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  • Saying Yes To Life- Si By Giorgio Armani

    Since I’ve been using Si for quite a while now it’s about time I let you know what my experience with this fragrance’s looked like. I’m quite hopeless when it comes to describing scents but as I managed to do a little review on Tommy Hilfiger one, I should be able to handle Armani too. Let’s […]

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  • Best And Worst Plant-Based Drinks For Your Coffee

    Good morning you bunch of beautiful humans! Since it’s been 3 weeks through Veganuary, I’ve had a chance to try out quite a few different plant-based drinks with my coffee. Some of them were great, the others- not so great, that’s why I thought I’d give you a little guidance. The only thing I took into […]

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  • How To Boost Your Self-Confidence (And Get What You Want)

    Masterpiece by the one and only @lorazombie Whilst everybody online seemed to be getting excited about their resolutions, ‘fresh start’ and all that jazz I spent the entire New Year Day in bed, staring at the ceiling, crying over what a total failure I am. Then, the next day I lied to a friend that […]

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  • Busy Vegan: Ready-Made Treats Worth-Trying

    Hi guys! I hope your weekend has been fantastic! I’ve been out and about for the most of it to prepare some hopefully interesting content to share with you so today’s post is just a little list of ready-made vegan foods. Of course, ideally we would be eating home-made meals every single day- they are […]

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  • Revlon Nail Enamel Review

    I’ve been looking for a decent nail varnish for quite a while- sounds insane these days, when we’re spoilt for choice, right? Well, what makes it difficult for me is my nail surface is quite narrow so it’s absolutely impossible to paint it with all those thick brushes which are supposed to make the application […]