The Most Outstanding Cafes In Central Warsaw


Hi Guys! Hope you’re doing alright. Being a complete coffee junkie, I finally decided to give you a little tour around the places where I get my favourite drink from. First of all, I genuinely think they all serve really great coffee. Secondly, due to their central location, they are quite easy to reach from whenever you are. Ready? Let’s go!


cafe warsaw

The story of this café is quite peculiar- its name is simply the way you pronounce ‘MSN’ which stands for Muzeum Sztuki Nowoczesnej (Modern Art Museum) and it used to be an actual museum café. Now, the museum is no longer there (in fact, the new one hasn’t been built yet) but the café remained and is doing pretty well. I visit it often as I’m living next door but I still had some doubts if I should mention it in this post simply because it’s too hipster-ish for my liking. If patronising glances is what bothers you, I’d recommend staying away from this place. The staff are almost always rude, looking offended that you dared come and they have to serve you which doesn’t appear too welcoming. But then, the whole concept with a bookshop inside is lovely and their coffee is exceptional (they change blends from time to time) so it would be unfair not to mention the place. At least all the rude guys behind the counter know how to make great coffee and that makes eMeSeN worth-visiting. I’d recommend having a cup of coffee to gowhich I always do so that the pseudo-artistic atmosphere inside doesn’t ruin the whole experience.


Ministerstwo Kawy (The Coffee Ministry)

cafe warsaw

This place located just next to Plac Zbawiciela is usually very busy. It’s bright and cosy with huge windows which makes it a great spot for bringing over your laptop and doing some work. Due to the café’s popular location, you’re very likely to meet a lot of young people and international customers here, the atmosphere is still pretty laid-back. You can buy some snacks like sandwiches, biscuits and cakes there (I especially like their apple pie and gluten-free almond cake) but what makes the place really uniqueis coffee. From chemex and drip coffeeto flat white, anything your taste buds are after is excellent at Ministerstwo. Although the food is not always more than ok, they just never go wrong with their main beverage. Well, Ministerstwo Kawy simply lives up to its name!


Piekarnia Aromat (Aromat Bakery)

bakery warsaw

Out of all the places mentioned here, Aromat is the smallest one, at the same time I think it’s also my favourite. And it’s not even a typical café, it’s a bakery and pastry shop! The first thing which makes you want to visit the place every day is the staff- they are all super friendly, always smiling and joking around. After all the fashionable hipster meeting spots this is such a nice difference! Why can’t people always greet you with a smile, it’s such a tiny thing and it contributes so much to your overall experience! Anyway, like I said, Aromat is a bakery and the reason I fell in love with them is… almond croissants! Always fresh and crispy, buttery, super delicate, with that moist almond filling… HEAVEN! I don’t think I’ve ever eaten any bakery product in Warsaw which would be equally delicious, seriously, you just have to try it! If you’re planning to seat inside, come early in the morning and enjoy your croissant (or banana bread- my second choice!) with a cup of cappuccino– coffee here is really decent, too!



cafe warsaw

Being a typical, pleasant city café rather for a quick cup of coffee than meeting with friends, Stor serves beans from, well-known in Berlin, Bonanza Roastery. Despite traditional lattes, what you find here is the whole range of more alternative brewing methods and drinks, including chemex, aeropress, cold brew and cascara. It’s also possible to buy different accessories to make your favourite beverage at home- yay! There are some desserts and sandwiches available, too but seriously, what you come here for is coffee. Excellent coffee.


Próżna Café

cafe warsaw

I have to say, this place is a pretty controversial choice. I can’t really decide if I like it or not, yet it is so interesting that I thought it will be quite alright to introduce it to you. First of all, it’s located near Grzybowski square, in one of the most magicalparts of Warsaw (which is also a former Jewish quarter). The street (Ulica Próżna) itself is really pretty with some of a very few houses which survived both World Wars. Inside the café you can also experience that unique atmosphere with peculiar pieces of furniture and specific smell of old things (if that makes sense) which is why I find the place lovely and super cosy. So far so good, huh? The trouble is each time I ordered some lunch here my food was horrible. Another thing is their staff… something has changed lately and they literally evolved from ignoring you completely to some weird bottom-licking, staying as unprofessional as you may expect, without much knowledge on what’s on their menu. Loving both the location and interior, being hugely disappointed with my savoury dishes, I started ordering desserts. And, to my surprise, their tarts and pies turned out to be amazing! Coffee is quite good, too so if you’re able not to pay much attention to the service, you will truly enjoy having your raspberry pie and flat white in one of the Warsaw’s prettiest and most interesting historical neighbourhoods.

Do you also like local coffee shops much more than chain ones? Which places would you recommend in your part of the world? Dying to hear that! Have a great start of the week 🙂

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  • Thanks so much Carolyn, you've just made me smile 🙂 x

  • Sharon Beauty

    I'm a coffee junkie myself too and thanks for sharing so many places to get an excellent brew coffee. The pies looks amazing too! x


    I love coffee 😀 so this is something for me 😀

  • eloise ortiz

    I am not coffee lover myself, but I do enjoy going to coffee shops with my coffee loving friends. The ambiance is quite nice and relaxing, the distinct aroma, it’s really a nice place to hang out, catch up with some friends or just to get some occasional blogging done. The coffee shops you have here looks really amazing and the pastries they have to offer as well. If you ask me, I would prefer the coffee shops than the chain one, as they have more of the personal touch that goes in their brew and pastries, and can relate more to someone’s preference. 🙂

  • Carolyn Chan

    Love these pictures!! Makes me actually want to get coffee haha I don't really like it that much though 🙁 But great post!

  • Hahah, glad you like them 🙂 And you are right, they certainly help to feed my coffee monster on a regular basis 😉 x

  • Thank you Joy! I used to like Sam a lot (especially appreciated their genuine home-made almond drink as an alternative to dairy… and apple pie… and almond&orange cake…oh, don't get me started!) but I think the quality of both their food and service have recently decreased for some reason… but that's just my opinion. As for Cafe Kafka, I completely forgot about that place! I've been there once but it was ages ago and I don't remember much, I should visit it again after your recommendation 🙂 It's great to hear that the staff were nice too, looks like we're learning our lesson 😉 Oh, btw- I'm going to be in London in September (this time just for a couple of days) and it would be amazing to see you for a cup of coffee, what would you say? 🙂 Will contact you soon with more details when I get the itinerary if that's ok 🙂 x

  • I couldn't live without it, it's one of those little things in life I really enjoy and appreciate 🙂 What is your favourite drink, then? x

  • Almond croissants are to die for, seriously, they're my biggest obsession these days 😀 As for the staff being rude… well, you are surely right that life is about keeping things balanced but I still struggle to understand why people aren't polite to one another. It doesn't take time, it doesn't cost a penny, it doesn't require any effort, what it does though is making a difference to someone's day.

  • Hey Tatyana, thanks a lot for taking the time to write such a lovely comment! I really appreciate it <3

    I find coffee shops very inspirational, I quite like people watching and this nice buzz around, it somehow keeps my energy levels high 😉 And when I struggle with some work it somehow goes better when a cup of coffee is near 😉

    By the way, is there any kind of tea in particular that you would recommend? I only started discovering tea now and it's a sort of trial and error process so far, hahah.

    If you ever try any of the cafes mentioned, let me know!

    Have a great week 🙂


  • Petite Pudding

    Oh My these places look totally amazing – no wonder you are such a coffee lover!

  • Great recs! I only recognize two of these places in Warszawa. I often frequented Sam's and Cafe Kafka in Powiśle area when we lived there. I loved Kafka and the staff were always so friendly with my trochę po polsku. 😉

  • Akinnagbe Temitope

    Hmmm, You like coffee. I take it once in a while

  • Almond croissants said yummy. Rude service and good coffee. Maybe a decent tradeoff.

  • Tatyana

    I love the fact that you enjoy going to coffee shops, whether that is to do work, or just to simply have a cup of coffee. I am more of a tea person, but I think the entire atmosphere of sitting in a café, or coffee shop, is peaceful.

    Advertising your favorite shops, and why you look them was such a great idea. If I ever find myself in the location of those places, then I will definitely try them out, especially the one with the bookstore 🙂


  • Thank you, Momina 🙂

  • Thanks for stopping by, Bryony! If I'm completely honest with you, although Warsaw has a few decent coffee shops, Krakow is a way better place to visit so you made the right choice 🙂 x

  • Momina Arif

    these place look really nice. wish I could visit

  • Bryony Clapperton

    I must visit Warsaw, I went to Krakow a few years ago but this really inspires me to visit Warsaw! Thanks for sharing.

    Bryony –

  • Thanks so much, Sharon, for all your kind words, I'm really happy you liked that little piece of my world 🙂 x

  • Hahah, happy to hear this has been useful 😉

  • Hi Eloise, thank you for your comment, it's very interesting to read- I can relate to almost everything you say, apart from one tiny detail- as you probably know by now, I am a coffee person 🙂 I also find coffee shops very relaxing and perfect for meeting friends, working, writing or reading a book while nothing distracts you (unlike at home where there's always something else to do!). Chain cafes are very convenient when you want a quick coffee to go as they are absolutely everywhere and usually open until late but I find them soulless somehow, it's exactly like you said, all those little things can make a place really special 🙂 x

  • Thank you, Ashley! Give them a go if you're around 🙂

  • Anna Johnston

    Awesome, I MUCH prefer a personalised local coffee shop then a commercial chain store. My town is renowned for amazing coffee, so much so they shut down all the chain stores because noone ever bought coffee from there.

  • Ashley @ simmerandsprout

    Now I have the traveling bug! All of the places look so fascinating!

  • Hi Anna, thanks so much for your comment and sorry for such a delayed reply! Where do you live? Your town sounds like a coffee lover's paradise, I'm ready to move there right away 😀 Take care x