Best And Worst Plant-Based Drinks For Your Coffee

Plant-based drinks for coffee

Good morning you bunch of beautiful humans! Since it’s been 3 weeks through Veganuary, I’ve had a chance to try out quite a few different plant-based drinks with my coffee. Some of them were great, the others- not so great, that’s why I thought I’d give you a little guidance. The only thing I took into consideration while buying one was whether it’s sugar-free as I don’t take any sugar with my coffee so I wanted it to stay unsweetened. Let’s have a look, shall we?

Coconut Dream Original

Price: £1.70/L
My impressions: Oh, I’m not a huge fan of this one! First of all, it immediately curdled in my coffee and a cup of weird brownish liquid full of lumps is not what I enjoy. Moreover, the milk has a very strong, sour taste which was very difficult to hide even in shakes. Please note however, that I’m talking about this particular brand- I used coconut milk drink before and it was alright. Still, I wouldn’t repurchase this one.

Oat Dream Gluten Free

Price: £1.40/L
My impressions: This one combined well with freshly-brewed coffee, not separating/curdling at any stage. It had quite a specific, slightly bitter taste which I easily got used to but it may not be to everyone’s liking. If you use plant-based drinks on a daily basis you’ll be fine with this one, however if it’s just the beginning of your adventure I’d advice you to start with something lighter.

Good Hemp unsweetened

Price: £1.50/L
My impressions: It was the first time I tried hemp-based milk and despite everyone’s comment about how ugly it was, I didn’t find it unbearable. It was perhaps my least-favourite milk but it blended wonderfully with my coffee and although the taste was very strong and definitely more bitter than in Oat Dream, I got used to it. Would I buy it again? Probably no, as for this price it’s easy to get better-tasting products.

Tesco Free From RiceDrink

Best And Worst Plant-Based Drinks For Your Coffee
Price: £1/L
My impressions: At the beginning I was quite sceptical about buying a supermarket brand but hey, I was so wrong! This milk really is wonderful- it doesn’t curdle at all, it has a nice, subtle taste and I think for this price you won’t actually get anything better. I will be buying this one on a regular basis.

Provamel Organic Bio Cashew

Price: £2/ 500ml
My impressions: My first thought was that the price was a bit crazy, however I really wanted to try cashew milk and that was the only unsweetened one I could find. At first, I was very pleased with it- it was nice and smooth with a delicate, creamy taste, I really liked it. The next day however, it curdled immediately so I had to use the remaining amount for smoothies. It simply ruined the good impression- 4 quid for a litre of milk which you can’t even use with your morning coffee? Nope, thank you very much!

Alpro Roasted Almond Unsweetened

Best And Worse Plant Drinks For Coffee

Price: £1.80
My impressions: This one is a winner for me. It has a lovely, nutty taste, it blends smoothly with coffee and oh, it’s just the best. Tip: Blend it with a ripe banana, 1Tsp peanut butter, 1/2 tsp cinnamon and 1/4 tsp nutmeg for the best smoothie ever!

Oatly Organic

Price: £1.5/L
My impressions: Another one I had to use for smoothies. I have to say, I bought this one because I used a few products by Oatly which I enjoyed so when I saw a huge ‘Organic’ on it, I didn’t think twice. The drink turned out to be a big disappointment, curdling and overkilling everything with its sharp, bitter taste. I don’t know, maybe the non-organic version is better

Do you have any plant-based milk you’d recommend? Let me know in the comments!

  • That almond milk is superb! I use it a lot for smoothies. 🙂

    Nora /

  • Since going dairy free over a year ago now, I actually stopped putting milk in my coffee and just drinking it black because I just could not find a plant milk that wouldn’t curdle. I love the Alpro almond milk on cereal, in smoothies etc. but I personally find the lighter than milk the better, by which I mean something like oat or rice milks which are quite watery rather than creamy in consistency. 🙂

    • Oh dear, black coffee… not something I’d be able to drink! I used to use oat and rice milk made for Rossmann (the whole range was brilliant actually) but after moving to London I had to adjust to what’s available. Not that I’m complaining lol. And the main reason I like the almond milk is because how creamy it is haha! Still, the lighter options you prefer are definitely healthier 🙂

  • Tiffany Bailey

    That was so helpful thank you I’m definitely going to give the rice milk a try! I love my coffee so much so it’s the hardest part of being vegan for me!

  • Vijee Djega

    i use almond milk and soy but am careful about which soy, the country it was made, the organic factor matters. I stopped drinking milk over 2 years ago and its one of the best decisions I made. If I ever have normal milk, by mistake, or by lack of choice, my stomach gets cramps. I have developed intolerance to the enzymes they add no doubt. I also try to make my own almond milk when I can.

    • Making your own almond milk?! That’s nice! I’m too lazy for that I guess but the home-made one is lush! I’m allergic to soy so I can’t have it at all but I’m definitely trying to avoid dairy as much as possible too 🙂 Our bodies are amazing, getting used to the good so quickly aren’t they 🙂

  • Michaela Terese Harrison

    I don’t used plant based drinks instead of milk in my coffee, I prefer traditional milk. I had no idea there was so many types of plant based drinks.

    • I understand it, for some people though it’s not a matter of choice so I think it’s great to have different options out there. When having freshly-brewed coffee at home I use only plant-based drinks, it took a while to get used to them but now I don’t like my morning coffee with regular milk at all- funny how quickly we can adapt. Going out is to have a proper flat white is an entirely different thing though, I have to admit I like it much (MUCH!) better with cow’s milk and that’s the only reason I can’t wait for Veganuary to be over haha 🙂 x

  • Perla Quintas

    I’m not much into coffee right now, and on rarely occasions when I drink coffee, I prefer it black. However, your reviews here made me to want to try something new. Maybe Fresh Unsweetened Almond.

    • Happy I inspired you to try something new! I think almond milk is a good choice 🙂 x

  • Thank you for the helpful post! I’m looking into drinking less milk and I had no idea the different effects various plant drinks had on coffee!

  • Robin

    I’m a big fan of the coconut-almond milk blend from Califia! Adds wonderful flavor to everything – including overnight oats ?

    • Sounds good- does it go well with coffee (does it curdle?) as it’s pretty much the only thing I use milk to on a daily basis. x

  • Sarah Molenda

    I’ll have to give the roasted almond milk a try! I love coffee and I’m looking for healthier creamers with no artificial sweeteners! Thanks!

  • Divya @ Eat. Teach. Blog.

    I use the soy creamer from Trader Joes for my coffee! I refuse to put anything else in there 🙂

  • Neha kumari

    I love coffee and changing it into unsweetened milk is a good option,Which is healthy as well.and almond milk taste delicious. Will definitely give it a try.

  • I like almond milk a lot, but not in my coffee, unfortunately. I have tried multiple times, but I always just end up going back to International Delight.

  • These are all new to me! I never heard of these before. I know that my hubs will like the one with roasted almond. For me, I like my coffee with cream milk.

  • I think coconut milk is good but it depends on the brand. The first one that you mentioned with the rice does sound rather disgusting but it is great that you found the almond milk to go well with your coffee 🙂 x