Summertime- Picnic In The Park


Happy Monday everyone 🙂 Hope your weekend was nice- this is how I spent mine 🙂

Oh, I know, I’m probably more familiar with Starbucks takeaway bags than picnic baskets but hey, a little change once in a while doesn’t hurt. Plus, you can always use both, can’t you.

ice latte starbucks

Being knackered after the working week, exhausted of heat and fed up with Brexit, between Saturday supper and Sunday breakfast I watched two seasons of Lutherand ate tonnes of things I shouldn’t have eaten, of course.

Not that corpses and blood are my favourite views to eat the morning porridge to but… Luther is brilliant so once you start watching, it’s hardly possible to stop. And, as much as I loved the series, staying up until late didn’t really help to fight my physical tiredness so when I was done with breakfast on Sunday morning, I just wanted to get out of the flat and simply relax.

A little trip to the beach was my original plan but when the temperature rises to 35 °C the riverside is probably the most obvious direction to thousands of other people, therefore I changed my mind to come up with a better idea- a picnic in the park, how about that?!


The centre of Warsaw has a few pretty decent parks where one can get some shadow so the whole concept was pretty appealing. I grabbed  the basket (ok, I didn’t actually have a basket… I bought it!) full of goodies: hummus, pesto, fresh fruit and veggies, bread, oat biscuits, yoghurt, veggie spreads and, of course- coffee. I got some old bed sheets (see, I don’t even have a proper blanket!), added a couple of tunes to my iPod library and was ready to go. I had the laziest, the most relaxing time in weeks! And now I’m super energised and ready to create again 🙂 Will tell you more about everything soon <3

What about your weekend, did you do anything special? Tell me about it, I’m super curious already!