#Veganuary- Let’s Make It A Game-Changer!


Happy New Year Everyone! Today’s post may be slightly different from my usual ramblings- since I decided to sing up for Veganuary anyway I thought it may be a good excuse to hopefully inspire some of you and share my knowledge on the subject. Therefore, each week in January I’m going to publish a post related to veganism- stay tuned for recipes, meal ideas, budget-friendly tips and restaurant recommendations. If there’s anything else you’d like me to cover or if you have any questions, let me know- will be happy to share my thoughts about the experience. First though, let me tell you a little bit about the whole adventure.


I’m sure we all remember going sober for October and our male friends not shaving in Movember, now, the beginning of the year encourages us to stop eating animal products for a month- ladies and gentleman, let me introduce Veganuary! It’s been the 4th time  when the UK-based organisation successfully convince thousands of people to try out a different way of eating. Veganism, to keep it simple, is a 100% plant-based diet so you don’t eat meat, diary, eggs and other animal products like gelatine and honey. If you need more information regarding what the thingy is all about, feel free to ask or simply go to Veganuary.com – if this doesn’t cover questions and doubts you may have, I’m not sure what does! Oh, and one important thing- although some (well, actually- most) of vegan activist don’t use any products which cause animal cruelty (leather, cosmetics etc.), in my Veganuary posts I’m going to talk about veganism as a way of eating only.


Going vegan for January is perfectly simple- jump to the Veganuary page and sign up! It takes less then 2 minutes to complete the short registration form, it’s 100% free, too. The organisation is going to provide you with all the guidance needed!



Everyone has different reasons to go vegan, the main concerns are suffering animals,  health and environmental issues and there are tonnes of various publications on those so I’d rather speak for myself and tell you about the factors behind my choice, maybe some of you can relate to them.

The first one, purely hedonistic is my love of food. Becoming a vegetarian 15 years ago I discovered a completely new world of tastes and flavours of the foods which I didn’t  even know existed! My diet stopped being boring and predictable (two things I can’t stand in life) and I got really creative in the kitchen. So yeah, going vegan is taking the adventure to the next level and although I do have some plant-based favourites (cashew ‘cheesecake’ anyone? ), I’m dying for more!

Another reason is my curiousity. In my hometown it would be really challenging to go vegan (well, most restaurants could barely handle ‘vegetarian’!) so I can’t wait to discover how well-prepared for plant-eaters London is. I do have a couple of restaurants (both vegetarian and regular) I’d love to check out in my mind so it will be super exciting, I really can’t wait! I’ll make sure to share the whole experience in details in here as well as on my social media channels- do we follow each other yet?

The last of my reasons (apart from the most obvious ones I mentioned in the first paragraph) is simply losing some weight. I’m sure it’s the thing most of us try to accomplish in the New Year so that’s when Veganuary really comes in handy! As for myself… ok, I’ll tell you the truth: lately I have overdosed takeaway Indians, become best friends with staff at Domino’s (moving to a new place takes a lot of comfort eating it turned out!) and it was Christmas with gingerbread, mince pies and boxes of Celebrations (who can blame me?!), after which I realised my favourite skinnies are sooo bloody tight that each time I need to sit down I secretly pray for them not to tear! Not much fun, huh? Therefore I decided to try and I lose a few kilos and sort of assume it will be easier to be done when I’m vegan, won’t it. Ok, cashew cheesecake, I know. Perhaps it’s just me and my silly assumptions, still, I’m happy to try and I’ll surely tell you how it goes!

Is anyone else in? 🙂

  • Helen

    I am doing Veganuary this year too 🙂 I have done it the past 2 years and love it. It opens my mind to new ideas 0f how to get my nutrients whilst reducing my global footprint.

    • Hi Helen and hi five to you! It’s such a cool idea, isn’t it, I totally agree with every word you’re saying! Lots of love, Mal x

  • Hi Darlene, thanks for your lovely comment- great to see you here! I’ll make sure to check out your page, the event sounds wonderful! I’m not a vegan myself but I try to avoid dairy on a daily basis anyway, I think that each individual really needs to figure out what works for themselves and that every tiny step matters. Not going to talk too much about ethics here as it’s a very personal thing and I’m by no means an expert in the field but the idea of being a healthy foodie sounds absolutely lovely to me! 🙂 x

  • Lauren Kunin

    Love this. I try to eat and live a vegan lifestyle.
    Happy New Year!



    • Thank you Lauren <3 Good luck and have a very happy New Year yourself! x

  • Romy

    I’d like to give this a try. I’ve been a vegetarian for 14 years, so it shouldn’t be that big a change. I am really going to miss cheese though.

    • High five Romy, that’s exactly my case! I think a good planning may help a lot- if you do some research, find the recipes you like, make a proper shopping list you won’t even realise you’re missing on something 🙂 Plus if you really crave some dishes with cheese, there are plenty of vegan alternatives too! Just have fun with it, don’t feel forced or limited in your choices, make the adventure enjoyable 🙂 Fingers crossed for you here, let me know how it goes 🙂 x

  • Thanks so much Caroline, hope your health gets better very soon! x

  • Same here really, only becoming 100% vegan for this one month. Thanks so much for your kind words, may I just say that you are one of my most handsome readers? 🙂 x

  • Good luck Isaly, let me know how it goes! x

  • I’ve thought about going vegan (or at least vegetarian) for a while. January may be a bit early for me unfortunately as I have such tough dietary needs that I think I need a bit more experience with what I can still eat before cutting out more!

    • Oh, definitely taking baby steps is very reasonable. I’m sure when you do a bit of research and prepare for all that jazz you’ll be just fine <3 x

  • Kim Gammage

    I went vegan a couple of years ago during Ramadan – I do a challenge every year for a month – it was an interesting experience and I certainly learnt a lot and discovered lots of new food that I never thought I would like but I couldn’t keep it up, it made me feel really unwell and weak. But I have adopted a lot of the food into my regular diet.