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  • Summertime- Picnic In The Park

    Happy Monday everyone 🙂 Hope your weekend was nice- this is how I spent mine 🙂 Oh, I know, I’m probably more familiar with Starbucks takeaway bags than picnic baskets but hey, a little change once in a while doesn’t hurt. Plus, you can always use both, can’t you. Being knackered after the working week, […]

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  • ‘…Only Know You’ve Been High When You’re Feeling Low…’

    I’d love all of my posts to be super inspirational, motivating and happy. But life is not always like that and it’s ok. It’s normal. It keeps things balanced. Therefore today I wanted to post this picture where you can probably tell I’m not wearing any makeup and I look pretty tired- I don’t mind. […]

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  • First Year Of Blogging- Things You’ll Face

    Happy Birthday, IntoTheCity! Exactly a year ago with a hundred doubts in my head I published my very first post. Was it worth it? By all means! I can’t express how happy I am I did it! Since then I’ve come quite a long way as a blogger and, most importantly, as a person. In […]

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  • Where To Eat & Drink In London

    When it comes to eating, London is the most generous place on this planet- the food options are endless!!! Whether you want to get a quick sarnie on your way to work, have proper dinner in some stylish restaurant or get some international street food, you’ll find it there. I decided to tell you about […]

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  • M.A.C Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation Review

    Due to my friend’s recommendation I’ve lately became an owner of Studio Fix NW10 powder. Since I’ve been using it for quite a while now I thought I’d share a few words on the subject. Before I start though I want to let you know that I don’t actually use it as foundation, I use […]