#follow4follow? -The Most Annoying Types Of Instagram Accounts


Hi Guys, it’s a very ad-hoc post, but I just really feel like creating it. Since Instagram has recently become my favourite social channel, I came across new followers asking me to follow them back which I don’t always do and I thought I owe you all a few words of explanation. To keep things balanced, the pictures in the posts are of the accounts I do follow and find absolutely beautiful- check them out 🙂

First of all, I love discovering new blogs, meeting interesting people and exploring what they’re passionate about. You can be 100% sure that if you ever leave me a link to your website, I’ll always check it out having a spare while. If I like it, I’ll do my best to let you know about it, leaving a comment as I know how hard you work and you by all means deserve to know how much the others appreciate it.



Whenever I read something nice about IntoTheCity, my eyes start to shine, my face smiles, my wings grow, even if it’s just a simple ‘Great job!’ left below the post it makes a huge difference to my entire day. That’s why I’m happy to return the favour as we would be nothing without one another, we’re here to support and empower one another and that’s what I genuinely think.



With Instagram things are similar- if I find a lovely account, I’ll always follow it. If you follow me and I like your content, I will follow you back, because why the hell not? I don’t get the concept of those people aspiring to be like a celebrity which has to have more followers than the accounts they follow, naaaah, that’s not me… I mean… what a silly, childish idea! If something is pretty or inspiring it deserves to get noticed- fullstop.


Having said that I need to admit, there are still a few kinds of accounts that I’m not likely to follow- let me explain why:


  • Religion/politics– If you use social media accounts to promote your religious or political views, that’s not something I’d like to get involved in. With all the respect, I don’t want my blog to be identified with such sensitive subjects as religion and politics, it’s not what I look for on social media.
  • Advertising– If the only content on your Instagram is pictures of one product your company produces, that’s not for me I’m afraid. There are brilliant accounts able to keep that work/life balance, but seeing 50 different shots of the same detox tea is boring.
  • Babies only– ok, I know what you think right now- ‘how can she hate babies?!’ but I’d really appreciate if you read this till the end before you start the wave of hatred 😉 I do not hate babies. I do follow a lot of mummy bloggers and I think they’re all doing a great job- personally, I think each mum deserves a medal. There are brilliant, wise, creative mummies out there, posting various family- related pics. I admire these girls, I learn from them and I’m with them with all my heart!


    There are, however the mummies who post, let’s say, not very flattering pictures of their little ones to some ridiculous (if you ask me) extend… I understand that for a mother a bad quality picture of her baby is still the most beautiful thing in the world but for me, as a stranger, getting it in my feed every 2h is not what I’m there for. Taking about quality…

  • Poor quality– there are some accounts with bad quality content and since we’ve got millions of users to choose from, why to follow those? Sorry, but if an account is inconsistent with very dark/blurred/messy pictures, I can’t see any reason to follow it, Instagram is more about aesthetics than any other social media channel.
  • Meat only– as you know, I’m a vegetarian. I have nothing against meat-eaters, I respect their choice and I’m by no means fanatic in my views- it’s what works for me, you do what works for you. There are some great food blogs or restaurants who share various content, including non-vegetarian dishes and I have no problem following those. But there are also people whose content is 90% meat dishes and for obvious reasons I don’t find them pretty or inspiring… so I’m sorry but I have to say ‘no’ to only meat in my feed!
  • Nudity– as much as I appreciate pretty, artistic pictures of human body, I’m sick of cheesy teenage boobs/butts and naked guys in towels- end of story!
  • Follow for unfollow– ridiculous as it seems, there are some guys out there who unfollow you once you followed them back. Then, I do unfollow these accounts simply because I think the way their owners behave is not very elegant, you don’t build a valuable relationship with your audience acting like this.

So yeah, these are the main reasons why I don’t follow back all my followers- thanks for understanding!



That being said, I’d love to discover new Insta accounts so make sure to leave me a link to yours in the comments or simply follow me if you like my content and I’ll most likely follow you back 🙂

Here’s what my account looks like:


Looking forward to seeing yours! x