My Very Own Miracle (They Happen!)

Bankside houses
Dear friends, blogging pals, regular readers and passers-by, I’d like to say you are all beyond AMAZING!!! The amount of supportive comments, encouraging words, inspiring stories and, in general- love and care I received after publishing my last post has been unbelievable! I don’t want to sound cheesy but seriously, it means the world- thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

Since the previous post was published, my situation has changed a lot. First of all, the bank thingy is sorted out for once! My advise to any expat ever considering opening an account in London: go to the city centre! Bank staff in zone one is used to dealing with expats employed by big companies in the City and although I wouldn’t necessarily call them helpful, they are certainly less annoying than their suburban colleagues. At HSBC’s it took us from 8:28 to 11:06 to open an account but it’s finally behind us which is a massive relief! And then, the story only gets better…

London Eye
Do you remember me saying I’m waiting for a miracle? Let me tell you one thing: miracles do happen! A few days after my post went online and I was about to extend my stay at the hotel still waiting for the ridiculous agency to let us know whether we can get a flat or not, a friend contacted me on Facebook saying ‘hey, me and my boyfriend live close to London and we have a spare room, maybe you’d like to stay with us for a couple of days?’. What’s even more special is that the message came from a girl whom I haven’t seen for 15 years!!! We used to go to primary school together, I remember sitting in her flat for hours, eating pizza, playing Sims and listening to The Offspring as her mum was never at home. I was so jealous!!! My mum was always at home and she didn’t allow me to eat pizza or play computer games. In case you wonder, she didn’t like The Offspring either! So yeah, my friend’s place was a real paradise. But we were kids and once the school came to an end we lost touch completely. And she still offered me her place! Moreover, she and her boyfriend (who also gave us a really warm welcome) were about to go away so they literally left us the keys to their house!!! It’s something I’d never ask for and something I’d never think anybody would do for me. And how can you not have faith in people?! Sometimes I still need to pinch myself though as it’s absolutely unbelievable. And they don’t even make a big deal of it! They literally made me feel at home. It’s the most amazing thing that happened, first of all because it’s an enormous help, all the stress is gone and I can just relax and look for a flat without thinking of a dozen of other issues. The other, more important reason is the situation itself which touched me deeply and made me feel truly special. What else can I say? Miracles do happen!

Tower Bridge itself is a pretty good example of a miracle !

As for the home, the unfortunate agency called us saying we failed references so they’re obliged to give us the money back! Which was also completely unexpected. They didn’t charge their ridiculous fee either! It’s just lots of great news at the moment. Also, I arranged a viewing of two lovely flats today so keep your fingers crossed, I need this winning streak to carry on at least for a few more days! 🙂

So yeah, thank you all again and I will obviously keep you up to date with everything.

Mal x

P.S. What a great feeling to enjoy a cup of tea which doesn’t come from a paper cup!

  • raghavmodi

    Hey, new to the blog, but glad that things are looking good for you. Loved the photos and wish you all the best on your endeavors. Always appreciate a honest personal blog as it takes a lot to share something private with the world. Cheers

    • Hello, thank you so much for taking the time to write this comment. It means a lot! And my situation is getting better each day so yeah, I’m full of faith 🙂 Take care x

  • Nick B

    That’s great news! I’m glad to hear everything worked out, but even when it doesn’t all you can really do is try to stay positive and work the problem.

  • Ashley

    Love your miracle story, crossing my fingers for you too! I am all for the winning streak!

    • Thank you Ashley, comments like yours make me warm inside and bring my faith in people back! Your support truly means a lot 🙂 Love, Mal x

  • Thanks so much Nina for sharing your story! Sounds like you were lucky with your host, that was very kind of her. I’m super happy for you, having a home is such an important thing so it’s great that you found your perfect place <3 I stupidly assumed that 7 nights in a hotel will be enough to find a flat in London where there are hundreds of new offers every minute. Now it's been almost 2 weeks and still no flat 🙁 There is one I made an offer on though and tonight I should have a decision whether I'm going to get it or not. Super stressed but something inside tells me there may easily be a happy-ending of my flat hunting story so fingers crossed! Mal x

  • Thank you so much Katrina <3 If by any chance you're free tonight (or, actually for you it will be afternoon) keep your fingers crossed for me- going to meet a landlady of the flat I saw on Friday so I hope it's good news! Best wishes, Mal x

  • Thanks so much, that’s very kind <3

  • Thank you, that means a lot! x

  • The eleventh hour, I like it! Thank you for your kind words x

  • Thank you so much Inyene ?

  • Thank you! And you’re right, I’ve been very lucky. Now finally managed to find my own place but I’ve never forget how much my friend did for me x

  • Thank you Elizabeth <3 You're absolutely right, things like what happened to me make me have faith in people! x

  • Aw, thank you so much x

  • Thank you so much Danielle, it’s been lovely to read all your kind words. You truly sound like a wonderful person <3 Very best wishes x

  • Thank you! x

  • Thank you Filipa 🙂 x

  • Thank you Robin <3 So true about how unexpected life gets at times! 🙂 Sending you very best wishes too x

  • Hi Kathy, thanks for stopping by! Your comment made me really happy, I truly appreciate your kind words <3 Glad you like IntoTheCity, please make yourself at home 🙂 Take care x

  • Hi Katrina, sorry for not getting back to you earlier, still crazy here! But good news this time- we got the flat!!! It will be ready to move into at the weekend so I’m really excited! Plus, the timing for buying things for the flat is perfect with Black Friday around the corner so yeah, I’m super happy 🙂 x

  • Trust me, not as calm as it seems, I do have moments when even chocolate and a new pair of shoes fails to cheer me up! But yeah, things are going well here at the moment! 🙂 x

  • Thank you! Appreciate your opinion x

  • Hi Fred, I completely agree that attitude is key! Best wishes x

  • So true Franc! All the best x

  • Wow! Little things like this restore my faith in humanity.

  • KT Peralta-Nielsen

    I agree, miracles do happen! Like what happened to me last week. I was contemplating of buying a camera to use for vlogging and then after a few hours, I received a message in my inbox that I won a camera (super zoom camera at that). Maybe law of attraction works as well. Enjoy your stay in London!

    • Oh wow, that was a perfect timing! Congratulations! 🙂 And thanks for the lovely comment x

  • christie

    Your good fortune makes for a lovely read. Good luck with the flat viewings!

    Christie x

  • I’m so glad everything worked out!

  • It’s my first time to bump into your blog but I am glad that everything works fine on your end. That is something to be happy of indeed! And yes, miracles happen most of the time. Much more if we always see things in a positive way.

  • Kristen Wilson

    We all may see miracles in different ways and while your images and sights are amazing I am super excited that you got your miracle!

  • Maikel Kerseboom

    Im so glad you found a place! You survived another day in the city

  • So good to hear you found a place for now! Miracles do happen. I myself noticed this about a month ago. You deserve this! <3

  • Tina Derkse

    Ohh lucky you!! I keep my fingered crossed for you darling! X

  • Thanks, Katja, you’re such a sweetheart! Hugs to you too <3

  • Thank you!

  • Very true! x

  • Thanks so much! x

  • Thanks so much Chloe! x

  • Oh, she’s a total star! Thanks for your nice words! x

  • Thank you Ance! 🙂

  • Thanks so much Ron! And yes, she deserves a medal for sure! x

  • Hi Maikel, thanks for being around! I’m doing my best, finally at home and not having Internet yet so it may take a moment before I’m back on track with blogging 🙁 x

  • Thank you Karolina, it worked! xxx

  • Thank you Zara! <3

  • Thanks a lot Nora! P.S. Love the name of your blog! <3

  • You do have some special power Kat! – happy to type it from my own flat! Oh my, that’s the rhyme I didn’t plan 😉 Hugs x

  • Thanks so much Eliza! x

  • Thank you Jasmin and hugs from the flat! 🙂 x

  • Thanks so much for your comment, I still think it’s more difficult and adventurous to travel than to be an expat but hey, I’m finally saying that from the comfort of my home! 🙂 x

  • Thanks so much Zana, happy hugs for you! x

  • Thanks Sarah! x

  • Thanks so much Cassey! It was a lot of stress but I’ve been super lucky for sure- finally saying it with a cup of tea in my own kitchen 🙂 Take care x

  • Thanks so much Sabine! Happy hugs to you! x

  • Thank you so much Emma, can’t agree more! x

  • Thank you! x

  • Thank you Jess, it was a lot of stress involved but I can already say it’s so worth it! Take care <3

  • Thank you Shannon! <3

  • True! 🙂

  • Thank you so much Michaele! x

  • Dziekuje 🙂

  • Indeed! 🙂

  • Erika Ravnsborg

    Wow! You have got some amazing views here.