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  • Simple And Mild Indian Style Curry Recipe

    If I had to eat one meal only for the rest of my life, it would be curry- nice and spicy, fresh, flavoursome and fragrant, just like it’s meant to be. And I bet I wouldn’t be alone in this choice- after all curry is an official national dish in the UK! Therefore, I’m happy […]

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  • Dining On A Budget In Central London

    London may not be the most expensive capital in the world but let’s be honest, it’s not the cheapest one either and I think it’s safe to assume that not everyone wants to spend a small fortune on eating out. At the same time I bet there are some of you who just can’t be […]

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  • Quirky, Classy And All Christmassy- 15 Christmas Jumpers under £40

    Cute and classy, quirky, minimalistic or totally over the top- it’s quite safe to say we all love Christmas Jumpers! And with only 4 weeks left to Christmas Jumper Day (which, this year falls on 15th December) I thought I’d share with you my favourite festive knits found online this season. And I’m telling you, […]

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  • 5 Instagram Trends I am Sick Of

    Hi you lovely bunch! This time I’d like to share a few things, that, out of many Instagram trends, I’m particularly tired of seeing on the app- just for fun, really. Just because I’m human and I have my opinions. And before the all hatred starts, I want to say it is by no means […]

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  • Designing Christmas Cards With Basic Invite #Ad

    One of my favourite things about the festive season is sending and receiving Christmas cards. Each year I take some time to make sure all of my friends and family receive a little envelope full of genuine wishes and nothing makes me quite as happy as receiving one (or two) myself. Sadly, these days we […]