Uppsala Botanical Garden

water lily

Hej från Sverige! We don’t meet in here that often these days, do we. Life is, as always, super busy but good busy if you know what I mean. I’m doing pretty well regarding my 12 goals– I’ve already dyed my hair pink, I have a new job and now I’m in Sweden for the first time 🙂

Uppsala botanical garden

On the other hand everything’s happening so quickly and almost accidentally I don’t feel I’m in charge of anything at the moment, it nearly feels like someone else’s life at times… Anyway!!! Having a spare moment for once I thought it would be nice to share a few pictures from one of Uppsala’s prettiest parts, the Botanical Garden.

tropical greenhouse

Actually, I’d love the lipstick of this colour:

botanical garden

I’m not the one who normally gets excited about plants, the grass and snakes and spawning lakes and the different types of trees but I still think the Botanical Garden is worth visiting. It’s divided into two parts, one of which is the Baroque Garden.

Uppsala baroque garden

I have to say, not very much to my taste but it’s purely because of the style I’m not a fan of, not the garden itself. I definitely prefer wild, sort of English style gardens, however I can see why some people like the opposite.

tropical greenhouse

The other part of the garden is different, it has a lot of grass and trees and a little vegetable garden too. A nice place to walk around or to seat with a book and enjoy coffee outside. As for coffee… they have a proper coffee place over there! It not only does have good coffee but there’s also a huge selection of pastries and tarts as well as lunch options, pretty impressive for this kind of place if you ask me.

Uppsala botanical garden

And then, the last part I truly enjoyed-the Tropical Greenhouse, which you can visit for the  price of a cup of coffee and it’s so worth it! It’s much bigger than one may expect and the variety of species inside is pleasantly surprising. My favourite part to see was the Tropical Forest room where everything was just sooo bright and vivid that it almost looked artificial. I loved it, being black/white clothing devotee I probably needed some colour in my life 😉


Have you ever been to Uppsala? Is there anything you’d recommend seeing here?

Uppsala botanical garden


  • Thank you, Zinzi <3 I genuinely recommend it.

  • Beautiful flower photos! Looks like a lovely place to visit.