Why We Love Autumn- Bloggers’ View


Before I go any further I’d like to send a massive thanks and virtual hugs to the wonderful girls: Beth, Laura, Kristen, Aqy and Joy for taking their time to share thoughts and pictures- it wouldn’t be possible to create this post without you ❤️

Although the weather outside is truly lovely and much more expected in July than September, everything reminds us that the new season is just around the corner- high street brands happily display their back-to-school collections, Starbucks persuades us that the end of August is the best time to introduce pumpkin spice latte, glossy magazines present purple, cherry and brown lipsticks spotted on the catwalks… autumn is nearly there!

And although I’m sure none of us wants summer to end, especially bloggers have quite a few reasons to dislike autumn: the days are rainy and windy so it’s hardly possible to take a good picture, it’s permanently dark so everyone’s just depressed and demotivated and after a happy summer flow of inflatable flamingos and young coconut drinks there’s nothing interesting to post about before the Christmas madness. Bloggers must obviously hate autumn, right? Not quite!

I personally think it’s a wonderful season and guess what- I’m not the only one! Today I and a few of my favourite blogging girls would like to tell you why we absolutely love autumn. Here we go!


Bethany, Adventure & Anxiety

I love autumn because the changing of the seasons reminds me that sometimes letting go of the past is a positive. Hot lazy days are replaced by crisp, cool evenings surrounded by the most beautiful colours you can imagine. There’s an inherent cosiness in autumn, with thick knitted jumpers, pumpkin flavoured drinks and long bubble baths all becoming daily routines. Autumn to me means crackling log fires, hot apple cider and two of the best holidays within a week – Hallowe’en and Bonfire Night. I can’t wait to put on some cosy clothes and jump into piles of golden leaves.


Laura, Laura Living Life

My favourite season by far is Autumn! I love earth colours and Autumn just suits my dress sense the most. Creating dark smoky looks with a bold or nude lips gets me so excited. Also being able to snuggle indoor with a good movie, tons of junk and a steamy hot chocolate with marshmallows! What else could I ask for?


Kristen, Suburban Renovation

My summers are always exciting and jam packed with adventures, but there is nothing like feeling a cool fall breeze in early September and knowing that it’s time to slow it all down. Fall reminds me of back-to-school which still gives me those butterflies in my stomach. I love everything about fall, including the gorgeous fall foliage, apple and pumpkin picking, cider doughnuts and of course, fall fashion! I can’t wait to bring all of my boots, sweaters and blanket scarves out of storage!


Aqy, Skinny Decxf Latte

I love autumn because it means that Halloween is just around the corner! I love how the weather starts to get colder in autumn, and that I get to wear layered clothing and also rock a dark coloured lip daily!


Joy, My Traveling Joys

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons to photograph. The leaves seem to magically turn from green to shades of colorful crimson, burnt orange and golden yellow. I love capturing all those different shades in my photos and sharing them with my blog readers. As the temperature drops in autumn, I also enjoy eating hearty, warm dishes like beef goulash, chicken soup with homemade noodles and cinnamon-laden apple desserts. What’s not to love?


Me, Into The City

I love autumn because there’s always so much of a creative spirit in the air- after lazy summer we’re all back on truck, motivating and inspiring one another- magazines are suddenly twice as thick and there are tonnes of different cultural events all over the show. Autumn colours are reflected in clothing and makeup and I still hope this year I’ll finally find a perfect dark cherry lipstick and just another oversized grey jumper. Autumn to me also means apple crumble, pumpkin everything and watching MTV Unplugged shows (with AIC’s being my all time favourite).

I hope by now you realise what a wonderful season autumn is and why we love it so much. Don’t forget to check out all the blogs- they are amazing!

Why do you love autumn?


  • One of the summer things which really beat autumn is longer days- so much easier to get up! But like you said, there are beautiful things about autumn too! 🙂

  • Carola

    I really love summer. I enjoy the heat. But autumn has its charm ;). I really love Halloween! And all the colors

  • Thanks for your comment! Where are you from then, if you don't mind me asking? 🙂 If it's somewhere warm I wouldn't mind that at all, hahah 😉

  • Thank you, Aqy! I like your blog a lot and it's been an absolute pleasure to cooperate x

  • Thanks so much for your comment! When it's cold and rainy nothing feels as good as something hot to drink and a good book to read 🙂 P.S. I love Spring too, for very different reasons though 😉

  • JM

    Well too bad i cannot answer that since we live in a country without autumn. But it is great to read stuffs from people who lives on a place with 4 seasons

  • Aqy✨

    Awesome post! Thank you for including me x

  • Oh well, I like summer too but sometimes a little change is good. As long as the temperature doesn't drop below 0, I'm happy 🙂

  • Thank you Keith, that's nice to hear 🙂

  • Thank you, Elien, that's a good point too! 🙂

  • lexhan

    great post , though the season you talk of here isnt one available to me down here in my country but all the same , great post.

  • To whom it's autumn, to me it's spring. The many perks of living on the Southern Hemisphere! I do love autumn though, if it comes after a long warm summer. I am always eager to wear jumpers and knits and curl up with a good book under a blanket when it's raining outside. (:

  • Eugenia Nazarova

    Personally, I don’t like Fall, my favorite season is summer, but I understand your point of view! 🙂

  • Nice article, lovely photos ♥ I really love autumn as a season. It´s my favourite one ♥


  • I love autumn for the colors. I love that you all shared your story with fashion and flare

  • Elien Voets

    I love this post! I love Autumn so much, I like that I can wear my favourite scarf again haha 🙂

  • I've never been to tropical country myself but they sound amazing <3 Come to London if you get a chance, it's not as grey and rainy as they say 😉 Thank you for stopping by x

  • Thanks so much Sumita for all your kind words x

  • Thank you so much! Taking photos may be tricky in the autumn due to changing weather condition, but once you get it, it's usually stunning 🙂 x

  • Ah, the dark lipstick, wish it suited me 😉 Thanks for saying hi x

  • Hi Sol, thanks so much for stopping by! Summer all year round sounds like a never-ending holiday to me 🙂 But then, I can appreciate the change too, like you said, both nature and fashion look amazing in autumn x

  • Sad to say, our country is tropical so we only have two seasons. I love to see autumn pictures in the internet. Hope to visit in a country with fall someday.

  • Sumita Mishra Dixit

    First of all the photography is amazing! The outfits are beautiful. They totally go well with the autumn background.

  • Fairytale Studios

    Love the reasons sighted in your blog.. Autumn is definitely the best seasons to be out and photograph.. Enjoyed reading it

  • Tamara Ann Brave

    Fall is my best season because I get to wear my boots and dark colored lippie almost everyday!

  • Blair Villanueva

    Oh this post make me inspire and motivated to pursue travelling to places with Autumn season. Thanks!

    For Urban Women

  • Sol

    This was asuper nice post. I love Autumn too strangely enough. I'm fromt eh Caribbean so we only know one season and its hot!. I love Autum because I love the fashion and the colours and how nature changes. This is one of my favorite seasons. Sol of from http://www.thoughtsofsol.wordpress.com

  • Thank you!

  • Thanks so much Bethany, you just made me smile 🙂 x

  • Hi Cassey, thanks for stopping by 🙂 You're supper lucky having summer all year round, weather envy here! On the other hand, that's true that autumn can vary a lot in different countries, I don't like the cold one either but when it's still quite sunny and full of colours it does feel/look great! x

  • I hear you! Proper autumn morning in London today 😉 Wish I had some cosy jumper on! x

  • Funke olotu

    All of he bloggers you featured look amazing!
    Great post!


  • Bethany Brotherton Stout

    I love this, so much fun. Very lovely style ladies. Thanks sharing.

  • Cassey Yong

    it is summer all year round in Malaysia, but i did managed to experience autumn in korea in april this year…It was still cold for me..as it was end of winter.

  • bohomoth

    Ah! I'm so happy and excited about autumn this year! I love the idea of wearing cashmere jumpers and jeans and boots!

  • Hi Kimberly, I love your reasoning 😀 Can 100% relate 😀 You've just reminded me I absolutely have to look for some Hunter & Rocket Dog boots soon… and if I happen to find some others it will be silly not to take advantage of that opportunity, right? 😉 x

  • Hi Ree, thanks for stopping by! You're right, hats look so stylish and what's a better season to wear them than autumn? 🙂

  • Hahahah, same here 🙂 Snowy winter is not my kind of thing either! It surely has its charm when you're indoors but I never volunteer to go out when the temperature drops below 0°C!

  • The autumn weather is not so tiring for sure 🙂 And a rainy day is always a good excuse to get some hot chocolate or mulled wine 😉

  • I like summer too but you're right, after the recent heatwave it will be such a nice change! 🙂

  • Kimberly Caines

    I love fall simply because I love boots and the weather is always great for boots. They're my favorite footwear and fall is just an excuse to buy some more boots. 😉

  • Hi Iris, thanks so much for your comment <3 I completely forgot about the rain, love the smell of it too! Now I really can't wait to get my wellies out and jump over the puddles x

  • Thank you Laveena, that means a lot! x

  • I hear you! Looking forward to updating my wardrobe a bit, too 😉

  • Hi Catrina, thank you so much! How old is your daughter? I'm sure she'll have a lot of fun! Pumpkin spice latte and pumpkin bread are one of the best things about autumn, aren't they 😉 x

  • Hi Serena, I completely understand, summer is lovely, too! 🙂

  • Love30

    I love autumn! It means more hats and gorgeous golden leaves ? Ree love30

  • I personally am a Summer girl but I love Autumn as well. The colors and holidays are always something I look forward to during this time. As long as there is no snow I am happy!


  • Saccharine Soul

    I love autumn because I am not melting under the heat 😀 Also it's time for hot drinks and scarves!

  • Dunja

    I love autumn so much! I hate summer heat so transition to colder days is something i'm definitely thankful for haha
    Not to mention fall colors, coziness, fall fashion, hot drinks and much, much more 🙂

  • Iris

    All thosw putfits were stunning, love them!

    Autumn is my favourite season, best temperature, smell of rain in the air, it just makes me feel so alive and happy.

  • Laveena Sengar

    Wow. lovely post. Autumn is arrived and yes we do need just the perfect style to flaunt our style factor. Keep it up 🙂

  • I like autumn because of the change colours of the landscape and fashion.


  • Awesome post! This year I'm so excited for fall as my daughter is finally old enough to understand the basics of Halloween. Can't wait to take her to get a pumpkin, go for a hayride and trick or treat.
    Plus mommy loves pumpkins spice lattes! 🙂

  • Serena Reidy

    My favourite season has to be summer but I am looking forward to Halloween. The colours are beautiful in Autumn.

  • Definitely! The world looks really pretty covered in autumn colours x

  • Tiffani Denham

    I like Fall too! You get to layer and the colors are amazing!

  • Thank you, Kristen, it's been a pleasure Xx

  • Kristen

    Thank you so much for including me in this post!! Autumn is definitely in the air!!

    xoxo, Kristen

  • That's fair enough 🙂 I guess it also helps us appreciate each of them more x

  • Beautyqueenuk

    I enjoy all of the seasons and I especially love the interchange between one and another x