curries 🙂 California?! Weather envy here! Greetings from not so sunny London 😉 x

  • Count me in for ALLL of these!!! O M G!

  • Yeees! I am always looking for Vegan options! I haven’t heard some of these brands before but they definitely sound super yummy!

    xo, Chloe // http://funinthecloset.com/dont-look-back/

  • Did not know that being vegan can be so fun, this treat looks really delicious xo


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    That’s a lot of yummy food!!

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    It seems like good choice to be vegan. All of these articcals must be delicious.

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    These are some great suggestions! I’m trying to eat more vegan food. I’ve been a vegetarian for a decade, but going vegan all the way is hard.

  • Tammy Triolo

    This is my dream to one day be a vegan ? This all looks so good

  • Ingrid Opstad

    Yum this all looks so good! I love Oatly – have you tried their ice cream?

    Ingrid | thatscandinavianfeeling.com

    • Oatly ice cream?! That sounds too good to be true! Will have to check if local supermarkets are up to date! 🙂 x