Where To Eat & Drink In London

Kahaila Cafe

When it comes to eating, London is the most generous place on this planet- the food options are endless!!! Whether you want to get a quick sarnie on your way to work, have proper dinner in some stylish restaurant or get some international street food, you’ll find it there. I decided to tell you about a few places I visited during my last trip- have you ever been to any of these?

Kahaila Café

Kahaila Cafe

Kahaila Cafe Brick Lane

This lovely  charity café serves excellent coffee as well as simple food made from ethically sourced ingredients. Located on Brick Lane, Kahaila is a perfect meeting spot with tasty snacks, super friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere. Whether you want to bring your laptop and work or enjoy a cuppa with friends, you’ll have a great time over there. Plus the whole idea of supporting local initiatives is amazing- words aren’t enough to express how much I love Kahaila <3

Kahaila Brick Lane

Hot Chocolate

latte art


Farm Girl Café

Farm Girl Cafe

This is with no doubts one of the prettiest places I’ve ever been to. But hey, if you’re in the heart of Notting Hill you just have to match everything around, right? 🙂 The Farm Girl does it perfectly, with nice, cosy interior and breathe-taking presentation of food and drinks. A fantastic place for breakfast or lunch (it closes pretty early) with an impressive selection of vegan options. Dog- friendly!


Farm Girl Cafe

Farm Girl Cafe Notting Hill



These popular pubs offer decent meals for a good price- don’t expect anything too fancy though. The portions are huge and the atmosphere is very laid-back: you’ll find all different kinds of visitors there, depending on locations. Oh, and they have fresh fruit on their breakfast menu which I think is a nice thing to see in a pub. In my opinion Wetherspoons are absolutely worth-trying (sorry John but I’m simple- give me apple crumble and I’m happy!).

The Hawley Arms

Hawley Arms Camden

Hawley Camden

Another good pub on the list. This typical Camden place has a lot of rock memorabilia all around which contributes to the local atmosphere. They have a good selection of booze and some typical pub food and, what’s more important, play really good music. The plays tends to be crowded and gets really noisy at times. As much as I enjoy it, I wouldn’t recommend it for those who want to have a proper conversation as the tunes played out loudly make it difficult. A great place to see live music though.

Hawley Arms

Federation Coffee

Brixton Village Federation

Oh boy, I have a love- hate relationship with this place. Their coffee is beyond exceptional and I could drink it all they long if there only were some free seats inside (this is the ‘hate’ part). This place is always busy and, although there are a few tables outside, the smell of the Brixton Village doesn’t always help you enjoy your coffee and cake. Speaking of the cake… their toasted banana loaf does to your coffee what Louboutins do to your legs (nah, not the varicose veins).

Campbell’s Canal Café

Campbell's Canal Cafe

I wasn’t sure till the very last moment if I should write about this place or not. The reason not to write about it is simply my lack of experience. I can say their coffee and cakes are nice, so is staff (although opinions on the subject vary greatly). The open mic is rather poor. And that’s all I know so far. I decided to mention this place as I still have a huge sentiment to what it used to be as the home of InSpiral, the loveliest venue in the world. I can’t decide what to think of it now, the idea of the new place is similar but the spirit just isn’t the same. I wanted to say I love the location, but since the market is gone on that side of the Canal, too I’m no longer sure what there’s to love despite my memories. Well, let’s just see what time brings.

Campbell's Canal Cafe

Have you ever visited any of these places? Do you agree with me at all? As always, looking forward to reading your comments <3

Camden Market
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  • Just returned from a short London visit. We ate at a couple of places between Barbican and Old Street stations: Jane Roe and Kennedy's. Great food, lower prices.

  • Thank you for your suggestions! Just checked both menus- Kennedy's seems a great place for fish/seafood lovers, unfortunately they don't have many vegetarian options so probably not for me. Jane Roe Kitchen, on the other hand offers simple Italian food with plenty of choice for everyone (and great desserts!), I'll definitely try it! Thanks for sharing x

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