Powerful 3-Day Detox Challenge To Boost Your Energy


Some time ago I told you about the things I want to do before my next birthday– I’m happy to say I have just completed one of them- yay! 🙂

I decided to start with detox. Now, when it’s done I have to say it wasn’t actually difficult, the more challenging part will be sticking to the healthy eating habits for sure- fingers crossed!

Of course, I’m by no means a dietitian, however I can’t think of any harm this detox could potentially cause- it’s short and not very restrictive so my common sense tells me you could only benefit from it. If you have any doubts though, I’d advice you consulting your GP- when it comes to one’s health it’s better to be safe than sorry!

What, how and why?

This 3-day detox is by no means about fasting or juicing, for various reasons I’m absolutely against those radical forms of diet. What I did here was basically supporting my organs with cleaning the blood out of toxins as a part of my way to healthy eating.

lentil salad
The rules are simple:

  • For the whole detox period as well as 2 days before & after avoid meat, diary, processed food, alcohol, caffeine, and flour products.
  • For the actual 3 days eat 5 small portions of food a day
  • Keep 3h breaks between meals
  • 3 out of your 5 meals should be liquids (soups, smoothies, juices)
  • At least 3 out of your 5 meals should be vegetables
  • Max 2 out of 5 should be fruit
  • Drink approx. 3l water with lemon each day
  • As complementary activities feel free to exfoliate your skin with home-made salt scrub, do some light exercises like yoga or walking, avoid chemical products as much as possible etc.

What to expect?

Each of us is different and may go through those 3 days differently, however I can tell you what I experienced. Headaches!– never-ending, hardly bearable, massive ones. And that was my only struggle. Some of you may feel more tired or notice more breakouts on their skin- it’s all fine and completely normal so no worries. After those 3 days you will enjoy the benefits. As for mine, I just feel lighter. I didn’t lose any weight (it’s not about it at all!) but my stomach got flatter (which was a nice bonus) and I also feel more energetic, kind of ‘fresh’, positive and enthusiastic about things. Despite all the good things it does to your body, detox can also do its magic to your mind, if you truly commit into the process. Going back to healthy eating was super important to me and I already feel a better person, haha.

strawberry smoothie

Sample menu:

Day 1
Breakfast: Banana, cocoa, dates & almond milk smoothie
Snack: Fresh raspberries
Lunch: Lentil & chickpea salad
Snack: Green smoothie (kale, celery, cucumber, mint, apple)
Supper: Tomato & basil soup

Day 2
Breakfast: Banana & strawberry smoothie
Snack: Almonds
Lunch: Sweet potato & lentil soup
Snack: Grapefruit juice
Supper: Hummus & veggie sticks

Day 3
Breakfast: Banana & cashew butter smoothie
Snack: Green smoothie
Lunch: Courgette spaghetti with tomato sauce
Snack: Simmed vegetables with herbs
Supper: Pea & mint soup

pea and mint soup