M.A.C Matchmaster Foundation Review

MAC Matchmaster

I’m sure some of you remember my post about Estée Lauder Double Wear Light foundation. I still quite like it, but hot summer days (long gone ) forced me to look for something slightly stronger. Having used it for a while I’m able to share my thoughts on the product. Ladies and… probably ladies again 😛 – here’s the Matchmaster by M.A.C. This is what to expect:

Package: A glass pump bottle containing 35ml/1.2 oz of product (which is slightly more than regular 30ml bottles). Although it keeps the makeup clean and makes the application comfortable I’m not a huge fan of this packaging for one simple reason- to unlock it you just need to turn it right and the opposite direction to lock it. The blockage is not strong enough so it’s a nightmare when you travel, make sure to pack the bottle in a plastic bag so as not to get all your stuff messy.

Price: £29 /$38 which isn’t the cheapest but for the quality and amount of product you get it’s not that bad either

What I like about this product:

  • Shade! Finally something light! I’m using 1.0 and it suits me well, it’s lighter than DW. Matchmaster is available in 12 shades.
  • Matte finish, which does my combination skin a favour. It absorbs oil quite well, now when it’s not that warm outside I don’t even need to use my powder on it.
  • It has a creamy texture which is  smooth and easy to blend.
  • Medium coverage. It’s buildable but be careful, it may make your skin look dull and cakey when overdosed
  • It doesn’t oxidise so there’s no worry of turning orange
  • It doesn’t go in the lines/ wrinkles
  • It blends really well but you need to be quick, the product gets dry quite quickly. Works better with a flat makeup brush than the beauty blender too.
  • It’s long-wearing
  • It doesn’t transfer onto clothing
  • 1 pump is enough to cover my face although I did see a video on YT where the girl is saying she uses 6 pumps of the product… it sounds absolutely crazy, even if you want fuller coverage I just cant imagine how one can physically put that much on their face.

Warnings: It does enhance dry patches if overdosed, I won’t recommend it for dry skin. If you have combination/oily skin it will suit you, but still make sure to moisture really well! Oh, and one more thing- it doesn’t minimalise the appearance of pores which is the opposite to what M.A.C say. But then, which makeup can do that? If you use good skincare products you’ll be perfectly alright.

Summary: Matchmaster is a decent product with good coverage and wearability. The lightest shade is really light in comparison to the other brands. It tends to enhance dry patches though so good moisture is a must.

Have you ever tried Matchmaster foudnation? What are your thoughts?