In Infinity By Yayoi Kusama

In Infinity

During my latest trip to Sweden I visited Moderna Museet in Stockholm. I was looking forward to that for a few reasons: 1) I love modern art so anything which displays Warhol or Dali gets me easily transfixed 2) Moderna Museet is directly connected with Arkitektur och designcentrum (The Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design) which is a great bonus 3) Between July 11th and September 11th one of the main exhibitions is In Infinity by Yayoi Kusama and I’m going to tell you more about this one today.


I came across Kusama accidentally, a few years ago in Tate Modern and I loved her work so much that I had the prints of her paintings hang on the walls in my room. I don’t know if the fact that Tate Modern is my favourite art gallery or that I saw that exhibition with two people who mean the world to me made any difference but Yayoi Kusama put me under the spell.

Yayoi Kusama

I knew nothing about the Japanese artist back then so seeing tonnes of dots, vivid colours, body painting and sexual revolution references got me super excited. It wasn’t touching, it wasn’t the art you want to contemplate for ages to find some deeper meaning. But it was so insanely cool! The woman and her powerful voice leading you through her surreal world- I just loved the concept and I would be crazy not to see the exhibition in Stockholm.

Kusama artist

That one didn’t upset me either with a lot of social references in films and pictures, dozens of super sweet pumpkins, millions of hallucinogenic dots, phallic shapes coming from the walls, fluorescent paintings, mirror rooms and famous fashion collaborations. It was so much fun!


If you’re a fan of contemporary art, seeing In Infinity is a must. If you’re not, then it may still be an interesting experience worth trying. Visiting with kids?- no worries, quiz books will keep them entertained on the tour (what a clever idea!)- shall we count pumpkins together? 🙂 And then, if you’re by any chance allergic to art galleries, there’s still a good reason to visit Moderna MuseetCafé Blomsituated on the ArkDes’ site of the building is a very nice place, did you know that? Their salads are fantastic, coffee is very decent, too, as well as the selection of international art/design/fashion magazines in case you want to take a look while having a cuppa. Have I convinced you by now? 🙂

Cafe Blom


  • Nyoki Lewis Hunt

    We're never to old to learn something new or find a new love. I absolutely love most of the pieces in this article. And I bet this salad was amazing!!!

  • You are so right Nyoki, I completely agree! Thanks a lot for your kind words, they really made me happy <3 And as for the salad- it surpassed all my expectations, I think Cafe Blom was actually the best museum bistro I've ever been to, I really recommend it! Mal x