Colourful Beauties You Will Need This Summer


Although at the moment the weather outside feels far more appropriate for November than middle May, I am super positive about nice, warm days coming soon. And I’m definitely ready for the summer to come 🙂 With these few things I’ve recently bought (btw, shopping on a weekday at 9 a.m. is a completely new experience, sooooo refreshing!) I hardly notice the rain and the wind, they totally remind me of summer days. I used to know somebody who told me once that life is not all about Birkenstocks and ice latte… and well, we’re no longer in touch 😉  Life in the summer is sooo all about Birkenstocks and ice latte! And fruit print crop tops (1) and colourful smoothie straws (5, 7), holiday literature (4) and cool juice bottles! (3) And all the things to enjoy <3 I was also happy to find a few practical items this year: a super comfy (and super pink!) travel headrest (2) from H&M, gorgeous makeup bag (looks like I will fit in everything I need for once, ha! and those strawberries… it’s a win-win!) (8) as well as a cute ice-cream file (6)- I almost feel more positive about paperwork by simply looking at it, hahah! Think whatever you want, at my home it’s summer already 🙂