M.A.C Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation Review

MAC studio fix powder

Due to my friend’s recommendation I’ve lately became an owner of Studio Fix NW10 powder. Since I’ve been using it for quite a while now I thought I’d share a few words on the subject. Before I start though I want to let you know that I don’t actually use it as foundation, I use it along with foundation (and here you’ll find more about the makeup I use).

Packaging: A typical box containing 15g of the product which I think is quite a lot in comparison to another brands at the same price range. The pressed powder comes with a little sponge which is probably convenient, however for me it’s much easier to apply it with a standard fluffy brush.

MAC Studio Fix

Coverage: The shade I use is  NW10 which is nice and light without that grey-ish dead body undertone. The product is highly-pigmented, I would say it gives you a medium coverage. If you need the full coverage it’s definitely buildable, however if you opt for the light one, be careful, it’s easy to overdo it (especially if you don’t moisturise enough) so you may want to invest in Prep and Prime Fix Plus to be on the safe side.

MAC Studio Fix Powder

Texture: Very smooth and easy to apply. If you want to use it as foundation, consider applying it with a damp brush- it gives amazing results without that powdery finish.

MAC Studio Fix

Usage: I use it really just to set the makeup and for touch-ups throughout the day and I’m very happy with this product. It is definitely long-lasting, brilliantly absorbing oil from the skin. Now, when it’s around 30 C outside it’s been a life-saver! It does get visible on the dry parts of the skin though, so you need to work your way to apply it and perhaps use additional products.

Summary: Studio Fix powder is a very good multi-use product and I’m by all means happy with my choice. It works best for oily to combination skin.

MAC Studio Fix